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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fukushima Poses Serious Threat To U.S. & Canada?

Depends on how one defines serious threat.  By most traditional definitions, it does NOT.

Safer Nuclear Fuels

Because zirconium alloy cladding is just so old fashioned.

DeNiAr Joins Heartburn Institute

Jerry Cuttler is a health physics denier (or DeNiAr).  He has written a piece of crap of propaganda for the global warming denial cult called the Heartland Institute (they give me heartburn).

Antarctic Sea Ice Is Growing

Therefore global warming is a hoax.



But Forbes Wasn't Done

"Contributing" to global warming denial.  Larry Bell rounds out the 3 stooges (with Taylor & Michaels):

VA Republicans - Stupid On GW

The Republican party is anti-science, at least in VA.

Forbes "Contributors" Spewing GW Pseudo-Science

There's Patrick Michaels and James Taylor spreading propaganda to foment doubt about global warming.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pilots Are Occupational Radiation Workers

They get more radiation than the general public, as a result of their occupation.

Radioactive Waste: Where To Put It?

Geophysical considerations as well as political.

Atheists Can't Be Republicans

I don't know why they would want to be.

But they should be more politically active.

TX Creationist Circus

It's hard to believe that this nonsense takes place in 2013, but it does.  I'm referring to biology teaching standards in Texas.  Here's anti-biologist (creationist) Don McLeroy addressing the Board of Education.

Many other speakers (mostly pro-science) were captured on film and they can be seen at the National Center for Science Education's YouTube page.

Cancer Myths Debunked

A few, anyway.

De Facto Mini HLW Sites

Are what commercial reactor sites have become, with Illinois winning.

Fukushima Anti-Radiation Underwear

Is a rip-off.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Helen Caldicott Still Selling Nonsense

This is from about a month ago.  I only listened to the first few minutes where Caldicott fear-mongers about Fukushima's #4 spent fuel pool catching fire if it were to collapse.  That simply isn't true.  After 6 months of decay that becomes impossible.  But Caldicott keeps repeating this lies, unaware of radioactive decay. 

Or is she aware?:

Hanford Tank Progress

Is slow, but coming along.

Radiation Can Pose Bigger Cancer Risk For Children

Depending on the cancer type and other circumstances.

The full report is here.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fear vs. Radiation

The mismatch.  The author fails to acknowledge that there are certain people who stoke fear intentionally for their own gain.

Stating The Obvious

Short term gratification is an obstacle to battling climate change.

127 Repeatedly Mutated Genes

Drive many of our cancers.

Reality Check

Here's a free preview of the book about science deniers and how they threaten our future.

Life On Earth Is Not A Fluke

Of course not.  Molecules respond to forces, primarily the electromagnetic force.

Wasteful TRU Waste Facility

What's a few millions of dollars?

Rain Responsible For Fukushima Rad Spikes

It washes contaminated dirt around.

Music please, Maestro:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Banning Tanning Beds

Because they increase cancer risk.

But Wait....There's More

Tritium at Catawba.

Urologists Behaving Badly

Profiting from radiation treatments.

How Superstition Works

If only it would get laid off.

Small Tritium Spill

At Catawba.

$9M Needed To Fight HLW Site

That would be Yucca Mountain and the state's budget shortfall.

Fukushima Update

Lots of contaminated soil.

Here's more.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Don't Not Have Sex!

Is It Possible To Believe In God & Science?

Obviously the answer is "yes", since there are many people who do.

But when their reasons for believing in god, are usually poor reasons.

The "beauty of the scientific laws" is not a good reason to believe in Christianity (a Jewish zombie deity).

And The Winner Is.....

Indian Point, for the most NRC violations. Or should I have said "Loser"?


Or "gross beta activity" of Fukushima H2O is above limits.

Why Stop With GW Denial?

Another right wing, Forbes "contributor" is pushing BPA denial.  She's trying to downplay the relative risk (RR) of 1.83.  That is a high RR.  It means the risk is almost twice (83% higher) than what one would expect!

More GW Denial

Because if one continues to lie over and over again, some people may start to accept the lies as the truth.

That is Larry Bell's strategy at Forbes.

Monday, October 21, 2013

American Nuclear Society & Big Tobacco

Like to lie to kids.


This Partly Explains The Continuing Rise Of Science Denial

The lack of good science journalists.

Solar Cells To Get Much Cheaper

Thanks to new technology.

Epigenetics Linked To Cancer

Cancer risk isn't just associated with DNA mutations.

Nope - Coyne Was Right

Here are a couple of Christian apologists who criticize biologist Jerry Coyne for pointing out that science and religion are not compatable.  Their arguments are sloppy because they are religidiots.  Let's take this:

Japan Delaying Cleanup Of Towns

Around Fukushima.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

L.A. Times Gets It Right On Climate Change Deniers

They won't publish their factually inaccurate letters.

Applause, applause....Music please, Maestro:

Speaking Of Thyroid Cancer

It's on the rise.

IAEA To Monitor Fukushima Seawater

Working with Japan.

ANS - Still Lying To Kids

Over a month ago, I tried to contact the American Nuclear Society over the errors in this webpage:

A month ago today, I received a commitment from them that it would be corrected.

Yet a month has gone by with no edits.  We're only talking about a few paragraphs!

(I've sent the Officers a friendly reminder.)

The War On Thinking

Apparently a new propaganda tool  documentary distributed by IDiots (Intelligent Design proponents who don't like the science of biology), called the The War On Humans:

Music please, Maestro (yeah, I've played this one a bunch):

Two New Thyroid Cancer Weapons

Thyroid cancers are a concern following a nuclear reactor accident due to the emission of radioactive iodine, which concentrates in the thyroid.  Now there may be two new treatments for those who get thyroid cancer whether from a nuclear accident or not.

Nuclear Power & Energy Markets

A good overview.

Do Microwaves Cause Cancer?

Um, no.

Fukushima - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Spiking seawater contamination levels.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pat, You're Lying

Telling his "stories" about various body parts regenerating.   I'm reminded of this website, which makes the point that god never seems to perform real miracles. 

Doctors Behaving Badly

Study shows that a single radiation therapy treatment for bone pain is just as effective as multiple smaller treatments.  Why do multiple smaller treatments?  Revenue.

More GW Denial

From Larry Bell at Forbes.

I Didn't Realize This Was Contentious

Sunscreens protect against skin cancer.

It's A Bird...It's A Plane...It's....

A radiation detector.

Science Wonk Falls For Pseudo-Science

Someone named Dr. Y with the Federation of American Scientists has fallen for the propaganda of Ed Calabrese.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Now That's ALARA!

Any professional dealing with radiation and radioactive materials is focused on keeping radiation exposures As Low As Reasonably Achievable. The folks at John Hopkins Children Center have hit grand slam!

BSU Dealing With IDiots

I'm sure they prefer not to.

Why Homeopathy Is Brain Dead Crazy

And it was the basis for radiation hormesis which is also brain dead crazy.

Radiation, Science & Stupidity

Wade Allison is back at it (see Oct 3 entry).

"It's Like A Laurel And Hardy Movie..."

Except its a nuclear site.

The U.S. Govt Shutdown Has REAL Implications

I'm not just talking about its effect on the economy, I'm talking about people's lives.

Another Fukushima Tank Leak

With so many over so much time, expect more leaks.

Radioactivity Is Fracking's Legacy

At least part of it, as radium is brought to the surface.