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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hispanics At Greater Risk For Childhood Leukemia

More work from St. Jude's (just down the road).

Space Machines & Space Radiation

The U.S.'s Mars rover detected a recent large solar flare.

Russia is blaming cosmic radiation for the failure of their Mar's moon craft.

High Level Waste Forms

Here's an interesting video about the geochemical thinking of waste forms:

Histone Defects Play Role In Brain Cancer

We learn more and more everyday.

Stop Chasing JAK2!

The kinase originally thought to be related to the onset of CML.

Protein Pannexin1 And Metastasis

Interesting research.

Insight Into Acute Myeloid Leukemia Progression

Involving epigenetics.

Contrasting Two Accident Responses In Idaho

This is an op-ed in regards to a contamination event at Idaho Nat'l Labs (a government-owned facility) and a private mining corporation.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Fukushima Frustrations

Among evacuees.  The psychology behind by this statement is interesting:

" "Many residents feel that they have been forced to evacuate because of a man-made disaster, not a natural calamity," says Kanno. "Before, when bad weather or other problems occurred, everyone was on the same boat -- so people had the will to help each other. In the case of a natural disaster, people know that even if there are difficulties at the beginning, they can eventually start all over again even from scratch. However, when one is fighting against radiation pollution, starting a new life three, or even five years later is not easy. That is one of the characteristics of (the invisible damage caused by) radiation."

Congrats St. Jude Researchers

For discovering the underlying mutations associated with rare brain cancers.

New Therapy For Cancer Stem Cells


Project To Improve Radiotherapy Planning

Is in the works.

Loss Of Big Picture Accident

There's been some new small leakage at Fukushima.

Why is that worthy of news coverage?

Guess what?  There will be lots of little leaks, small spills, puffs of contamination, etc.

That's what happens when one tries to work with the debris field that was Fukushima.

Stress - Cancer - Evolution

I always get a chuckle when some LNT-denier says something like, "we've evolved in a bath of radiation...small doses stimulate the immune system and are good for us".  If only I had a nickel for each time.

Yes, the bath of radiation is an environmental stress on our genes that causes genomic instability which promotes evolution.

That "stimulated immune system" is accompanying a reduction in genomic fidelity which leads to cancer.  Cancer is just evolution of somatic cells in the body's microenvironment.

Here's a new study which chemicals and yeast were used to test stress effects.

Japan Backtracking On Carbon Reduction

Courtesy of Fukushima.

Dummy & Mummy

Some researchers have found prostate cancer in a 2,200 year old mummy.

We have evidence of human cancer before that.

But the more important point is in regards to "industrial factors" as mentioned in the former article.

Cancer happens because genes are isn't just "industrial factors" which cause that....natural radiation does that, certain foods do that, etc.  The same things which cause mutation which have given us speciation have given us cancer.  They aren't necessarily "industrial factors".

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fukushima's Innocent Victims

They trusted the people.

The people let them down.

"Radiation Divorce"

What next?


Here's a video hosted by anti-nuclear propagandist Karl Grossman with his guest, the author of a book about the language of what he calls "Nukespeak".  The author makes some valid points but engages in his own "anti-nukespeak".

Insight Into Some Of Cancer Survival Strategy

How not to be killed.

The PTEN gene

A tumor suppressor gene and why it is prone to disruption.

Positive Feedback Loop In Pancreatic Cancer

Is described here.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

OUTSTANDING!! PSA for Melanoma

Pass it on!

Japanese Nuclear "Elders" On The Future Of Japanese Nuclear Power

Can be read here.

The DOE Wants To Raise Rad Limits!!!!

That's the dishonest conclusion of this propagandist.

Is Radiation Therapy Making A Comeback In Dermatology?


Cancer Mechanics

An intriguing (but I don't think fruitful) approach.

The Stupid.....

Prostate Cancer Screening & Treatment

Here's a good article on the subject.

Tumors Are Like Climate

Climate is the macroscale outcome of numerous underlying phenomena.  It takes mathematical modeling in order to make predictions.  Tumors are also the macroscale outcome of numerous underlying phenomena.  No surprise that mathematical modeling is of assistance.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nuclear Power Risk Greater Than That Of Global Warming

That's the changed opinion of a University of Tokyo professor emeritus who advised the Japanese government on climate change matters prior to Fukushima.

Coincidences Are Not Causations

More on the 14,000 U.S. deaths (which has now risen to 155,000) from Fukushima fallout "study".

"The Atomic States Of America"

Is a new anti-nuclear propaganda documentary which is pretty much like old anti-nuclear propaganda documentaries.  It was covered by an anti-nuclear show called Democracy Now!

Let's dig in!

Cocoa Could Reduce Risk Of Colon Cancer

This is good news for cocoa lovers, though the study involved rats.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Increase In Fukushima Emissions

About 20% for last month.

Ignorant Criticism Of PBS Documentary

Here's some ignorant criticism of the PBS Frontline Documentary "Nuclear Aftershocks", which aired last week (it's probably available online free at PBS, if you haven't seen it).

Let's dig in!

Anti-Vaccine Movement Similiarities To Anti-LNT Movement

Here's an abstract from an article about the anti-vaccine movement and the Internet.   The AVM poses a danger to children and society at large, by exaggerating the dangers of vaccines, thereby convincing some that kids should not be vaccinated.  This has lead to the resurrgence of some childhood diseases.

Of course the same concepts apply to those folks who suggest radiation is beneficial, thereby increasing the risks to the general public.  It also applies to those folks who exaggerate the risks of radiation, which may lead to stress, anxiety, etc. and cause people to take actions they wouldn't otherwise take. 

How Cells Dispose Of Their Waste

Fascinating stuff.

Chromosome Aberration Patterns

Provide further insight into cancers.

But It's NORMal!

NORM is the acronym for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials.

Seems like some folks in North Dakota are learning more about them.

Using ZIF-8 To Collect Radioiodine Gas

ZIF-8 is a MOF.

Say what????

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Food & Fukushima

Citizens not trusting the government.

The Evolutionary Shift To Multicellularity Has Been Duplicated

In the lab with yeast

90% Increase In Childhood Leukemias Around French Nuke Plants!

That's what a recent study concluded between the years of  2002-2007.  Note that the increase is not apparent over the years of 1990-2007 (which include the smaller subset).  The authors are to be commended for pointing out a major weakness of these types of studies:

"Like most studies of childhood leukemia in the neighborhood of NPPs, the Geocap study did
not have access to complete residential histories, which is an important limitation for the

There are other weaknesses too, pointed out by the authors:


More On Hot Japanese Gravel

Which was used in construction.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pancreatic Cancer Metastasis In Action

In mouse tissue.

Taking Advantage Of WIPP

And why not?

Suppressor Cells Block Immune System Cells

To help cancer grow.

Cesium In Fukushima Food

Elevated levels, but not worrisome.

Cancer Medicine

Called imiquimod.

New, Non-Invasive Colorectal Screening Test

Sounds good for those over age 50.

Radioactive Material Stolen From Egyptian Power Plant

Be on the lookout.

Inherited Mutation Links Exploding Chromosomes To Cancer


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Radiation & Rusty Metal In Fukushima Photos

What'dya expect?

Japan Betrayed Its Citizens???

In their response to Fukushima???  

Hanford Woes In USA Today

Includes a video.  Pretty good overall.

CBS News Goes Inside Fukushima Evac Zone

Here's the link.

Utah Taking Public Comments On Blended Rad Waste

It will likely be futile.

St. Lucie Fish Kill Leads To Improved Reporting Procedures

The kill happened last August.

Autophagy May Explain How Exercise Helps Fight Cancer

It provides insight into Type 2 diabetes.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fairewinds Associates Buffoonery

Was it a fool moon last night or what (just kidding)??? 

From the denial that radiation causes cancer by Atomic Ideologies Insights in my earlier post, to Flatulentwinds Fairewinds Associates exaggerating the radiation risks to Japanese children as a result of Fukushima.

Atomic Ideologies Buffoonery

The blog Atomic Insights (which is more ideology than insight) has a post which is a discussion about whether or not radiation causes cancer.  It's quite stunning to read the first paragraph where a Dr. George presents anecdotal evidence as scientific evidence.  And it continues to plunge downhill from there, with a Dr. Cuttler, who is claimed to have 15 years studying the health effects of radiation, yet quotes Dr. Wade Allison, who has said he has no expertise in the field.  And I have pointed out many of his scientific flaws in early posts which can be found in that last link.

Radioactive Gravel Spreads In Japan

But not very radioactive.

Washington State Governor On Hanford Safety Issues

The Show must go on.

TSA Reassures Passengers On Radiation Risks


Smiley Face In A Cancer Cell

Courtesy of Westmead Millenium Institute for Medical Research.  The "face" is the cell nucleus.  The dark areas (eyes & mouth) are areas where a particular protein (beta-catenin) cannot enter.

Certain Tumor Cells Can PREVENT Metastasis


Origins Of Esophogeal Cancer

The cancer which is the fastest rising solid tumor in the U.S.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hanford Safety Manager Questions Vit Plant

More plutonium to be treated than originally considered.

What Will Become Of TVA's HLW?

Here's a follow-up from yesterday's post regarding TVA inviting the media to tour Sequoyah. 

Cancers From Electromagnetic Radiation??

People get cancer.  And cell towers exist.  That doesn't mean cell towers cause cancer.  But why let logic get in the way of fear mongering?

NCSE's Initiative On Global Warming

The National Center For Science Education is known best for their work of promoting the science of evolutionary biology (and fighting the pseudo-science of creationism and intelligent design).  They have decided to become more active on the global warming front (pun intended). 

I could use their help on the health physics front too.

Reminder - PBS Frontline

Watch it tonight.

Arizona To Be High Level Waste Disposal Site?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Former Fitzpatrick Radiation Safety Tech Sentenced

For not doing respirator fit tests.

Fukushima's Impact On Ocean Analyzed

Sediments main concern.

Japan Planning Breast Milk Radioactivity Testing

As a result of Fukushima.

Does The AAPM Understand Risk?

It doesn't sound like it, based on their recent statement.

We know that every dose of radiation has the potential to contribute to carcinogenesis.  That doesn't mean every dose will.  There's simply a risk that it will.

How can they say,  "Risks of medical imaging at effective doses below 50 mSv (milliSieverts) for single procedures or 100 mSv for multiple procedures over short time periods are too low to be detectable and may be nonexistent," said the statement released by the AAPM. "Predictions of hypothetical cancer incidence and deaths in patient populations exposed to such low doses are highly speculative and should be discouraged."?

Why, using modern epidemiology to devise these risks, are the risks "highly speculative" and why should they be discouraged?  What is the AAPM offering in return for our ignoring the science??


With all that said, most of the time the cancer risk associated with diagnostic imaging is less than the risk of not getting the information offered by the imaging.  But not always, sometimes doctors make mistakes.

Nuclear Russian Roulette P2

Here's a follow-up from a post last month "starring" Dan Hirsch.  This latest video provides the audience Q&A which followed the original propaganda.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TSA Folks To Wear Dosimeters

Seems like a waste of money, so it's probably appropriate.

Here's more info on the backscatter machines.

Dilution Is The Solution!

In Utah.

Victor Stenger Likes LFTR

Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactor.

Fukushima Radioactive Waste Issue

High Level Waste Politics Canada Style

No matter where you go, there you are:

Biophotonics For Cancer Screening

Looks promising!

Nuke Operators Surfing The Web

On the job.   Ft. Calhoun having problems too.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Muons To Image Fukushima Cores

If all works well.

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria From Fukushima?

Well, at least he's not proposing Godzilla.  The answer is no.  Bacteria enjoy mutations a' plenty.  Fukushima isn't going to impact that significantly.  The antibiotic resistance originates when those bacteria exposed to an antibiotic survive and proliferate, whereas the non-mutants die.  There may be plenty of antibiotic bacteria in the environment, but we're not aware of them until we expose them to antibiotics.  Similarly, there are plenty of radiation sources, but there's no evidence that antibiotic resistant bacteria proliferate from around them.

New Materials For Fusion Reactors

We need to get going on this!

Smaller, Cheaper Accelerators

Will make therapy more affordable.

Immune Cell Can Trigger Skin Cancer

The immune system seems able at times to help defeat and promote cancer.  Here's another example.

Nuclear Power: Considerations Post-Fukushima

This is a bit long and a bit old,  but interesting.  You can skip the first 10 minutes unless you enjoy intro's.  It seems to me the first speaker makes a big mis-estimate on 10 years for the Fukushima cleanup.  It partly depends on what "cleanup" means, of course.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Toast To The Ladies

But keep it red wine.

Los Alamos To Expedite Waste Cleanup

Wildfires pose hazards.

Inside Fukushima

A guided camera provides all the action (and radiation...the visual "static").

TVA Spent Fuel Pool Storage Safety Questioned

By anti-nukes, but the NRC has taken notice.

Kashiwa Incinerator Bloated With Ash

Too much waste from Fukushima, running out of storage space for ash.


See cellular structure in color, 3-D!

Proton Therapy Effective Against Prostate Cancer

Another tool in the box.

Fibroblasts Contribute To Melanoma

Not a surprise.  Here's a new blood test using photoacoustics that can measure melanoma cells in the blood.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Foods That Can Minimize Cancer Risk

Bon appetite.

Radioactive Seaweed

This video illustrates the radioactive contamination from Fukushima.  It's very interesting to see the general public make their own measurements and draw their own conclusions and make those conclusions publicly available.  For example, the person in the video concludes that it's "dangerous to be ingesting that".  Is it?:

Happy Anniversary! (Better Late Than Never)

On January 1, 1971 the last cigarette commercial aired on television.  It was for Virginia Slims (I don't know if the clip represents the last commercial).  We've come a long, long way!:

Researchers Treat Lethal Doses Of Radiation

Or what was once lethal in mice.  Similar to this study I posted a couple of months ago.

Cancers On The Decrease

According to the ACS.  Congratulations!

Give Me An "L"! Give Me A "C"! Give Me An "A"!

What does it spell???

Lithocholic Acid!

Who cares???

We do!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Fukushima Perspective From Japan

Citizens are taking matters into their own hands thanks to the internet and inexpensive monitoring equipment.

Meanwhile, the government vows a return to normalcy.

AntiEstrogen Therapy May Reduce Melanoma Risk

Some breast cancers are estrogen-receptor positive.  If you give them anti-estrogen (aromatase inhibitors) those cancers shrink.  A new study shows that melanoma risk may be reduced as well.

Hormesis & Right Wingers

Here's a book review on a book about radiation hormesis by someone affiliated with the Heartland Institute.  The HI is a right wing "think tank" which conducts public relations campaigns targeted at minimizing the role of government.  No surprise the review is favorable, since the ploy is that if radiation isn't bad, there's no need for government regulation.  The review ends with:

"No honest individual with an IQ above plant life could fail to see the terrible malfeasance of science regarding the LNT after reading this outstanding book."

At about $1 per page, the malfeasance is clearly with the author and publisher.  No way I would buy it just to refute it.  But I'll rebut some of its facets based on the review.  Let's see who has the IQ above plant life.

Exercise May Cut Bowel Cancer Risk

According to this study.  Yet, one has to be cautious with studies in which participants self report information.  A stronger study would have actually measured the level of exercise.  In any event, there are plenty of other of benefits to working out as well, so keep at it!

3-D Genome Map Created

This is wonderful!  The genome which represents not just the linear DNA sequences on chromosomes but how the DNA is wrapped around the chromatim and how all that structure sits in 3-D can now be mapped.

PBS Frontline - Nuclear Aftershocks

To air on January 17.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Anti-Nuke Rant Of 2012

Anti-nuke propagandist Harvey Wasserman has a piece in the Huffington Post, based on earlier propaganda and exaggerations.  He makes many points as to why 2012 is the end of nuclear power.

If he's wrong, will he put an end to his propaganda?

Unauthorized Person Climbs McGuire Plant Fence

Intent not detailed.

Japan's Nuclear Energy Debate

Post Fukushima.

French Nuke Plants Need To Beef Up Safety

Read more here.  Predictably, the anti-nukes say it's not enough.  The pro-nukes say it's costly.

More New Year's Good News

A new agent has been found to help stop breast cancer from metastasizing to the brain.

A New, Healthier Cigarette

If it sells.

The Complexity Gets More Complex

I am not surprised by this study which shows that cell signaling is also involved with regulating chromatin around which DNA molecules wrap.  In this way cell signaling can influence gene expression.  Now what if radiation can interfere with cell signaling, thereby changing gene expression, thereby promoting carcinogenesis? 

Storing Solar Energy After Dark

Here's a good description of salt technologies being employed to store solar heat.

Hanford Cleaning Up

Way to start the New Year!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Anniversary War On Cancer!

I should have posted this last year (as in last week), but we've just celebrated the 40 year war on cancer.

This NPR article provides a great overview of the "war".

Dr. Harold Varmus (the interviewee) isn't only in charge of the National Cancer Institute, but he won the Nobel Prize for figuring out that some oncogenes (genes that can contribute to cancer if mutated) have their origins with RNA viruses. Those viruses, called retroviruses, become incorporated into their host cells' DNA and use the host to replicate. About 5% of the human genome contains retrovirus DNA.

We've made some terrific progress over 40 years, but most people living in the 1970's would have expected more, I suspect. That's because rather than being a single disease with a single cause, cancer is a fundamental, but very complex phenomenon associated with evolutionary biology and life itself. 

In 1900, tuberculosis was the leading cause of death followed by pneumonia in the U.S. By 1940, heart disease was first followed by cancer. And that's the rankings today.