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Saturday, August 31, 2013

An Opine On "Welcome To The Age Of Denial"

Here's a decent op-ed on the NYT's original op-ed on science denialism.

Shale Waste Tripping Landfill Alarms In PA

But no cause for emotional alarm.

Fukushima Ocean Plume To Reach U.S. Coast

Starting next year, but it will be very dilute.

Good Riddance!

"School" that lied to kids is shutting down for financial reasons.

Who Was Lise Meitner?

The first person to understand the potential of  nuclear fission chain reactions.

The ABC's Of Your DNA

An exhibition currently at the Smithsonian Museum but it looks like it will do some cross country traveling.

I'll certainly check it out if it comes around town.

Friday, August 30, 2013

6 Stubborn Cancer Myths

Good article.

The Fukushima Ice Wall

Is described here.

A Wave Of Propaganda

A new book will soon be released by the Heartburn Institute in order to foment doubt on global warming.

And there's a luncheon.

Heartburn sure to follow.

Speaking Of Sun & Surf

Whales tan.

Surfing Fukushima

Sun, sand and surf.

Music please, Maestro:

Cosmic Ray Origins

Some are galactic and some are extra-galactic in origins based on energies.

Fukushima Documentary

Put together by the Japanese news agency NHK.  It's a bit campy:

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Who Was William Hammer?

He proposed using radium to cure cancer and illuminate watch dials.

The Origin Of Space-Time

Several theoretical possibilities (as in lightly evidence based, theoretical physics).

Must Be Forbes GW Denial Day

They're piling it on!

Pat Michaels & James Taylor.

Where To Put SNF?

As in Spent Nuclear Fuel?  Some thoughts.

Pacific Ocean Cools

Causing a masking effect in apparent global warming.

No News Is Good News(?)

I was contacted by the Health Physics Society last week to respond to a reporter who wanted the mainstream science rebuttal to someone promoting the pseudo-science of hormesis.

I did so and to date no article has been published.

Pseudo-science promoters love publicity because it is a mechanism of fomenting doubt.

So normally I would consider the lack of publicity a win for the pro-science folks.

However, the person promoting hormesis works at a cancer center.  If he had gotten the publicity, what would the medical staff at a cancer center think of one of their own publicly showing his lack of understanding of carcinogenesis and unethically trying to sway the general public to increase their risks of cancer?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vermont Yankee To Shutdown Next Year

Talk about political.

Sexual Discrimination Due To Radiation


Females are at greater risk from radiation, so their space flying time is restricted relative to men.

Canadian Faux Outrage Over Radwaste

A whopping 6000+ gallons of radwaste is planned to be transported over a particular route, and there are protest.

But what are they doing about the many trucks that drive through there EVERYDAY!

GW Denial Masquerading As Economics

Thanks to Larry Bell at Forbes.

I Wish I'd Thought Of That

Hilarious!   There were 6405 signatures on the petition when I signed up.

Is Fukushima Contaminating N. American Fish?

Maybe a bit, and there's nothing wrong with demanding testing.

But don't be surprised if little is found.

Climate Change Is Being Studied

In 5 unusual ways.

MS's Next Business Opportunity?

Nuclear waste?

Cancer Book Review

I don't have this one, but I do have Mukherjee's book referenced in the link.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Stolen Car Has Rad Waste Inside


Update:  Found.


You've probably heard of x-rays....what about n-rays?

The French, screwing up radiation effects for decades.

Fukushima - Sloppy H2O Handling

I can't argue with that.

Ra-223 Is Our Friend

It can help those cancer patients who've had prostate cancer spread to the bones.

Millstone Plant Death

Cause undetermined.

Wind Power Is Evolving

Making it more efficient and affordable.

Music please, Maestro:

Fukushima Tank - Bolted, Sealed With Resin

And likely to fail (maybe not any given one, but given many, a few are going to fail).

They certainly need good inspections.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

As If We Hadn't Had Enough....

Global warming denial at Forbes.

P.S. I commented as "Anon".

Fukushima - Lost Opportunity?

Not enough funding to do basic research in radio-ecology.

Summary Of IPCC Report Draft Summary

By the NY Times.

Muslim Scientist Promotes Religion

On a John Templeton Foundation webpage.  The title is, "Why Should Scientists Care About Religion?".

He defines religion as:

"“Religion” relates to an organized system of beliefs (theology), practices (rules and rituals), and relations, at both individual and communal levels (church, community, society, etc.)."

And then simply asserts this:

"Now, assuming that one is dealing with such an advanced, open-minded, open-ended, and “updated” theology or religion, should scientists take it seriously?"

Emphasis mine.  I don't buy that assumption.

Later he writes,

"Faith, spirituality, and religion, on the other hand, are optional sets of ideas that one may choose to carry or not, in one version or another. However, educated and discerning people in particular, must strive to make faith, spirituality, and religion, as sophisticated, open, and updated as possible. Once the above two caveats are effected, science and religion can have much to bring to one another and to humanity."

If one extracts from religion, that bodies of knowledge we science, history, philosophy, etc.  What is left to make sophisticated, open and updated?


The JT Foundation's goal is to give religion an equal status as science.

Scientists should care about religion and how it affects people's behavior.  And then point out that it's really all about nothing.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Prof Behaving Badly

Arson?  Brilliant people can behave strangely, just like non-brilliant people.

No, I Don't Trust You

It's scammer Benny Hinn with a "scientist" who can tell how demonized people are:

Fukushima Cores - An Image Would Be Worth A Thousand Words

Images may be possible using muon scattering radiography.  Muons are elementary particles like electrons, but heavier.  They are formed when cosmic rays interact with molecules in our atmosphere.

Fukushima H2O - Photos Worth A Thousand Words

This article and accompanying photos give a good perspective on Fukushima's water woes.

Small areas of corrosion on the tanks are visible.

Skin Cancer Death Rates 70% Higher In U.K. Men

Though not mentioned, I'd guess occupations involving outdoor activities (construction, landscaping, etc.) are mostly made up of males.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Sun Is Sending Us A "Gift"

But shouldn't be too damaging.

Jordan To Build Its First Rx

Only 5 MW for research.

Another U.S. Congressman G.W. Denier

It's Dana Rohrabacher (R, of course!) from California.

And he's on the House Science Committee!!

Promoting The Scientific Method

Nice piece in Salon from a couple of weeks ago.

And PoliticsUSA from about a week ago.

Science League Of America!

A new blog from the folks at the National Center For Science Education.

Radioactive Indium

Can help locate certain pancreatic cancers more efficiently.

Bisphenol A Denial

I claim no expertise in understanding the toxicology of bisphenol A.

But I do recognize science denial.

It's Good To Have A Plan

Especially for the Fukushima cleanup.

Fukushima - "Apocalyptic & Millions Of Deaths"!

So says "fallout researcher" and radio host Christina Consolo.

I think not.

Congrats Australia

For making progress on many cancers, but still room for more improvement.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Mangano Strikes Again

This time at Palisades.

Maybe it will make Christie Brinkley and Alec Baldwin happy and get them to send $.

Hot Puddles

At Fukushima (of course!), about 0.1 Sv/hr at 50 cm.

Doctors Behaving Badly

More radiation prescribed for prostate cancer when the docs have a financial interest.

Florida Congressman Is A GW Denier

His name is Jeff Miller (R, of course).  Luckily he gets some heat (HA!) from the audience.  

"Our climate will continue to change because of the way god formed the Earth."

Dr. Caldicott: What Motivates You To Fear Monger?

I'm not sure of the date, but this was uploaded earlier this month.  The location appears to be in Massachusetts where the Vermont Yankee plant is very political.  

It's Time For Fukushima

Or Time on Fukushima.  Does it really provide straightforward information?

In other news, some workers were contaminated there.  Why should anyone care?  That happens routinely.

Detroit Town Hall Meeting Tonight

To discuss the proposed "dumping of nuclear waste along the Lake Huron shore in Canada."

How about "the disposal of radioactive waste in an engineered, monitored repository along the Lake Huron shore in Canada"?

Those Fiendish Fins P2

This 60 Minutes piece repeated on television last night.  

The Fins know to use tanks when they go under water as we saw yesterday.

And did you see the word "Suunto" on the diver's gear? That's the name of a Finnish watch manufacturer. The Fins are profiting off of this guy risking his life!

Full Disclosure:  I own a Suunto Ambit.  Those fiends are profiting off of me!  They can't be trusted!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

American Nuclear Society Lies To Kids

Too little radiation may be harmful.

Paducah's Gas Diffusion Plant Closure Will Hurt

Average salary including benefits was $125,000.

HP "Skeptic" Is A DeNiAr

He posted under the name The Skeptic here.

I answered most of his points within that blog, but I intentionally ignored one due to time:

"So the goal of scientists is to relieve people of the burden of having to think for themselves? What is this mythical “consensus” you keep referring to? In fact, 60% of radiation scientists believe that a threshold model is most accurately describes low dose effects, while only 16% favor a linear no-threshold model (Silva CL, et al. 2007)."

Those Fiendish Fins

Just because they're better educated than us Americans doesn't give them the right to keep messing with our heads!

Look at the fins on those Fins!

Who Was Eben Byers?

A good amateur golfer in the early 20th century who also had a taste for Radithor.

And it killed him.

Chernobyl Scam Gets Publicity

I've mentioned Hope For Chernobyl's Child before here.

CNN is giving them more attention though they counter with some scientists.

Ed Calabrese Fools Roger Greenway

I don't know Mr. Greenway, but the answer to his question is "yes".

Should Creationism Be Controversial?

No, it's irrational.  So why does the New York Times print this crap?

Corrupted Memory

Jeebsus, this psychologist gets death threats for pointing out science.

Galileo anyone?

I recalled (HA!) this 60 Minutes piece, from a few years ago, which briefly featured Prof. Loftus in P2.



Saturday, August 17, 2013

H2 Fuel From Sunlight

Scale it up!

Cool Spark Detector

Almost as cool as a cloud chamber.

Scientists Finally Pronounce Human Genome

"It’s Gatcaatgaggtggacaccagaggc...."

Who Was Louis Slotin?

One of the few to die in a criticality accident.

He was fictionalized in the movie, "Fat Man And Little Boy":

That Should Be A Short Discussion

The Scientific Evidence For Intelligent Design.

Finland Stomps The U.S.

In education, particularly science.

P.S. Stop smirking Martin!

P.S.S. The author of that piece has a great book on evolutionary biology, which I have and recommend.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

DeNiAr Works At A Cancer Center

I wouldn't have thought it could be but it appears to be true.

Mohan Doss is a DeNiAr who tried to get me to engage in a debate here.

The odd thing is he seems to work at Fox Chase Cancer Center!

They seem to understand the science.

I wonder what they'd think of one of their employees promoting that people increase their cancer risk?

If he doesn't cease promptly, I'm going to find out.

What Is Radiation Sickness & Why Does It Happen?

This is a pretty good answer.

Club Denial

That would be Pat Michaels of the Cato Institute (a propaganda outfit think tank) writing at Forbes about Calabrese's recent press release.

But wait there's more!  In comment section is the "naturopathic doctor" from my earlier post!

I Understand The Biologist's Conundrum

If one is a biologist and understands the science, should that person debate an IDiot (Intelligent Design propagandist)?

It's a tough decision because if a prospective audience doesn't really understand the science, IDiots can quickly lie and cherry-pick to make their points.  An objective, honest biologist has to stick with the boring explanations of science without straying from the facts.

Simply engaging in a debate gives the IDiots some credulity.  One doesn't debate an astrologer or an living Elvis propagandist.

So I tend to favor NOT debating with DeNiArs (health physics deniers), but simply calling them out and then educating those who still have questions.

I mention this because DeNiAr Mohan Doss tried to get me to debate him here.

If anyone has any questions about the science of health physics, I'll be glad to answer them.

Radon Is Carcinogenic

Yet, some folks forget that.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rotten Broccoli Is A Rock Star?

That would be the dishonest Ed Calabrese who a "naturopathic doctor" claims is a rock star.

Port Radiation Detection

What a beast!

David Barton Moves From Pseudo-History To Pseudo-Science

David Barton is a Christian Nationalist (ie, the U.S. was founded as a Christian nation) and one of the key players in the book, "Liars For Jesus".  He would travel from church to church and lie to people.  Now his "expertise" is climatology:

Comprehensive Compendium Of Mutational Processes That Drive Cancer

This is very cool.

Full paper here.

Fukushima's Wall Of Ice

The feasibility study is scheduled for completion next year.

Forbes Creationist

With all the bad science at the magazine, I shouldn't be surprised that they also have a Creationist.

Is Fukushima Going To Get Worse?

If one poses that question to an anti-nuclear power activist, what do you think the answer will be?

Fukushima Fears

With help from enginefear Arnie Gunderesen.  I'm not saying that removing the spent fuel is risk free, but the risks and the outcomes are very local.  It's highly unlikely that the fuel will go critical, more likely that some (more) contamination gets spread.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Because Religious People Lie

Especially William Lane Craig as Lawrence Krauss shows:

Air Force Nuclear Weapon Unit Fails Test

Details scant for security reasons.

Rotten Broccoli

Ed Calabrese is back at it.

Nuke Fearmongering At Oilprice.Com

Not surprising, of course.

I commented there, answering the author's questions.

Repeated below.

Shame On Dr. Fata If Allegations Stick

He is alleged to have given chemotherapy when not needed.

U.S. NRC Violates The Law

According to a court ruling on licensing delays on Yucca Mountain for high level radioactive waste disposal.

Atomic Ideologies' Guest DeNiAr

The terms "LNT Denier" or "Genotoxic Carcinogenesis Denier" are just too clumsy.

I like what the biology community has done with some evolution deniers.  They refer to those promoting the pseudo-science of Intelligent Design as IDiots.

So I have come up with DeNiArs as the term for those who deny radiation damages DNA and that damaged DNA increases cancer risk.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

WARNING: Contains High Doses Of Stupid

I've played a couple of clips from this dumbyoumentary called, Evolution vs. God.

Here's the full "work"".

I'm Going Bananas!

It's a comment from the same Forbes guy who tried to compare the Fukushima leak with banana equivalents.

He made a common mistake and it gives me the opportunity to address a different aspect of health physics besides just radiation health risk.

Wind Power & Nuclear Weapons

An odd, but welcome pairing.

"I Don't Have Much Patience For People Who Deny Climate Change"

Neither do I, President Obama.  Especially coming from the Heartburn Institute.

Focusing (cherrypicking) on the last 10 years, masks the larger picture, err graph:

Here's more.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The World Nuclear Association Doesn't Understand Health Physics

Even though they just updated their website last month.

It's the same old propaganda with many of the same old propagandists (of the doubt-monger sect).

The Forbes Health Physics Journal

Here's a contributor to that lofty, peer-reviewed science journal Forbes trying to counter Fukushima fear-mongering with stupidity (by using banana equivalents).  He can't even get the headline right, the Fukushima leak isn't equivalent to 76 million bananas, it's equivalent to 76 million bananas PER HOUR FOR 2 YEARS!

Of course, Bq's (the rate of decay) are just one facet of the risk.  It depends on what is decaying, what is emitted during the decay, bioconcentration, etc.

A better approach would have been to compare the 40E12 Bq of H-3 to the amount of naturally produced H-3 in the Pacific Ocean, which is about 4E17 Bq.

In other words, the new concentration is 4.0004E17 Bq.  An increase, but a RELATIVELY small one.

For some reason I'm reminded of this:

The Heartburn Institute Loves Animals

Or do they just hate the facts of global warming?

IDiots Are Anti-Science

Contrary to what The Discovery Institute members write.

"My colleagues at the Discovery Institute are routinely accused of being anti-science for promoting intelligent design (as they are in Campbell’s article), which ID opponents often mislabel as creationism. But ID is methodologically science. Its adherents are exploring the profoundly heterodox hypothesis that the natural world is better explained by a directing force than the almost universally accepted explanation of random causes and purposeless natural selection."

No ID is not methodological science.  There are no experiments and no testable predictions.

It's just that some things look designed to some people.  That's as far as it goes.

GA - You Have A Problem

Majority are creationists.

Friday, August 9, 2013

End Of U.S. Nuclear Waste Paralysis?

Maybe, with anti-nukes and pro-nukes motivated to get the spent fuel in a safer location(s).

That still leaves the citizens who surround the final location(s).

Chernobyl's Trees

Aren't doing so hot because they're hot!

Music please, Maestro:

The Flavors Of Nothing

I have a problem with this:

Fukushima Scareyoumentary

I don't think I've ever seen so many conspiracies in one 3 minute trailer.  The documentary is called "A2-B-C", the alphabet referring to children and the A2 referring to those identified with thyroid cysts.

Has The Fukushima "China Syndrome" Begun?

Maybe it has, maybe it hasn't.  These two guys don't know.

Here's more from The Japan Times.

Congrats KY!

For denying the science deniers!

If health physics had been a science of concern, let me rewrite one paragraph to demonstrate the commonalities:

"The three important antievolution anti-health physics goals — banning the teaching of evolution of LNT; balancing the teaching of evolution LNT with creationism hormesis, whether in the form of "creation science" "radiation is good for you" or "intelligent design" "radiation won't hurt you; and belittling evolution LNT as controversial — were in evidence. So were all three of the pillars of creationism hormesis — arguing that evolution LNT is scientifically controversial; arguing that teaching evolution LNT is linked with negative social consequences; arguing that it is only fair to teach "all sides" of the supposed controversy. The same themes were also reflected in the comments about climate change.

Chromosome Translocations In A Living Cell

Was directly imaged.  Thanks to the National Cancer Institute.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Congrats Australia

Cracking down on quacks chiropractors who spread anti-vax propaganda.

Pegs My Irony Meter

Christian pseudo-biology textbook removes Loch Ness monster reference.  Afterall, it's just a myth.

Springer Disappoints

Springer is an international publisher of science books and other media.  I own several wonderful books that they've published.

Sadly, I recently came across this.

I'll have to add that to this.

I sure do hate to see them become the Jerry Springer of science:

Climate Change Is Affecting CA

Of course it's affecting other states, whether they choose to study the impact or not.

Human System Simulation Lab

A nuclear power virtual control room.

Polling Young Voters On Climate Change

The majority seem to understand the science.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fukushima's Water Leak - What You Should Know

Pretty good article by National Geographic (Janette Sherman is not a medical expert on radiation, she's an anti-nuclear activist who has no problem stretching the truth.  You can search her name on this blog).

Spiritual Bypassing

And why it's dangerous when politicians engage in it.

Heartburn Institute Moron Redefines Mann

Some moron with the Heartburn Institute has a week old blogpost titled, "Michael Mann Redefines Science".

This particular line is hilarious:

"When I was going to school to earn my degree in chemistry, we were taught that science was indeed all about absolute truths and proofs at the end of the day."

Why Did It Take So Long?

The Japanese government is going to step in and help at Fukushima, though specifically how is uncertain.

Estimated 75,000 gallons of contaminated water per day leaking into ocean, but activity concentrations not provided.

"The plan calls for freezing the soil around the buildings to shut off the flow of contamination into nearby groundwater, and thus end the leaks into the sea. Doing this would require an ice wall nearly a mile in length that would reach almost 100 feet, or 30 meters, into the ground. Officials said that an ice wall of such a scale had never been attempted before, making it unlikely that Tepco could pull off the feat alone."

Bill McKibben May Disappoint

Bill McKibben gets much press in the U.S. for promoting global warming awareness.  He is to be highly commended.

My Penis Thanks You

Dr. Speiss, should it ever develop cancer.  And the rest of me thanks you too.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hamming It Up

Ken Ham is a dangerous loon.  He uploaded this to YouTube last week:

Global Cooling!

No, but that doesn't stop one newspaper's "Washington Secrets".

Here's a little secret.

Japan To Create Archive Of A-Bomb Effects

I would have guessed (incorrectly) that this was already done.

Today is the 68th anniversary of the bombings.

PA - You Have A Problem

A creationism-as-science bill.

Shocking (Pun Intended)

Healing Is Voltage.

Dr. Orac exposes the quack.

S. Korea's Nuclear Power Problems

I've posted on the subject before.  Like here and here and here.

Here's an update.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Fracking Radwaste Politics In NY

I had often wondered how much nuclear power generated radioactive waste "issues" were generated by the fossil fuel industry as a way to negatively impact a competitor.

With the rise in fracking and its NORM (naturally occurring radioactive waste) they are seeing some of the same tactics that nukes have had to contend with.

Here's an op-ed in a NY paper discussing the politics involved with importing fracking waste from PA to NY.

Note to author - this is wrong:

"Many Marcellus gas wells are highly contaminated with radium isotopes, particularly Radium 226, a carcinogen that remains radioactive for 1600 years."

Ra-226 doesn't remain radioactive for 1600 years, it has a half-life of 1600.

TX Man Arrested

For illegally dumping radioactive waste.

Russia Wary Of Imported Cars From Japan

Due to potential radioactive contamination.

The IDiots Are Upset

I highlighted the IDiotic situation at Ball State University in Indiana a couple of months ago.

The Discovery Institute is upset that the school's President has issued a gag order.

"ID theorists hold that a variety of features observable and testable in living creatures and in the fossil record are best explained as the product an intelligent cause rather than an unguided process such as natural selection."

A theory is an explanation based on facts (evolution - DNA damage causes changes in what DNA produces leading to speciation) not fantasy (ID - an invisible someone somehow made some things which subjectively appear to be designed, but not those that don't subjectively appear to be designed.)

The schadenfreude has me dancing like a monkey!

Music please, Maestro (yeah, I'm playing it again):

But Tobacco Is Natural.....

Secondhand smoke increases cancer and asthma risks.

Hannibal Lecter S. Fred Singer wrong again.

Taiwanese Lawmakers Wrestle Over Nuke Plant Construction

Really...they actually wrestled!

Wisconsin - You Have A Problem

A quack chiropractic is offering breast thermography which it claims is recommended for women of all ages.
Well, they may recommend it for any gullible victims they can get, but the U.S. FDA knows better:

"The FDA is not aware of any valid scientific data to show that thermographic devices, when used on their own, are an effective screening tool for any medical condition including the early detection of breast cancer or other breast disease."

"One & Done" Intraoperative Radiation Therapy

Appropriate for some older women with certain types of breast cancer.  They get radiation when they are getting their lumpectomy (surgical tumor removal) where the radiation can be highly targeted.  This avoids the traditional radiation delivery regime of many sessions.

This is a big advance.

The Plutonium Gang

CH2M Hill's work at Hanford's Pu Finishing Plant.