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Friday, September 18, 2015

How Climate Change Deniers Sound To Normal People

I Guess SARI Wasn't Good Enough!

SORRY SARI is (or was) the cult trying to convince whoever they can that radiation doesn't cause DNA damage (which leads to an increased risk of cancer).

It is (or was) a resurrection of an older group called Radiation, Health and Science.

They have petitioned the U.S. EPA, the White House, and the U.S. if science is done by petition!

 So now they've manufactured, via Survey Monkey!, XLNT.

Well, that changes everything!  I'm really convinced now....that you're a bunch of morons.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Beyond Nuclear Is Beyond Credible

They point out that the U.S. NRC built a building they found they didn't need.

Yeah, it's tough to plan for the future accurately, it's a lot easier to manufacture criticism.

But then to link that circumstance to not funding the nuclear plant cancer study (hey morons, they're trying to save money in part BECAUSE they built the building!!!) is absurd.

But it seems Paul Gunter is a clairvoyant....he knows there are elevated cancer rates even though the study has been cancelled!

Crowd Sourcing Radiation Detector

Pairs with smartphone.

Who Opens A Rx Next To A Volcano?


Thursday, September 10, 2015

NASA Needs Pu-238

To power its missions.

Fukushima On Vice

Here's an episode that does the standard fear mongering routine:

7 Atoms Isn't A "Trace" Amount?

Arnie Gundersen fearmongering.  At a about 8:00 he discusses the "beginning of the onslaught" of Fukushima radioactivity which was detected at a concentration of 7 Bq/m3.  He wouldn't call that concentration "trace", though any honest, objective person would.  

He goes on to discuss the massive coverup associated with some radioactive dust that he tries to push as leading to 100,000 to one million cancer cases from the accident.  He denigrates "scientists", but then highlights a study he helped fund.  One by Dr. Marco Kaltofen.  That "study" was done in partial fulfillment of his PhD degree, so he wasn't a PhD when he did it.  And what degree was he pursuing? A degree in Civil Engineering!  And who helped fund his study?  Fairewinds Energy!

Politicians Debating Global Warming

The most striking climate change sculpture you'll ever see.

Oil-Rich Kuwait Does Solar

In a big way.

Homo naledi & Homo IDiot

Bones have been discovered in South Africa which appear to belong to a newly discovered group of pre-Homo sapiens, named Homo naledi.

Meanwhile, a lawyer with the Discovery Institute, an IDiot (Intelligent Design marketer) struggles to convince whomever he can that humans didn't evolve from primate ancestors.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

U.S. NRC Terminates NAS Cancer Studies

Due to costs and time.  Smart move in my opinion.

Karl Grossman Responds To SARI LNT Petition

He's an anti-nuclear activist, but thanks to SARI's petition, he has more anti-nuclear power ammo.

Chernobyl Porn


New Insight On DNA Repair

Involves the protein 53BP1.

Oh, wait a minute....the research was done at Rockefeller University....must be a conspiracy against nuclear power!

Can Towns Around Fukushima Recover?

Take Naraha for example.

Immunosuppression When Treating Skin Cancer With Radiotherapy

It can make the radiotherapy a waste of resources.

"Evolution Is A Myth"

Something you might expect to hear from some Southern, uneducated, white, red-neck.

Nope, that quote is from the number two Republican Presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson.

GW Denier Patrick Michaels Affiliated With Tobacco Denial

Isn't it ironic, that groups with names like "Sound Science" or "Accurate Radiation Information" are the ones who are unsound and inaccurate?  Did you notice that Marshall Institute founders S. Fred Singer and Frederick Seitz were also affiliated with this group?

Upcoming Hurricane Season To Remain Permanent!


Pu Is Unsung Concession In Iran Nuclear Deal

Described here.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

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