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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Finland Stomps The U.S.

In education, particularly science.

P.S. Stop smirking Martin!

P.S.S. The author of that piece has a great book on evolutionary biology, which I have and recommend.


  1. For example, Europeans were far more literate about the world: 68% of Danes, 75% of Brits, 76% of Finns could identify the Taliban, but only 58% of Americans can—even though we’re fighting them right now in Afghanistan (and the other nations aren’t)

    Eh, Finns (like Danes and Brits, and Estonians) are part of the ISAF operation. I don't know if that counts as fighting, but they do suffer casualties...

  2. BTW, the reason USians have difficulty identifying the Taliban could be, not in the failure of the education system but in the success of the Bush admin's propaganda effort: who needs the Taliban when "everybody knows" that it was Saddam who was behind 9/11...