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Thursday, October 1, 2015

SARI Contaminates The Green Valley News

Because that's what science deniers do.

SARI Invades the HPS

The DeNiArs have gotten an opinion piece published in the latest issue of the Health Physics Society's Newsletter. I called my response, "LNT Fail", which I've emailed to the newsletter's editor.

I wonder if it will get published? See below.....

Friday, September 18, 2015

How Climate Change Deniers Sound To Normal People

I Guess SARI Wasn't Good Enough!

SORRY SARI is (or was) the cult trying to convince whoever they can that radiation doesn't cause DNA damage (which leads to an increased risk of cancer).

It is (or was) a resurrection of an older group called Radiation, Health and Science.

They have petitioned the U.S. EPA, the White House, and the U.S. if science is done by petition!

 So now they've manufactured, via Survey Monkey!, XLNT.

Well, that changes everything!  I'm really convinced now....that you're a bunch of morons.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Beyond Nuclear Is Beyond Credible

They point out that the U.S. NRC built a building they found they didn't need.

Yeah, it's tough to plan for the future accurately, it's a lot easier to manufacture criticism.

But then to link that circumstance to not funding the nuclear plant cancer study (hey morons, they're trying to save money in part BECAUSE they built the building!!!) is absurd.

But it seems Paul Gunter is a clairvoyant....he knows there are elevated cancer rates even though the study has been cancelled!

Crowd Sourcing Radiation Detector

Pairs with smartphone.

Who Opens A Rx Next To A Volcano?


Thursday, September 10, 2015

NASA Needs Pu-238

To power its missions.

Fukushima On Vice

Here's an episode that does the standard fear mongering routine:

7 Atoms Isn't A "Trace" Amount?

Arnie Gundersen fearmongering.  At a about 8:00 he discusses the "beginning of the onslaught" of Fukushima radioactivity which was detected at a concentration of 7 Bq/m3.  He wouldn't call that concentration "trace", though any honest, objective person would.  

He goes on to discuss the massive coverup associated with some radioactive dust that he tries to push as leading to 100,000 to one million cancer cases from the accident.  He denigrates "scientists", but then highlights a study he helped fund.  One by Dr. Marco Kaltofen.  That "study" was done in partial fulfillment of his PhD degree, so he wasn't a PhD when he did it.  And what degree was he pursuing? A degree in Civil Engineering!  And who helped fund his study?  Fairewinds Energy!

Politicians Debating Global Warming

The most striking climate change sculpture you'll ever see.

Oil-Rich Kuwait Does Solar

In a big way.

Homo naledi & Homo IDiot

Bones have been discovered in South Africa which appear to belong to a newly discovered group of pre-Homo sapiens, named Homo naledi.

Meanwhile, a lawyer with the Discovery Institute, an IDiot (Intelligent Design marketer) struggles to convince whomever he can that humans didn't evolve from primate ancestors.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

U.S. NRC Terminates NAS Cancer Studies

Due to costs and time.  Smart move in my opinion.

Karl Grossman Responds To SARI LNT Petition

He's an anti-nuclear activist, but thanks to SARI's petition, he has more anti-nuclear power ammo.

Chernobyl Porn


New Insight On DNA Repair

Involves the protein 53BP1.

Oh, wait a minute....the research was done at Rockefeller University....must be a conspiracy against nuclear power!

Can Towns Around Fukushima Recover?

Take Naraha for example.

Immunosuppression When Treating Skin Cancer With Radiotherapy

It can make the radiotherapy a waste of resources.

"Evolution Is A Myth"

Something you might expect to hear from some Southern, uneducated, white, red-neck.

Nope, that quote is from the number two Republican Presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson.

GW Denier Patrick Michaels Affiliated With Tobacco Denial

Isn't it ironic, that groups with names like "Sound Science" or "Accurate Radiation Information" are the ones who are unsound and inaccurate?  Did you notice that Marshall Institute founders S. Fred Singer and Frederick Seitz were also affiliated with this group?

Upcoming Hurricane Season To Remain Permanent!


Pu Is Unsung Concession In Iran Nuclear Deal

Described here.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015

Christian County Clerk Gets The Gospel

According to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Rick Santorum Lies On Climate Change

Listen to what he says in this clip from last week (jump to 4:10):

57% of scientists don't agree CO2 is the driver of global warming!!!!!

What does the study's author say?

IAEA Director General Releases Fukushima Report - LNT To Blame!


Sorry, SARI that was a joke.  Of course a scientific theory can't be blamed for an accident!

Instead, the DG wrote this:

A major factor that contributed to the accident was the widespread assumption in Japan that its nuclear power plants were so safe that an accident of this magnitude was simply unthinkable. This assumption was accepted by nuclear plant operators and was not challenged by regulators or by the Government. As a result, Japan was not sufficiently prepared for a severe nuclear accident in March 2011.

I wonder who might have taken the lead in spreading that assumption????????

Oh, we know what SARI (or should they be called Petitioners for Inaccurate Radiation Information (PIRI)?) will come up with next...the IAEA is part of the global anti-nuclear power conspiracy!
 More info available here.

This Is Climate Change

It's personal.

Exelon Considers Closing Quad Cities Plant

Due to profitability concerns.

Atomic Taradiddles Obsesses With BEAR I Lie

I won't provide a link to his pathological lying website. But it's more of the same...the Rockefeller's funding of BEAR I caused the public's irrational fear of radiation in 1956.  And for the last 60 years everyone is under a mass delusion that radiation causes cancer.  When actually we know who is deluded.

As this video shows (at 18:15), the public already had distorted views of the genetic effects of radiation in 1950.  So obviously Atomic Paradiddles is lying.

Does Irradiated Food Become Radioactive?

Of course not.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cancer Whacko

He refers to himself as a "doctor"....maybe in the subject of bovine feces:

BEAR I Committee DeNiAr Attacks Are Ignorant

One of the recent attacks by DeNiArs is targeted against the BEAR I committee which published a scientific consensus report on radiation health effects for the public in 1956.

The attack goes something like this...BEAR I introduced the concept of LNT, and ever since, like automatons, the radiation protection community has just blindly followed the dogma to this day.

So, their "thinking" goes...attack BEAR I, and today's science is therefore weakened.

U.S. Nuclear Power Plants

A CNN review.

President Obama Gets Global Warming

Alaska needs to get it too.

Bill Nye gets it:

An Asylum Might Just Be The Answer....

So we have a Kentucky county clerk who won't issue marriage licenses to gay couples even though the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it was a constitutional right.

Now she is asking the Court to grant her "asylum for conscience".

In other words, she wants to legally break the law.

Ain't gonna happen.

HPS Newsletter Publicly Available

The Health Physics Society has made their monthly newsletter available for public consumption.

I read the Boice Report within it.  It is John Boice's personal take on LNT.

I felt compelled to write him an email - pertinent parts below the fold.

This DeNiAr Seems Really Out There....

Here's a link to a comment by a former NRC attorney regarding one of the SORRY SARI petitioners, Dr. Carol Marcus.  You'll have to download the PDF attachment within the link.  DR. Marcus was also formerly employed by the NRC.

SARI should really change it's acronym to PIRI....Petitioners for Inaccurate Radiation Information, since not only are they petitioning the NRC, but they petitioned the EPA and the White House before that. They don't seem to know the difference to the scientific method and petitioning.

Scientists On Extreme Weather

Radiologists Get It

Radiation risks, that is (from a few years ago):

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sweden Moving Away From Nuclear Power

I wouldn't think they have enough solar or wind to make up for the loss, but they know better than me.

The HIV/AIDS "Hypothesis"

The ultra right wing group, Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, posted a bunch of videos recently (I commented on one, "Radiation Protection Superstitions", which you can find here with a bit of effort).  

A common science denial attack tactic is to call what is essentially reality (well supported, scientific theories) as "hypotheses"(intended to imply mere speculation.  Here's an MD referring to the causal relationship between HIV and AIDS as a hypothesis.

U.S. DoE To Supply Pu-238

In 2019 to NASA, if they want it.

Nuclear Fusion

We may actually get there.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

That Concludes One Hunch

I figured Ed Calabrese was tenured which allows him the freedom to make shit stuff up under the guise of an intellectual pursuit.  Now I know I was right.

Atomic Taradiddles Continues To Peddle DeNiAl

Nothing new of course.  Adams seems to have a real bromance with the Cato Institute's Ed Calabrese.

And now he filters comments by email addresses.  That's how propaganda works....filter out facts, amplify the lies.

Radiation Leads To Supercrops!!!!!!


Speaking Of The U.K.

They are having the same sorts of political problems siting a waste depository that the U.S. has "enjoyed".

Another Response To The SARI Petitions

Here is much lengthier response to the SORRY SARI petitions to the U.S. NRC than I had written (see my post "Here We Go Again!").  I had originally considered a technical response, but decided the SORRY SARI petitions were so lacking technically, that they didn't deserve a technical response.

This response is written by Dr. Ian Fairlie from the U.K.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Here We Go Again!

I had taken a break from blogging because I felt I had written pretty much all I had to say on this topic.  I didn't see a need to keep repeating the same material over and over again.

I had also noticed a great reduction in the volume of science denial propaganda as the general public became more aware of the tactics.

I knew the propaganda would never vanish since there are strong forces at play to keep the public confused on scientific matters.

I've recently learned the U.S. NRC is taking comments on some petitions......