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Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Zealand Science Denial

Works pretty much the same as U.S. science denial.

Basic steps:

1.  Form a think tank (propaganda group), include people with credentials
2.  Get donations from particular industry if right wing, from sympathetic individuals if left wing
3.  Hit the Internet, newspapers, etc. with anti-science propaganda
4.  Claim a conspiracy by the Establishment, both sides not being heard

Fukushima Suppliers Being Sued

By about 1,400 people for $1 each.  Pretty nuts!

Malibu Kelp To Be Tested For Contamination

The article confuses "radiation' with "contamination".

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fukushima Mutated My Cat!

A new video by Thunderf00t with the hint of more to come:

The Swiss Incorporate LNT Into Their Regulations

See "News".

GW Battle Is Over Market Share

Not science.  Not too often you see "agnotology" mentioned.

An Alaskan Politician On Fukushima Radiation

I expected DeNiAl but as I started reading I realized the information was sound and then I guessed as to which political party the author was associated with.  I was correct.

Radiation vs Red Meat Cancer Risk

Got another minute?

2 Ways Radiation Damages DNA

It's from last year (not like much has changed since!) and only takes about 1 minute:

Cold? Maybe This Will Heat You Up

Here's PBS's Frontline's Climate Of Doubt documentary from over a year ago.  Fred Singer is odious.  I'm hot, and it's not due to global warming:

Rhabdomyosarcoma Map

Rhabdomyosarcoma is a pediatric soft tissue cancer.  The genetic mutations leading to its manifestation have been mapped.  Things that cause mutations (like ionizing radiation) increase the risk of cancers.

MO - You Have (A) Problem(s)

A second anti-science bill, pro-offered by Republicans, of course.

Urenco Of Europe

Is doing fine in the US.

Inside Fukushima

With CBS News:

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Does Teaching A Variety Of Scientific Theories Hinder Students?

Not at all, they learn a variety of scientific theories (Big Bang theory, the theory of quantum mechanics, etc.) which helps them understand reality.

What does hinder them is teaching them discredited ideas which are not scientific theories, even though their proponents claim they are.  In this case we have IDiots (Intelligent Design proponents), whining that their pseudo-science isn't accepted as science.  Which is because it is not science:

Portrait Of A Left-Wing DeNiAr

When it comes to radiation health effects, those on the ideological "left" tend to exaggerate (fear monger), while those on the ideological "right" tend to downplay (doubt monger).

But there are those on the ideological left who can doubt monger too.  They are typically into "alternative" medicines (recall there is no such thing as "alternative" medicines...either something is medically efficacious or it is not).

Here is one such person:

The Truth About Fukushima....

Usually when someone comes up with the "The Truth About...", what you get is a bunch of misinformation. And this one is consistent with that trend:

The most significant misinformation is the denial of climatology (global warming) and health physics (promoting hormesis).  He also suggests that there will be zero deaths from Fukushima.  It would be more accurate to state that there will likely be no epidemiological discernable increase in deaths due to Fukushima.

The host should have asked him about the theory of would be fun to see if he strikes out!

When Climate Change Affects The Bottom Line

Industry is forced to accept reality.

Insights Into Creationist Psychology

From a former Creationist.

Fukushima Marine Effects

Here's a good piece from a graduate student on the effects of Fukushima radioactivity on local marine life.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

IDiots & DeNiArs Have More In Common Than I Realized

I had recognized many similarities between IDiots (Intelligent Design proponents who deny evolutionary biology) and DeNiArs (radiation hormesis proponents who deny low dose health physics).

You can review some of that in my separate webpage, "Comparing the Creationist and Hormesis Cults" on the upper right hand side of this webpage.

Many times I've heard DeNiArs claim that at low radiation doses DNA repairs itself so radiation is not carcinogenic at low doses.

I had never heard a similar claim by IDiots, that DNA repairs itself so biological evolution doesn't happen.

Until now.......

Evolution vs Natural Selection

Hopefully the readers here understand the difference, but the video might be helpful if you encounter someone who doesn't:

Piggie Of The Week - GW Deniers

Greenpeace Activist Confronts GW Deniers

Greenpeace has some laudable goals, though their members often fear monger.  Here is one member confronting Heartburn Heartland Institute CEO Joe Bast.

Sierra Club Lawsuit Over Barnwell Tritium

It was first recognized as leaking in 1978.

Alaska - Don't Worry, Be Happy

Fukushima contamination is trivial.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stanton Glanz On The Science Denial Movement

He will introduce himself.

Hanford & Oak Ridge Work Together

On sludge removal:

The Hidden Agenda Of Nuclear Power!

Is to poison us to death and steal our land!!!!  HA! HA!

I don't know who she is or where/when she's speaking, but she does mention the Stuxnet virus, which is pretty interesting.

ALICE & EMMA Emit Radiation

They're particle accelerators used to generate radiation which can be used in cancer imaging.

Not A Race To Be Proud Of

2013 tied with 2006 & 2009 for the 7th warmest year since 1880.

Climate denier, "But it's cold outside!" HA!

Another Superhero Movie

Son of God, or is it God?, or is it...

And This Is How Propaganda Spreads....

A pro-nuclear power blogger quoting a letter posted to the aforementioned website.

Shocking, isn't it?

The Hormesis Cult Has A New Website

But it's the same, tired old cult members.

Perry Has A Small Leak

Containing tritium (danger minimal, HA!).

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Is Nuclear Power Safe?

A stupid question since "safe" is a relative term, but CNN asked anyways:

Not Another Radiation Mockumentary

It looks like a Japanese film crew was in Idaho speaking with downwinders.


Because the director is "now researching radiation's far reaching effects".

Fukushima Highly Radioactive Water - Caught On Tape!


Shocking! Global Warming Denial At Forbes!

Larry Bell again.


Waste Control Specialists

The TX based company is covered here.

Ken Buesseler Interview

On Fukushima ocean testing.

Radiation Is Wonderful! P2

Sunshine can help lower blood pressure.

Radiation Is Wonderful!

When given before surgery, it doubles mesothelioma survival.

Seatlle Fisherman Tests For Fukushima Contamination

And finds little.

Monday, January 20, 2014

He Sounds Scientific, But He's Really A Moron

That would be Kevin Kamps fear mongering on Fukushima:

Fukushima Bottled Water, Imported From Japan

Bottoms up!  Cheers!


Isn't really new.

It's A Good Day

A "science" journal gets shutdown.  Beware that there are other "science" journals out there which already have conclusions and then seek to find evidence to support those conclusions.

That isn't how science is done.  In science, we gather as much evidence as possible, then draw objective conclusions based on the evidence.  If new evidence arises which suggests our previous conclusions were wrong, we modify our previous conclusions to take the new evidence into account.  When there is seemingly contradictory evidence, we assess the strength of both sides, and follow the stronger evidence.

TEPCO Fighting Another Leak

Inside the #3 Rx Building.

Fukushima Fears Still Radiate

Actually, they are manufactured by those seeking to profit in one manner or another.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

"It's Not Too Late To Reverse The Alarming Trend Of Climate Change"

Announced by scientists who know it's too late.

Fukushima Cesium In American's Urine!

That's what Alex Jones (with his accomplices) would have you believe (at about 2:30):

I don't know exactly how they've pulled it off.  Maybe they manufactured the medical report or maybe they spiked the urine and sent it off to a valid lab.  Doctors Data Inc. appears to be legitimate, though I can't make out the details of the report.

It's funny how the "patient" isn't concerned at all about his "exposure".

TEPCO Turnaround Plan

A financial uphill battle.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Thunderf00t At It Again

He's made another video showing why elevated California beach radioactivity, isn't due to Fukushima:

Be Wary Of Framed Issues

Don't be led down a path by issue framers.

MO - You Have A Problem

Another Republican with an anti-science bill.

The Hanford Quixotic Challenge

The Hanford Challenge is off to find some sort of ill-defined pattern of sickness amongst a population.

The human mind is wonderful at finding patterns, but that has little to do with cause and effect.

Pilgrim H-3

Elevated levels found in monitoring well.

More On Hospital Rad Lawsuits

I mentioned these lawsuits yesterday, but that the link was essentially unreadable.

This link provides more information

Friday, January 17, 2014

Radiation Disinformation At Fukushima

But does it compare to this disinformation?:

Ms. German trusts "citizens" to do health physics.  I wonder if she trusts "citizens" to do brain surgery?

I Heard About This Raid From A Friend

A trucking company that handles radioactive waste was raided by the feds yesterday.

I had received a phone call on this but the caller wasn't sure why the raid had taken place.

OK - You Have A Problem

An anti-science bill.


Is in the business (barely) of uranium enrichment.  It is also in politics.

Hospital Techs Exposed To Too Much Radiation

Claims several lawsuits from a hospital in Oak Ridge, of all places.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Americans Have Gotten A Bit Dumber

Regarding climate change, compared to last year.

TX - You Have A Problem


Newspaper Covers Amateur Epidemiologists

I guess when it involves radioactivity and cancer it makes news.  Regardless of its merit.

Chernobyl Killed A Million Plus People!

According to "researcher" Alex Jones (at about 3:10):

I wonder if his callers are part of his staff/family or are there really that many morons at large?

A million people killed........................

Democracy Now Fear Mongers Nuclear Power

It's not outright "run for the hills!", it's much more subtle, but it's there:

Creationism's Staying Power

The delusion of biblical inerrancy.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stop Worrying About Fukushima Radiation

An internet "news" cast tries to explain (he gets K-40 wrong, but he tried):

Stewart Brand Needs To Retire

He thinks LNT needs to be retired because it is based on NO KNOWLEDGE WHATEVER!

In other words, we don't know the energy of the radiation or the energy required to break molecular bonds. We don't know that DNA mutations are caused by the breakage of molecular bonds or that cancers are the result of DNA damage.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fine Tuning Radiotherapy

Fine tuning the energy in radiotherapy in order to maximize the production of low energy electrons will save healthy tissue and be more destructive to cancer.

Soft Tissue Carcinomas In A-Bomb Survivors

Amazing that we are still studying them!

LNT Is Wrong!

This is timely and counter-balances my earlier post on As High As Sensibly Achievable Radiation Standards (promoted by pro-nuclear morons).

Here is anti-nuclear moron Arnie Gundersen, first promoting LNT and the scientific method, but then subtly shifting and claiming that radiation is more dangerous than LNT theory.  Why?  Because that's the result he he cherrypicks  finds a report that supports his foregone conclusion.  

Funny how that works!

Because Pseudo-Science Hurts

In this case, acupuncture needles left in the body.

As High As Sensibly Safe Radiation Standards

Did you ever notice how pseudo-science organizations try to masquerade as scientific organizations?  They'll pick official sounding titles and cherry-pick hire people with credentials to promote a pseudo-scientific agenda.

There are some folks with agendas who are trying to promote As High As Sensibly Safe Radiation Standards.  Note the familiarity of this phrase with the scientific As Low As Reasonably Achievable Radiation Standards.

The logic-free High standard has its origins with radiation hormesis which is to health physics, what homeopathy is to medicine or astrology to astronomy.

Don't get stuck in the muck with the stupid fucks, folks.

CA Kelp Forests Will Be Monitored

For Fukushima contamination.

Hanford Misses Flammable Gas Buildup Test

In some tanks by 8 months, though no problems were noted once done.

Monday, January 13, 2014

What Do You Think About Climate Change?

For many, it depends on the weather.

And that's unfortunate.

Dr. Chris Busby Strikes Again!

Busby plays his "expert" role very well, acting confused and acting like he wants to assign any excess detectable radioactivity to radon.  He sets the stage as being "skeptic" expert.

This draws the uneducated people in, and makes any further claims seem more believable.

But he's full of crap:

Atheist Turns Health Physicist

HA!  I'm an atheist, health physicist and long ago I learned about someone with the name Thunderf00t, who put together a number of YouTube videos showing why religion is dumb.

He has now put together a video on health physics:

How Fox News Makes Its Viewers Dumb

Because cold weather disproves climatology.

Science is a liberal conspiracy.

Why Everyone Seems To Have Cancer

A New York Times piece which echos my page on the subject (see "Radiation, Evolution, Cancer and Aging at right hand side of this webpage).

Saturday, January 4, 2014