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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Velscope

Uses blue light to ascertain oral problems during a visit to the dentist.

Is It Safe? Fukushima's Contamination Of Western U.S.

The article provides the answer, so why is the headline a question?

Speaking Of Scientific Ethics

This piece on genetically modified foods is timely.

Obligations Of Scientists

Here's an easy to read piece on scientific ethics.

Those people with science degrees who write op-eds, blogs, etc. to convince the general public that the scientific consensus is wrong are behaving unethically.

In regards to the science of health physics there are fear-mongers (take Dr. Helen Caldicott for example) and doubt-mongers (take Dr. Wade Allison for example).  Rather than overturning the scientific consensus with evidence, which is what honest, objective scientists do, they write books or have webpages to convince the general public to their point of view.  And they write books and/or accept donations.

Honest, objective scientists may also have blogs, webpages and/or write books, but they teach the general public what the scientific consensus is and why.

It is vital that you recognize the difference.

The Artist Formerly Known As 281 Antinuke

Is now known as 281, as he stickers up Japan.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Typhoons Spread Fukushima Contamination


A Minor Exorcism In Illinois

Pinch me....what year is it?

Texas Hereos

There was a "controversy" over evolutionary biology in Texas textbooks, which was won by the pro-science folks (applause!).  The National Center for Science Education has uploaded some of the final talks on their YouTube channel.

A Nation Of Science Deniers

It wasn't always this way, America (from last month):

Japan Considers Increased Spending On Fukushima H2O Treatment

By about an addition $100M.

What Does An ICRP Symposium Look Like?

The International Commission on Radiological Protection is concerned with advancing for the public's benefit, the science of radiological protection.  They recently held a symposium in the UAE.  Here's a link to some of the presentations.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

World Bank Won't Fund Nuclear Power

Too political.

No, I'd Rather Stick A Fork In My Eye

Than attend this science denial orgy.

Genome Instability & Mutation

Here's a nice overview in a blog by a molecular biologist, though the hyperlinks didn't seem to work.

IPCC Climate Change Video

Very well done.

U.S. CH4 Emissions May Be Higher Than Thought

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, and a recent study revises previous emission estimates.

Unwarranted Fear Of Hanford's Leaking Tank

An op-ed by someone who was apparently there.

Though there has always been fear-mongering regarding Hanford, his bringing up a study from 1987 isn't very convincing.  Makes him seem out of touch.

Pseudo-epidemiologist Mangano Gets Press Coverage

Which is what he wants, of course.

He should study the Bradford-Hill criteria for causation, but then, he's not an epidemiologist.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Radiation Info

A host of radiation related topics is discussed here.

Fukushima Porn

Removal of spent fuel from #4 spent fuel pool.

All About Adam

The Economist has a piece on creationism.  There is no scientific debate.

Detecting Neutrinos In Ice

Extra-galactic neutrinos....brrrr.

Spent Fuel Is Pretty Safe

In the U.S., concludes the NRC, though some see things otherwise.

Anti-Nukes Commission Report From Anti-Nuke

And it's anti-nuke.  Shocking.

Fukushima - No Worries

For anyone in the U.S.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Improving U & Pu Detection In Waste Water

Using graphene oxide with an attached carbonyl group (C=O)  to attract and capture the U & Pu.

Drug To Reduce Radiation Induced Cancer

It's in the class of drugs called synthetic triterpenoids, and it seems to reduce cancer induction in mice exposed to radiation.  It's interesting that mice with fractionated doses had a higher risk of cancer, than those receiving the same dose at one time.  That is the opposite of what would be expected, but there is no elaboration on that issue.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Climate Change Warriors: It's Time To Go Nuclear

The easiest thing (if not for selfishness) would be to reduce consumption.  At their current ability to generate power, renewable power sources have a tough time beating nuclear.

Radiation Therapy Complication Can Be Treated Years Later

If it's soft tissue radiation injury.

DeNiAr At Forbes

James Conca has a history of being a health physics denier (DeNiAr).  He hadn't engaged in it much recently, but he's back at it. I won't address his main point which is the high compensation levels given to refugees.  There are many facets to that he doesn't touch on.

He also states, "No one in Japan or anywhere else will get cancer because of Fukushima".

He doesn't know that.  He can't know that.

That's propaganda.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Nice Bod1!

It is a protein which has been identified as being critical to cancer growth.

Radiation Health Effects

Here's a pretty good video, though it has its faults (like "mino" acid chains).  The audio is a bit ghoulish, just in time for Halloween:

Where's The Beef?

Some people didn't like the NRC's spent fuel environmental study, but they didn't provide any facts to substantiate their criticisms.  Unless the reporter failed to report them.

Shocking! Global Warming Denial In Forbes!

Not really if you've followed this blog at all.  Forbes provides an outlet for anyone to claim anything regardless of facts.  So here's another pile of bull.