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Monday, May 19, 2014

An Appropriate GW Debate

Human Evolution Not Over

Of course not.

Fukushima Nose Bleed

Comic book style.

Wade Allison - More DeNiAl

On a DeNiAlist website.

Conca - Doesn't Understand Basic Science

He's a DeNiAr who "contributes" to Forbes.  See the comment section.

The linear-no-threshold (LNT) theory is a theory (an explanation) of how radiation leads to cancer.

It is based on a number of tested hypotheses (facts) such as the energy required to damage DNA, the study of A-bomb survivors, etc.  LNT as a hypothesis, is tested in each of those studies.

LNT is also a model...a model of reality based on the facts at hand, and a mathematical model in that we can use the risk estimates estimated for the A-bomb survivors and apply them to other cohorts, knowing that we may have to revise those estimates based on underlying cancer incidence.

Conca claims evolution is a fact.  Really?  I don't see dinosaurs evolving into birds.  Evolution is a theory (an explanation) based upon a number of observable facts (like fossils, genetics, etc.).  We can test evolutionary hypotheses, like the genetic similarity between chimps and humans.  But that doesn't make evolution a fact, it makes the genetic similarity a fact.

That fact (tested hypothesis) adds to our theoretical framework of evolution.  If we couldn't perform a genetic test due to lack of technology, then the hypothesis would be meaningless, but our theory would still be evolution, based on other tested hypotheses.

Wyoming - You Have A Problem


Cats Are Always The Answer?

Even in regards to warning future generations about nuclear waste?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wyoming - What The Fuck?

Rejecting science standards????

Bill, I Feel Your Frustration

With science deniers (watch the video).

Studying Endogenous DNA Damage

A common trope of DeNiArs is that DNA is damaged more than 30.000 times a day by endogenous damage.

Therefore, so the stupidity goes, radiation doses pale in comparison, and just ignore them.

That's dumb for several reasons, arithmetic being one.  Add 2 positive numbers together and the sum is bigger than either starting number.  Damage plus more damage, is greater damage.

Endogenous damage occurs via chemical reactions in the eV to 100's of eV range of energy.

Ionizing radiation is in the 1,000 eV to over 1,000,000 eV range.

President Obama Discusses Climate Change

The dumb, white guy is from the Cato Institute.

The Animals Of Chernobyl

A video.

No Ocean-Borne Fukushima Contamination

Off the U.S. west coast, in kelp.

Head Heartburn Imbecile

Doubt mongering global warming.