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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hermann J. Muller - UnBEARable MUDslinging

Manufactured Uncertainty & Doubt or MUD is being slung against Hermann J. Muller, the great geneticist.

I know from whom it originated, but I won't do the person the honor of even mentioning his name.

Basically, the MUD goes like this:

Thursday, June 26, 2014

President Obama Spanks Republican Science Deniers

Because global warming is a liberal thinking!

No, You're Not Anyone's Friend

Friends Of Science, global warming deniers.

Win $10,000!

Just prove global warming isn't happening (a hoax).

I'll make the same bet against anyone who can prove LNT is a hoax.

To Deny The Deniers

Champion the cause of science.

Fukushima Demonstrations

Include TEPCO shareholders.

Speed Of Light Slower Than c?


Cancer: The Roots Of Evil Go Deep In Time

Another study confirming the tie between evolution and human cancer.

The Study That Helped Spur The U.S. Non-Smoking Movement

Hammond & Horn, 1952-1955.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Doubt Monger Spanks Fear Mongers

That would be DeNiAr, James Conca in the scholarly radiation biology journal, Forbes.

It's nice he didn't engage in too much doubt mongering, but he can't claim with certainty that no one has or likely will die from Fukushima radiation.  It is more certain that we'll never know who dies of cancer at least in part due to Fukushima radiation.

Global Warming Denial In The WA Times

Paid for by the Cato Institute.

3-D Mammography

May be better than the traditional 2-D.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Is Nuclear Power Ever Coming Back?

Time (and market conditions) will tell.

New concepts like solar roadways will be in the mix.

Will The Anti-Science Republicans Listen?

To Hank Paulson on global warming?

A Health Physicist DeNiAr

Not an outspoken DeNiAr type, but he lacks some understanding:

American Nuclear Society Is Corrupt

For allowing science denial propaganda to be posted in its name.

He May As Well Search For Santa Claus At The N. Pole

Looking for Noah's Ark.

Kidnapped For Christ

Because Jeebzus loves you.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Spreading DeNiAl

By Robert Hargraves who gets one of his first sentences right (regarding politicizing science).

Other than that he makes the same tired old arguments that have been rebuffed many times in the past.

Cosmos v The Religious Right

Or should they be called the Religious Wrong?

No, Vermont Yankee

There's a pro-nuclear power, DeNiAl blog called Yes, Vermont Yankee.  I won't link to it, but I was allowed one comment before I was ex-communicated.

It's amazing how some people are compelled to shutdown criticism, whereas I find the brightest people welcome it.

What made the great original nuclear scientists great, is they welcomed criticism and asked one another to find flaws in their thinking.  Pro-nuclear power bloggers, not so much.

Indoor Tanning Linked To Cancer


Friday, June 20, 2014

"I'm Not A Scientist, But...."

"I'm a Redumblican!"

Radiation & Cancer Risk

A webinar by RERF.

The Template For Science Denial

It's not "unfair or unbalanced" to put up with science deniers.  It's a lack of desire to deal with morons:

Black Church, Inc.

The same is true of white churches, of course:

ANS Blogger Weakly Attempts DeNiAl

"Low dose radiation health effects—or more accurately, the lack thereof—is an overriding issue. From discussion: Is it really the case that one can add up all radiation exposure throughout a lifetime and extrapolate some health effect from that number?"

From here.

If the author thinks science denial will help push nuclear power forward, he should see how well that strategy worked out for the tobacco industry.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Conca Is Giving Me Gas

James Conca (health physicist wannabe) "contributed" to Forbes with a bit of nonsense which tries to make it look like the EPA is crazy for wanting to regulate Kr-85.  It's all political!

What he doesn't seem to realize is that the EPA's responsible for developing federal radiation protection guidance.  This was a responsibility of the now defunct Federal Radiation Council.

The EPA already regulates Kr-85 in 40CFR190.10(b).

And the expected rulemaking Conca is whining about states, that "Without the operation of a reprocessing plant(s),there is little likelihood of exceeding the existing standards for the fissionproducts krypton-85 and iodine-129." (See page 11 of 19 of the Federal Register link provided by Conca).

If you read the entire FR link, the pending rulemaking is due to outdated methodologies and broader issues. It certainly isn't all about Kr-85.

Classic GW Science Denial Propaganda

Courtesy of the scholarly science journal Forbes.

Cellphone Radiation A Sperm Drag?

It's possible, but with no known underlying mechanism, not probable.

Orient Needs Some Orientation

Jane Orient is with the radical Libertarian Doctors for Disaster Preparedness.  She promotes hormesis.

Indian Point's Tritium Problem

And the NRC's regulatory problem (Lochbaum will always find a nuclear power problem).

Real Time Imaging Of DNA Repair

Very cool!  DNA Porn!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Stupid

It burns, Congressman Gohmert.

Cancer Cells Do It

The quick and dirty way.

Cancer Stat Fact Sheets

Courtesy of the National Cancer Institute.

Speaking Of Hanford...

Ok, WIPP had been the topic, but here's a piece on Hanford.

Will Fracking Cause A Problem At WIPP?

I think calling it a "nuclear disaster" is way over-the-top, but fracking could have unintended consequences.

Suspect LANL Waste In TX

I wouldn't call it mysterious, but...

Here's a nice overview of what happened.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Those Sorry (SARI) DeNiArs

A "new" (not really new, same tired, old arguments of the past decades) op-ed.

Hey, morons, how about some physical evidence instead of rhetoric?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Denial -1984

This could have been written yesterday by the DeNiArs.


Helen Caldicott, fear-monger, on a show called One Plus One:

Nuclear Power Plants Fueling Cancer In The U.S.!

It's Janette Sherman, accomplice to Joe Mangano, just drawing any old conclusions she wants, as long as they relate to nuclear power is killing everyone!

Science Denial - It Isn't Funny

Though, Samantha Bee got me giggling.

Fukushima Ice Wall Begins

I wonder what the unintended consequences will be.

Using Radiation To Help Solve Wine Fraud

I'll drink to that!

Radon Is Good For You!

No, it's not, but here's a 1986 article reporting it may be.

Denial - 1982

Because I'm going through old tobacco litigation records.

Denial -1993

Much the same as today's denial.

This makes it very incriminating.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Old Belle Newsletter

The Belle Newsletter is manufactured by LNT DeNiArs and I became aware of it a couple of years ago.

I didn't realize they've been at it this long.

Tobacco & Radiation

My last post compelled me to look through some old tobacco litigation documents.  This one is particularly interesting because what was seen as new findings in health physics (they were bogus) were being advanced to support tobacco safety.

Atomic Ideologies Attacking LNT Again

I won't even provide a link today, but DeNiAr Rod Adams has a post on his blog regarding a medical regime from the 1970's!  It involved irradiating people, but was discontinued due to the increased probability of causing cancer.  And this is 2014!