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Monday, October 31, 2011

KISS For LNT-Deniers

KISS - Keep It Simple Sparky!

Based on the barrage of feedback I've received by LNT deniers over the last few days, mostly on Atomic Insights, I thought I'd take the KISS approach, addressing many of the fallacies.

Let's avoid numbers and obscure molecular biology for now.  Let's remember that it's almost 2012.


A dose response curve looks something like:

Would You Take Public Health Advice From This Guy?

So I've been poking fun at the LNT-deniers for their continued fixation with hormesis, which has been completely debunked.

LNT is an epidemiological model that is often applied in the arena of public health to many substances.

In the spirit of having some prankish fun, I thought we should listen to what the grandfather of hormesis had to say recently.

Would you take public health advice from this guy?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let's EXPEL the LNT-Deniers!

The radiation LNT-deniers share many of the same behaviors as global warming deniers and evolutionary biology deniers.  They don't understand the details of the evidence, and when you give them a good reference explaining the science they don't read it. 

They just "know" the report is wrong.

Whether it be BEIR VII, IPCC WG 1, or a National Academy of Sciences Report (similar to a BEIR report) on evolutionary biology. 

Here is a talk by Dr. Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Science Education explaining the similarities between evolutionary biology deniers and g.w. deniers:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The History Of The Pseudo-Science Of Hormesis

That LNT denier in the last post wasn't particularly charismatic.  He isn't going to scam too many people.

In the last century we had Bernard Cohen who was the consummate hormesis proselytizer.

Here's an old video, lengthy and technical (but scientifically invalid), on the hormesis scam, given to an anti-government regulation group.

Not Hormesis Again!

Here we go again with the manufactuversy over low level radiation hormesis.

Hormesis is the proposed general beneficial effect of low level radiation.

This concept has been around for decades and was scrutinized by the National Academy of Sciences BEIR VII report of 2006.

There is no convincing evidence of this phenomenon.

Yet, here is a Dr. Calabrese, who has done work on chemical hormesis "discovering" that radiation might have hormetic effects.