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Friday, March 29, 2013

Mangano - Closed Nuclear Plant Results In Lower Cancer

Of course!  He's anti-nuclear!  So he relates a decreased cancer rate to a closed nuclear plant.  However, he fails to mention that most cancers across the country have continued to decline compared to past decades.  To intentionally pick a county with a closed nuclear plant and suggest that its closure is the reason is committing the fallacy of cherry-picking.

Calabrese Gets Another Sucker

Someone who seems to be a chemical ecologist.  To understand why hormesis, and its main propagandist Ed Calabrese, are full of bunk, see my separate webpage (upper right hand side of this one) on Ideological Toxicology.

Coal Following Tobacco's Lead

When Americans understood the dangers of tobacco, the industry focused on overseas' sales.

The coal industry is doing the same.

Americans Want More Solar, Wind, Nat Gas

According to a Gallup poll.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Atomic Ideologies Promotes Hormesis

Or radiophilia with Ed Calabrese.  See my webpage (upper right side of this page) on Ideological Toxicology.

Creationism Vs. Evolution

Money is on the table, but the whole concept is stupid.  Science is battled between experts, not a judge.

There have already been many U.S. court cases to show creationism is religion and not science.

Some Hanford Workers Get Spanked

Ten for time card fraud.

Xcel Gets Spanked

For not prioritizing the repair of a rad detector at Prairie Island.

WCS May Take Higher Rad Waste

They've found someone to introduce a bill allowing it.

KY - You Have A Problem

A "religious freedom" (ie, anti-science) bill's veto has been overridden.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No, Radioactive Waste Won't Make You Immortal

But it might give you cancer.

Oak Ridge - You Have A Problem

Help your teachers support science.  C'mon you're Oak Ridge!

S. Korea Has Nuclear Power & A Headache

Its waste.

Gundersen Babbles On Again

The "Chief Engineer" of an anti-nuclear power charity who does no engineering, just propaganda:

A Poor Umbrella Is Better Than Nothing

In blocking UV radiation.

Climate Change & W(h)ining

Climate change will open new opportunities for wine in some areas, but it will also be problematic in traditional wine growing regions.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Cancer Cluster Or Chance?

Here's a decent piece in Slate that describes what epidemiology is all about...not fooling oneself.

However, the author fails to realize that when epidemiology can't find a statistically meaningful excess, that doesn't mean the underlying molecular biology isn't still happening.


The Rapid Automated BIodosimetry Tool is discussed here.

It really isn't very appropriate for Fukushima because it can only discern damage down to just under 1 Gy.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Two Hours Spent Discussing Nothing

Because it is a fascinating subject:

Speaking Of CPAC & Climate Change

Here's Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) denying global warming because President Obama wore a trench coat during his inaugural address:


Speaking of's a pseudo-movie trailer (there really isn't a movie, it was shown at CPAC to rile the audience). If they really think this way, they are delusional:

The Unbelievers

A movie about nothing (god):

A Brief History Of Climate Science

Very brief.

ND - You Have A Problem

Your lawmakers have defined life as starting at conception.

Life is a continuum, like the weather.  One can't define the start of the weather as occurring at dawn.

Obviously, they want to essentially outlaw abortion which would violate the rights of others who may need one.

Junk Science Blog Is Junk

There's a junk science blog which is in denial over global warming.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Russia - You Have A Problem

Religious people who don't like science.

"I Don't Have A Degree In Science", But.....

One doesn't need a science degree necessarily to understand science.  But it helps.  (She makes a false comparison between "radioactive waste" and contaminated food, lies about the severity of Fukushima relative to Chernobyl, etc.  There is a legal framework for accidents in the U.S., it's call tort liability):

More Caldicott Fearmongering

Just's funny but she doesn't mind getting radiation exposure on her flights between Australia and the U.S....or from standing so close to the reporter...hmmmmm:

Chinese Nuclear Power Accident Highly Probable

By 2030 based on history.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Regressives Build Their Alternate Reality

They label rational, intelligent people as "Progressives".  Well, fair's fair...they are the Regressives.

Here they are lying about global warming.

Genetic Engineering To Fight Cancer

Here's a cool example of genetically modifying T-cells to fight acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Fairewinds Fearmongering

Maybe we should just call them Fearwinds.  They (he) are trying to make the loss of power at Fukushima a potential threat of contamination to the Northern Hemisphere from a spent fuel pool fire.  There isn't enough decay heat to cause a fire.

Here's a description of events associated with the power failure.

How Vaccine Scares Cast A Shadow Over Science

Just because a certain doctor lied about the associations between autism and a particular disease, doesn't mean all negative claims regarding vaccines are false (or true).  Test the claim.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Czech Villagers Embrace Disputed Nuclear Plant

Upgrading the Temelin Plant.

Busby Attacks The ICRP

He's so full of feces, that's he's hilarious.  Of course he's promoting the Yablokov "study" which is no longer published by the New York Academy of Sciences because it sucked (yet Busby says it was peer reviewed):

Kirk Sorensen Doesn't Understand Science

Of course he's trying to sell his thorium-based nuclear reactor so he is compelled to lie about health physics.

At 1:25:30 he says LNT is a theory not based on facts!  HA!  A scientific theory is the best explanation of phenomena that we have based on the facts.  LNT is the theory of low dose radiation effects in regards to cancer. It's not a hypothesis, moron!

Health Physics

A plug by the Health Physics Society:

NASA Looks To Students For Radiation Shielding

For the Orion spacecraft.

A Carrington Event

A cataclysmic solar eruption.

You Go LA!

A repeal effort to toss out an anti-science law.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Here's anti-nuclear activist Karl Grossman masquerading as a Chief Investigative Reporter, covering the groups he supports at Caldicott's recent Fukushima conference.

Cell Mutations Increase With Age

This has long been considered to be the case, and this study strongly supports the notion.

Does IL Have A Nuclear Future?

Don't expect much growth in the near term, maybe if global warming gets bad enough.

He-La Cells Sequenced

The most popular research cell line (from a cervical tumour) has been sequenced...and it's a jumbled mess.

Primary Health Risks Outweigh Long Term Rad Risks

This is a fundamental principle of using radiation in medicine.

A new study shows that this holds true with testicular cancer and CT scans.

Highest Fukushima Contaminated Fish Caught

740 kBq/kg of Cs-137.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Does Radiometric Dating Prove The Earth Is Old?

Yes.  But here's an IDiot that tries to convince who he can, otherwise:

Perhaps he suffers from multiple personality disorder.

Radiation Hormesis Propaganda

Of course! He has products to sell!

I can't embed the video.

New Pope - Will He Sell The Vatican?

Actions speak louder than words.

NASA Starts Making Pu

After a 25 year's used as a power source.

UT Radiotherapy Mishap In Report To Congress

I guess Congress gets a report on these types of incidents, the article doesn't have much detail.

Tracking Cancer - Blood Tests Would Beat Biopsies

Still has a ways to go in order to get approval.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Women Are More Radiosensitive Than Men

This isn't new, but the anti-nuclear group Nuclear Information Resources has decided that it is.

Their contributor asks in the piece, why is this not news?

Because it's not.

Breast Cancer Radiotherapy Can Still Harm Hearts

Though the risks are lower than in decades past thanks to technology.

University Embraces IDiots

The teaching of intelligent design as science.

"Radiation Superstition"

A guest post by another health physics denier on the blog Atomic Ideologies Insights.

36% Of Americans Wrong On Fukushima

They say they think its radioactivity caused significant harm to U.S.

NRC Chairwoman Emphasized Preparing For The Unknown

Because predictions are tough.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fukushima - 2 Years On

Nuclear Fusion - "The Perfect Energy Source"

The Sun's been doing it for awhile.

Radiation Used To Treat Some Skin Cancers

But not melanoma.

Reminder: Today's Entertainment

Caldicott's Fukushima conference continues today starting at 9:00 EDT.

It was fun yesterday, because somehow Dr. David Brenner got invited to speak on radiation risks.  He was a great embarrassment for the conference because he told the truth.  That the risks are low.  That's not what they wanted to hear!

Fukushima Radiation Less Deadly Than Feared

An op-ed by Dr. Robert P. Gale and Eric Lax describing the WHO Health Risks report (see link, upper right hand side of this webpage).

U.S. Nuke Energy Support Fizzles


But not everywhere.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Surprise! Forests Around Fukushima Are Contaminated

That's what one expects after some reactors meltdown.  The story of the suicide is sad (though we don't really know that the accident was the primary motivator).  The entire society failed at planning for a nuclear accident.

States Must Play Role In Hanford's Waste

Another op-ed.  Somehow, I just don't think any states care about Hanford's waste with the exception of WA.

What Should The Tennessee Valley Learn From Fukushima?

A pro-renewable op-ed which exaggerates the health effects from Fukushima.

U.S. Nuke Plants Safer Post-Fukushima

According to the NRC.

Aspirin Reduces Melanoma Risk

By reducing inflammation.

More Fukushima's Waste Accumulation

Like the waste itself, news reports keep accumulating.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The HPS Doesn't Like HP Science

So if you read my last post, you read my email to the HPS Web Editor.  He replied.  I'm not going to post his full response, but I will post one sentence in full context:

"You will note that HPS declares only a limited endorsement of LNT."

The Health Physics Society Pays Tribute To A HP Denier

The HPS has published a document called, "Radiation And Risk: Expert Perspectives".


Fukushima Radiation Fears

Split families and cause stress.

This quote is why I stress to folks to follow the scientific consensus on any subject:

"Different people say different things, and that adds to my stress. I don't know whom to trust."

Power Plants & Newspapers

Will energy renewables do to centralized power plants, what personal computers did to centralized newspaper?

Reducing Colorectal Cancer Risk

How?  Described here.

Protein Can Be Cancer Promoter Or Suppressor

Depending on circumstances.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Radiation Hormesis Is Poop 3

With Wade Allison.  I've just started watching this, and the first fallacy comes in at about 2:00 where he compares deaths from nuclear reactor accidents to deaths from coal mining.  The appropriate comparison is uranium mining deaths to coal mining deaths.  I'll catch back up when I have a chance:

Radiation Hormesis Is Poop 2

I just saw this bullshit video:

Radiation Hormesis Is Poop

The bullshitter founder of radiation hormesis was a guy named T.D. Luckey.  In perpetuating his claim he compared radiation hormesis to homeopathy.

CTCA Plays With Statistics

That would be the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Hardly, shocking since they promote such quackery as "naturopathic medicine".

Flooding Complicates Fukushima Cleanup

400 metric tons of groundwater PER DAY!

Global Temps Highest In 4,000 Years

Coastal real estate should be cheap!

And higher than about  75% of the last 11,300 years.

Get Your Colonoscopy Screening

If you're age 50 or older.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Increase Kids' Skin Cancer Risks To Avoid A Drag On The Economy

That's the argument being made against proposed suntanning bed legislation in OR.

Payback Time!

Locusts invade Israel after plaguing Egypt!

And just before Passover (a celebration of the 10 plagues of the Old Testament)!

Good to know that certain locusts are kosher!

Sometimes I Wish I Was An IDRS Member

That's the International Hormesis Dose-Response Society.  Why?  Because some of titles of their pseudo-scientific papers sound like they'd be fun to read.  Like this one in their current publication:

""Alternative Medicine Techniques have Non-Linear Effects on Radiation Response and can Alter the Expression of Radiation Induced Bystander Effects "

Sounds Entertaining, But No Thanks!

Intelligent design science seminars.  A gathering of IDiots.

Since I'm feeling very musical...Music please, Maestro:

Big Jump In CO2

2.67 ppm in 2012.

"Creation Scientist" Is Dead

Duane T. Gish.  Here's an old video of him debating Ian Plimer in a church, so the audience is pretty anti-science.  Gish had made the point (not in the video) that evolution is "just a theory".  That's the same ignorance one hears about LNT in health physics.  Plimer tries to counter with the theory of electricity, but the audience doesn't buy it.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Higgs Hunt

Almost there....

They are sticking to Richard Feinman's first principle: "The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool".

SRS MOX Project Looking Good

According to the NRC.

Hanford Waste To Go To WIPP?

That's the plan.

Welcome Ben!

Ben is a commenter on YouTube and wrote:

"And we're in the thick! I truly appreciate a substantive discussion. This is where I believe the conversation should be. What is the rate, then, of mutation accumulation? LNT-logic would produce a far-greater number than a non-linear low-dose response, which (while incredibly noisy data) epidemiology of higher env. background level populations seems to support. (It's so noisy, though, that I'm not advocating abandoning LNT as a regulatory tool. But I want to know what the reality is.) More data!"

New Most Whacko HP Denial Of The Month!

Ok, I know I just posted one yesterday, but this is hilarious.  It's about a Russian couple who are "pulled" to ionizing radiation and use it as food!

Japanese Reporters Visit Fukushima

And write about it.  The first 5 minutes of this video include one of the reporters (unfortunately the uploader  edited the video with comments):

American Particle Physicists Feeling Left Behind

Because the U.S. isn't making particle physics investments.

Experience Can Mean Survival

This study shows that getting treated for certain cancers at hospitals with more treatment experience increases one's survival chances.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Japan's "Long War" To Shutdown Fukushima

Is described here.

Hanford Cuts Deep


More On Utah Radwaste Legislation

I've posted on it before, here's more.

Shocking! - Conca Won't Answer Question

I had a post yesterday about an HP denial blog on Forbes by James Conca.  He was basically demeaning the scientific theory of LNT.

In the comments I asked:

Most Whacko HP Denial Comment Of The Month

Maybe of all, I've heard some strange stuff.

I'm referring to a comment in the blog I mentioned in my previous post.

In Which Atomic Ideologies & The Weather Channel Get HP Wrong

We've seen Rod Adams' blog Atomic Ideologies Insights get health physics wrong before (just search my blog).  Today he has a post which includes a video from The Weather Channel:

The NYT Covers The WHO Fukushima Health Risks Report

Here.  You can read the report by following the link on the right hand side of this webpage.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Conca Spreading Anti-HP Nonsense Again

In the scientific journal, Forbes.

Hanford - A Look Back At A Facility With Fresh Leaks

From 60 Minutes Overtime.

Till Spanks Alvarez

I mentioned that Alvarez's recent SRS report was probably flawed.

I wouldn't even waste my time reading it.

But John Till has.

If you are interested in radiological risk assessment then I highly recommend this book by Till et al.

Japan's HLW Issues

Sound very familiar:

More Must Be Done To Ease Fukushima Radiation Concerns

According to this Japanese newspaper's editorial, which does a good job explaining the recent WHO health risks report (see right hand side of this webpage).

"A Town Torn Apart"

A Japanese documentary on a town just north of Fukushima:

Friday, March 1, 2013

Crowd Sourcing A Cancer Cure

Stealing the idea from astronomy, but let's hope it's successful.

Improbable Things Happen

All the this sinkhole which swallowed a man.


Is the National Cancer Institute's radiation cancer risk assessment tool.

Budget Cuts Could Delay DoE Site Cleanups

The cuts are expected to take effect today.

They Aren't Skeptics, They're Deniers

And though this latest research should convince them of anthropogenic global warming, most will remain in denial.   There hasn't been a "natural" cause of global warming identified, the only cause which fits is human generated CO2.

Third Radiation Belt Discovered

Which surrounds our planet.  Courtesy of the Van Allen Probes.