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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Evangelicals Understand Marketing

Temper rhetoric on homosexuality.

VA U Mining P2



Molecular Machinary Collisions Contribute To Cancer

One is associated with DNA duplication and the other with RNA transcription.

Oh, So That's How You Contain Nuclear Fusion Plasma

Ultra-thin lithium coating on graphite reactor walls.

Next Generation CT Scanner

Improves image quality with about 1/3 of the radiation dose.

The North Wins Again!

Most "Bible-Minded" Cities are in the South!

Some Californians Don't Want Pu

At Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

French Doctors Get Jail Time

We've been following this.

Looks like they were found guilty.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Expect them, regardless of whether surgery and/or radiation was used.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Boy Scouts Of America Deciding On Whether To Be Bigoted Or Not

In regards to accepting gay members.

They also don't accept atheists.

If You Live On The U.S. Coast, You Will Encounter Climate Change Effects

And they are described here.

Groundwater Fate & Climate Change

It isn't pretty.

Chris Busby Is A Comedian

He tries to act like a sincere person of science, but it's all show:

Reminder - "The Revisionaries" Airs Tonight

On PBS's Independent Lens series.

Atomic Ideologies Promotes Psychic's Perspective

On the history of the regulation of nuclear power.

It's obvious that Rod Adams has a bromance with Ted Rockwell, but fails to mention Rockwell is also a psychic.

And sadly Adams promotes the pseudo-science associated with last year's ANS meeting.

That's anti-science propaganda.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Penn Jillette's Bullshit Detector

Dollars For Deniers

Big Oil funds climate science denialism.

U.S. Falling Behind In Overall Health

Compared with 16 other high-income countries.

Though the report doesn't state this, I think the reason is due to the higher stratification between rich and poor in the U.S. coupled with our lack of public health services.  The U.S. rich probably would compare favorably against the other countries, but it's those in poverty who are suffering the most.

U.S. Presidents Should Not Swear In On A Bible

Nor should anyone else holding public office.

The History Of Indian Point Rx's

Is described here.

N. Hampshire - You Have Improvement

In Keene.  They have a new linear accelerator for cancer treatment which delivers less radiation dose faster.

Arizona - You Have A Problem

In the continuing assault by the IDiots (Intelligent Design followers).

Do something about this!

U.S. Cancer Rates Drop

Overall, but still more work to do.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

"Future Generations Will Be Roasted, Toasted, Fried, & Grilled"

If more urgent action isn't taken on climate change according to the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde.

Tumor's Low pH Helps Promote Cell Invasion

The low ph is a byproduct of a low oxygen microenvironment.

Missouri - You Have A Problem

With Intelligent Design proselytizers (IDiots).

Do something about it!

Radiation Hormesis Is Rubbish Too!

As is homeopathy.  But people support nonsense anyway (see the comments in the article).

Epigenetics & Cancer

Epigenetics plays a role in at least some cancers, as this study found in prostate cancer.

Global Warming May Be Less Extreme

According to one study, but it's premature to say that it is conclusive.

New Mutations Found Which Drive Melanoma

What makes the find particularly interesting is that the DNA mutations are in the non-protein coding region.

Don't Drink The Fracking Wastewater

Here's an article about a guy who is sick and thinks his illness is associated with fracking wastewater.  The article informs us that the EPA limit for radium in drinking water is 5 pCi/l and that the wastewater average radioactivity concentration is 8,433 pCi/l.

Don't drink the frackin' wastewater.

Pandora's Promise

A documentary due out later this year, which will highlight some environmentalists who switched from anti-nuclear power to pro-nuclear power:

Ex-TEPCO Chairman Quizzed Over Negligence

That will be difficult to prove.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

TEPCO Could Argue That It Will Dilute The Existing Contamination

If they dump decontaminated water into the ocean.  HA!

Japan Faces Second Nuclear Shutdown

Since Fukushima.

PA DEP To Conduct Rad Study

From oil and gas drilling.

New Class Of DNA Damage Prone Regions

Traditionally called Common Fragile Sites, a new-found region is called Early Replication Fragile Sites.

This Should Make The Anti-Vaxxers' Heads Spin

The anti-vaxxers are a group of morons who claim vaccines cause autism.  Most of the hype came from the discredited Dr. Andrew Wakefield.  But Wakefield's demise hasn't stopped the movement.

Now there's a study showing autism is a genetic disease.  How many times will their heads spin?

That's Jenny McCarthy...anti-vaxxer.

How Much Will Tar Sands Oil Add To Global Warming?

About 14% over traditional oil.

Contaminated Japanese Fish

I mentioned a recent "whopper" previously.  HuffPo has more, including an embedded video.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Women's Equality Isn't All That's It's Cracked Up To Be

When the issue is lung cancer risk.

More Rad Waste Disposal Units Underway At SRS

Saltstone Disposal Units.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect

I come across it often, but didn't know the name.

Most U.S. Research Chimps To Be Retired

Good for our cousins.

ATP Synthase Exists, So An Intelligent Designer Exists

It's those cherry-picking whackos at the Discovery Institute making stuff up on ATP synthase:

Hey, what about cancer, warts, myopia, encephalitis, cleft palate, and on and on?

Some intelligent design.

"The Revisionaries" On PBS

It's a documentary about the Texas anti-evolutionary school board headed by right-wing dentist Don McLeroy.

Here is a trailer:

Nanoparticles Used To Kill Cancer Cells

They have "hearts of gold".

An Early Nuclear Warning

On station black outs in the U.S.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Monthly Heat Records Have Increased Fivefold

Thank you CO2.

Conca & Lack Of Integrity (Science & Jurisprudence)

Science is a process of acquiring knowledge, jurisprudence of acquiring justice, both of which benefit ALL OF US.  Each system deserves reverence and respect because of their value to society. Both invoke fairness of opportunity but no guarantee of result.  Some ideas fail in the science arena just like some parties fail in the court room.

Since our best knowledge is reflected in the scientific consensus, we agree to respect that authority.  In jurisprudence, we agree to respect the rule of law.  Anyone is free to garner consensus for alternate ideas if they think the ideas within the existing consensus are lacking.  Simply provide the physical evidence to shift the consensus to the new ideas within the scientific arena.  Within the legal system, there are legal appeals processes.

We should all feel profoundly angered when someone tries to weaken or corrupt the integrity of either of these successful and august systems.

If someone tries to convince you the existing scientific consensus is wrong, tell them to take their argument to the scientific arena and garner a new consensus.  That person isn't doing so because his idea has either already failed there or isn't worthy of introduction in the first place.  If the consensus hasn't been convinced, there's no reason for you to be.  You are being victimized.

Conca has yet another blog post which  reflects on his  lack of scientific integrity.  The errors in his blog show he doesn't understand the consensus health physics of the last 60+ years (I posted in the comments as "Anon").  That's not good, but even worse, he shows contempt for scientific enterprise by abdicating his responsibility to support the consensus, even if he doesn't understand it.  This is scientific misconduct.

You should be outraged at his attempt to victimize you.  Don't temper that outrage just because you pity him for being relegated to a business magazine blog.  

If anyone has questions on the scientific consensus, I'll try to explain it, but I won't debate it.

VA U Mining

And its opponents & defendants.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

TEPCO Officials Tour SRS

Looking at their technology.

Vaccines - A Tool To Prevent & Treat Cancers

Though just in its infancy.

DOE Defends HLW Fee

In court.

Oklahoma - You Have A Problem

You have two anti-science bills.

Do something about them.

Insight Into Autophagy

Autophagy is the process of a cell "eating" itself.  It is a check on cancer...normal cells will self-destruct rather than become cancerous.  Here is some insight into the process.

Mice - Man's Other Best Friend

We owe them plenty for their "contributions" to science.

This study supports my separate page on "Radiation, Evolution, Cancer & Aging".

Friday, January 18, 2013

TSA To Remove X-Ray Scanners

Primarily for privacy reasons, but reducing radiation dose is another benefit.

Another Opportunity To Lower Radiation Dose

For patients with non-small cell lung cancer.

Someone Tell TX Governor What Century It Is

He thinks praying will solve problems.

I'm praying that he disappears.

Nope, didn't work.

Former NASA Employee Not So Intelligently Designed

A proponent of the pseudo-science of intelligent design (which makes him an IDiot), his ability to win court cases rivals his science.

Plaitt's Simple Request

Please respond affirmatively.

Fukushima Fish With Record Contamination Levels

254 Bq/g.

World's Largest Wind Farm To Replace Fukushima

1 Gigawatt output.

Manufactroversy Over Rad Waste Disposal At St. Louis Landfill

The West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

IAEA Shifts 47 Japanese Rx's Into Long Term Shutdown

But I'm not sure what the significance is.

Global Warming Causes Cancer

Via increasing the spread of a carcinogenic mold that can lead to liver cancer if ingested.

Global Warming: A Fair & Balanced Debate?

What debate?  Oh, of course, it by the science-denying Heartland Institute:

The physician should not have entered this debate. Scientific matters are debated in the scientific arena using peer-reviewed studies. There is a democracy of process (anyone can participate) but not of outcome (the best ideas win).

There is no reason to pay attention to the HI. They either need to accept the consensus or get to work on producing evidence, not holding debates. They have failed on both accounts.  If the experts don't accept their ideas, if you are a non-expert, why should you?

Today's Oxymoron - "Faith-Based Medical Center"

Where the doctors pray.

At least they're not sacrificing animals.

"Christ, Those Were The Days Man"

Man in 2024 recalls the cool days of 2012.

Don't Use Tanning Beds - Especially In England

Unless you think skin cancer is fun.

Religion May Not Survive The Internet

Wishful thinking!  The Internet is certainly helping in the battle against religion, but very informed, very intelligent people still cling to religious mythology.  Let's keep up the fight!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Understanding WIPP With A Chemistry Course

I'd take the course.

HA! HA! HA! HA!...Facepalm....HA! HA! HA!

An Intelligent Design Summer SCIENCE seminar.

"The seminar will explore cutting-edge ID work..."

Texas & Missouri - You Have A Problem

In Texas it's the teaching of creationism in public school Bible classes.

In Missouri it's proposed legislation.

Fukushima: Fallout Of Fear

Good job, Dale Preston!  I never met the man, but his statement reflect our best understanding of the health effects of low doses of radiation:

 “I think it’s likely that there will be increased cancer risks, but they will be very, very small,” says Dale Preston, an independent statistician who has studied atomic-bomb survivors. “If you did a large study, I think your chance of observing a statistically significant radiation-associated risk would be pretty low.”

Whether you are pro- or anti- nuclear power...what Dale said reflects the science.

CO2 Has An Ally In Promoting Global Warming

Not only methane and water vapor, but also black carbon.

IL - Stupid Headline, Good Info

Potassium iodide pills are available for free for certain IL residents living near nuclear plants.

The pill are not "anti-radiation" pills, they saturate the thyroid with non-radioactive iodine, so that when radioactive iodine is released during certain nuclear plant accidents, it is not absorbed by the thyroid.

Cancer Biology: Keeping Bad Company

It's always fun to learn things are more complex than they appear.

This article describes the p53 gene which is commonly found to be mutated in cancers.

It describes a protein, NRD1, which binds with only with the mutated form, not the normal form.

We don't know why, but when NRD1 binds with mutated p53 in the presence of a particular chemical signal HB-EGF (a growth factor which plays a role in heart development & wound healing), the tumors become more invasive. And typically in tumors, there is abnormal production of HB-EGF.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Cancer Type Can Arise From Multiple Mutation Pathways

This article is about a woman with a hemangiopericytoma.

It shows that even though this tumor usually arises in expected ways, it can also arise in an unexpected way.

What To Ask The Next Science Denier You Encounter

The subject matter doesn't really matter.  But the next time you come across someone whose opinion differs from the scientific consensus, try this:

1.  Ask the person if he/she has expertise in the subject, ie. is the person representing himself (I'll just stick with male pronouns for brevity) as an authority.

2.  If not, then tell the person you respect expertise and since the person isn't an expert, he may want to learn why the experts differ.  The person is lacking knowledge.

3.  If the person represents himself as an expert, then as an expert who differs with consensus, there can only be 3 possibilities (there may be more,

     a.  This person is lacking knowledge the consensus has, so he really isn't an expert.
     b.  This person has the knowledge, but for religious, ideological or political motivations can't agree with the consensus.  In this case the person really isn't an expert because real experts don't let those things interfere with their science, and regardless we're back to a.

     c.  This person has knowledge the consensus is unaware of.  Ask the person when and where he'll be publishing his information so you can track it and so how it plays out in the scientific community.

So ask the person which of these categories he falls into.

See what happens.

If the discussion sinks into a conspiracy theory, tell him you don't do conspiracy theories.

Is Nuclear Energy The Best Way To Fight Climate Change?

One can argue if it's the best way or not, but it is one way.

Meanwhile the nuclear construction industry is pessimistic.

More on renewables.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Fukushima - Struggling With Decon Efforts

It's a balance between getting areas restored quickly and taking time to train people well so that the restoration is done efficiently.  More struggles here.

It's Irrational To Be Religious

And in other news, squirrels eat nuts.

New Fusion Rx Designed

But will it work at reasonable cost?

HP Denial At Atomic Ideologies Again

It seems to be an emotional, religious fixation for some in their quest to proselytize.

Hanford May Become Long-Term HLW Storage Site

Until a deep geological repository is built.

Radioactive Fracking Wastewater Not A Concern

To OH regulators, nor should it be.

Saturday, January 12, 2013



U.S. To Have New HLW Site By 2048

Or maybe not.

How Many Suckers Will Get Lung Cancer?

From this radon mine.  And they pay for it.

America Flunks Its Health Exam

And it's America's fault.

Summary Of National Climate Assessment Report

Which was released yesterday, can be found here.

Did you catch that no such report (first started in 2000) was released while George W. Bush was President?

Odd Rad Waste Storage Bill Advances

It's to allow the temporary storage of HLW from nuclear power plants based in Wyoming.

But there are no operating Wyoming nuclear plants.

If someone is planning on building a plant in Wyoming, this is putting the cart before the horse.

Maybe the real motivation is to get it passed for Wyoming only, wait a few years, and then modify to allow acceptance of out-of-state wastes.  Nuke plants could get rid of their on-site wastes (good for them), Wyoming could charge a tax (good for them), and the company would make $ (good for them).

Time will tell.

James Conca Remains A HP Denier

He writes at the science journal (HA!) Forbes about an upcoming United Nations report.  I've pointed out his errors before, just search his name here if you are interested.  I also mentioned that upcoming report before.

I commented at the Forbes website (under Anon, because for some reason the software didn't accept my name):

Friday, January 11, 2013

Radiation Hormesis: Where Lack Of Evidence = Evidence

I'm referring to this abstract and its related paper (click on paper on right hand side).  Basically, the author is saying that if he adjusts the ERR curve a particular way, then it looks like radiation hormesis is evident from the atomic bomb survivor data.  Why should the curve be adjusted that way?  He provides no evidence, other than it gives him the result he wants.

Of course, this was published in the pseudo-science journal of the International Hormesis Dose Response Society.

This is just another denialist repeat.

Global Warming Deniers Remain In Denial

They think of themselves as skeptics, but they're not.  They are deniers.  In this case they don't like the concept that in light of new data, old data is revised, whatever the outcome.  That's how science works.

 But, since the outcome isn't what the deniers want it to be, they feel compelled to attack the science.  That's how denialism works.

Death Rates Spike Amongst Elderly Fukushima Evacuees

Not from radiation...but issues associated with the evacuation itself.

Radiation evacuation limits should be adjusted based on age and other factors.  For example, most cancers won't develop until decades after the exposure.  An elderly person isn't likely to live that long anyway, why endanger them by forcing them to evacuate?

The Guardian On The Fukushima 50

Fairly lengthy article with a focus on one of the nuclear engineers.

"No Global Warming Over Last 16 Years"

That's what some global warming deniers claim:


But those that do, don't understand climatology:

Global Warming Isn't Just About Global Temperature Increases

It's also about what effect the global temperature increase has on local weather conditions.  The weather is less moderated, it is more extreme!

Speaking Of Epigenetics....

If you aren't familiar with the topic, this is a timely and easy to understand article.

Using Computer Models To Understand Cancer

Computer modeling of climate change is tough.  I think modeling cancers will be much tougher, because there are so many more genetic and epigenetic differences between individuals, cancer types, and progression pathways, than there are regions of climate on a single planet.

But it seems to be the only way forward to understanding mechanistically what is going on.

Washington Governor Credited With Hanford Progress

As she steps down.

Turning Astronaut Trash Into Radiation Shielding

Using a compactor.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Hanford Story

At the local library:

Alone In A Nuclear Zone

Some guy in Fukushima who isn't concerned about his health.  That was obvious, you rarely see him without a cigarette:

Fuksuhima - Better Decontamination Training Needed

According to the same Japanese paper.

Fukushima - More Decontamination Data Needed

According to a Japanese newspaper editorial.

I can't argue with that!  But it may be that those in government have data that the writer is unaware of.

Smaller Rad Fields Spare Brain

When treating for glioblastoma.

NRC Staff Recommends Vent Filters

At some U.S. nuclear reactors.

IPCC Draft Report Leaked

By a climate change denier, of course.

Most Cancer Rates Decreasing In U.S.

But not for all of them.

Atomic Ideologies & Ideological Toxicology

Rod Adams tries to advance the anti-health physics agenda by quoting a stupid paper by Ed Calabrese (search his name here to see how moronic he is).  I've pretty muched addressed Calabrese's points in earlier posts, so I won't repeat here.

NV Governor Wants To Learn About Rad Waste

Destined for his state.

I like the first photo.  It shows what a nuclear "dump" looks like.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Radiation & Lack Of Reason

It's Wade Allison (author of a book called "Radiation and Reason") whining pontificating again (see his webite and read article dated January 3, 2013).

It's a bit ironic because he doesn't like ALARA, which stands for "As Low As Reasonably Achievable".

So both ALARA and his book have the word "reason" in it ("reasonably" is close enough).

CA Faithhead Understands Climate Change Evidence

But still believes in spirits.  Well, it's a start.

Sacrifice & Luck Helped Japan Survive Without Nuclear Power

According to a Japanese Stanford University visiting scholar.

Fukushima Contaminated H2O Inventory

Keeps growing.

Fukushima - Crooked Cleanup

This link is to one of a series of articles by reporters for a Japanese newspaper.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Many People Unaware Of CT Rad Risk

At least based on a study at one location, but fortunately the benefits usually outweigh the risks.

Managing Chernobyl

This article provides some insights.

WHO Misses Fukushima Health Effects Report Deadline

If you look at their website (lower right) it states that it will be available in 2012.

24 Anti-Nuke Groups Agree

NRC is rushing the waste confidence assessment.

More Pseudo-Health Physics

Courtesy of the blog,  Atomic Ideologies Insights.

Same, tired old people (Cuttler, Rockwell, Adams) spreading the same tired, old nonsense.

Wind Power Industry Subsidy Extended

Through the "fiscal cliff" deal.

Some Japanese Nuke Plants Have Flawed Fire Prevention Eqpt.

About 13 plants.

Bushehr - The Next Chernobyl?

Here's an op-ed about the hazards associated with Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant.  One of the authors is Khosrow Semnani, the former owner of the low level radioactive waste disposal site which was know as Envirocare of Utah and today is called EnergySolutions.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Space Radiation May Accelerate Alzheimer's In Astronauts

Based on high dose rate studies in mice.

Brazilian Liquor Aged With Radiation

It's called cachaca and is a fermented sugarcane liquor found in the popular cocktail called caipirinha (in which lime and sugar are added to the cachaca).


Here's a good article on infinities.  Some people are baffled by the concept of multiple infinities but it should be quite obvious that if we think of only whole numbers there are an infinite number of them.  Now if we think of how many real numbers can exist between any two whole numbers, there are infinities of those.

For example:

1,2,3,4...goes on infinitely.

But between 2 & 3 we have 2.001, 2.002, 2.003...which also goes on infinitely.

And then there's 2.01, 2.02, 2.03...which also goes on infintely.