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Friday, November 30, 2012

"Chasing Ice" Viewer Emerges From Fox News Bubble

"Chasing Ice" is a documentary about the planet's loss of ice due to global warming.  Here's a trailer:

DNA Imaged For First Time With Electron Microscope

Previous images obtain by x-ray crystallography.

Farm Lobby Wants VA U Ban To Stay

Because they think it's too dangerous and they want to grow tobacco.

The irony.

Dispersants Made Deep Water Horizon Spill 52 Times More Toxic

Based on rotifer studies, a common organism used to understand ecotoxicity.

Energy Use By Country

Here's an interactive graphic that makes it easy to see.

15% CO2 Emissions Cut Needed

By 2020 to hit UN's warming target.  

Global Warming & Atmospheric Rivers

Can lead to flooding, especially in CA.

The Economics Of Radwaste Disposal

General rule is cheaper is better as long as regulatory compliance is satisfactory.

Possible Sabotage At San Onofre

Coolant in emergency diesel generator oil reservoir - possible employee retaliation to impending layoffs.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ice, Ice Baby

A new study shows that ice sheet loss at both poles is increasing.

But fear not, there's likely ice on Mercury.

Music please, Maestro (no, not Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby", rather Bowie/Queen's "Under Pressure" from which he stole the bass riff):

CNN - How Old Is The Earth?

It's good that they had Bill Nye on to criticize the stupidity.  But the caption shouldn't say "...debate over the age of the Earth...".

There is no debate.

Does Ubiquitination Cause Cancer?

This study of the Ras gene sure makes it seem so.  We've known gene mutations in Ras can lead to cancer, but ubiquitination is an epigenetic effect.

Neurosurgeon Promotes Heaven

And tries to make a buck with a book.

Does Genomic Instability Cause Cancer?

This has been a pretty old question.  Cancer cells are notorious for having lost control of their genomes, but is this a symptom or a driver of cancer?  A recent study with fruit flies indicates it's a driver.

Note that in addition to causing mutations in DNA in the "hit" cell, ionizing radiation also causes genomic instability whose effects include mutations, chromosome aberrations, aneuploidy and micronuclei, in cell daughters several generations after the "hit".

France's Love Affair With Nuclear Energy Cools

For some citizens anyways.

Ted Rockwell's Ironic Plea

In the December issue of the Health Physics Society's Newsletter he asks for assistance from "radiological protection experts" to denounce the NYAS's Chernobyl book.

The editorial is titled, "The Responsibilities Of Being A Radiological Protection Expert".

The irony is that he co-chaired the 2012 ANS President's Special Session which was an overt attempt to deny the science of health physics.

So, being a responsible "radiological protection expert", I criticized that session (as I do the Chernobyl book).

See this earlier post on both attempts to politicalize health physics.

Antarctic Ice Melting More Slowly

Than earlier estimated.

2012 Ranks Among One Of The Hottest Years

Among the 9 warmest since record keeping began.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Closer Scrutiny Of CT Scan Exposures

Were recommended in the journal Radiology.  This study may be relevant.

If The Last Post Didn't Hurt, This One Will

Wild animals at the usually animatronic "museum" devoted to willful ignorance:

More Anti-Science Propaganda By The Discovery Institute

This time with a documentary attempting to show that C.S. Lewis, who had warned how science could be twisted to attack religion and limit human freedom, was prophetic.  Not that there hasn't been plenty of evidence of people using religion in order to limit human freedom!  Nah!

How A Nuclear Power Plant Works

High quality video by a low quality group (The Heritage Foundation, which was mentioned in the article associated with an earlier post today).  Other videos in their series, "Powering  America" can be found at the link given at the end of this video (I've posted a few before, search "heritage").

Chernobyl Milestone (Improved)

Yesterday I posted on the shelter construction milestone reached at Chernobyl.  But the photo in the article didn't really do the milestone justice.

This does.

Why Conservatives Turned Against Science

Because science exposed failures of the free market.

And not surprisingly. scientists have fled the Republican Party.


Tying environmental exposures to biological triggers of disease.

Global Warming - Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Some scientists are looking for ways we can use climate change to our advantage.

Music please, Maestro:

Court Room - Homeopathy vs. Medicine

Homeopathy found guilty of being stupid.

Medicine wins!

Remember kids, radiation hormesis was originally promoted by comparing it to homeopathy.

Of Course! This Is America!

About 64% of adult patients undergoing outpatient CT didn't know what radiologists do.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Judge Orders Tobacco Companies To Publicly Admit Deception


Chernobyl Milestone

In the construction of its shelter.

Arafat's Remains Exhumed To Check For Poisoning

Po-210 is one suspected agent, though Arafat's symptoms didn't really match those of Po-210 poisoning.

But then why were some of his personal articles contaminated years later (it has a half life of 138 days)?

Cleanup Of Westinghouse's Hematite Still Going

Should be complete next year.

RealClearScience Asst. Editor, Doesn't Understand Science

Or at least the philosophy of the science.  Ross Pomerey tries to support the claim that strict atheism is unscientific.  His basic argument boils down to "you can't prove god doesn't exist!".

Of course, he fails to define "God".  The reader is free to imagine any god he/she wants to and assume Pomerey is addressing that version.  Maybe he is, maybe he isn't.

We can all imagine whatever we want exists, like unicorns, fairies, gods, etc.

Just because we can imagine it, is not a good reason to think they actually exist.

An existence claim of something not generally observed requires evidence, and an existence claim of something extraordinary, like gods, requires extraordinary evidence.

No such evidence exists, so there's no reason to believe in gods.

Entertainer Caldicott In Japan

Anti-nuclear entertainer Helen Caldicott was in Japan recently.  I don't understand the questions, but I understand the answers.  I do hope the audience isn't taking her seriously, but they probably are:

Climate Denial Groups Work To Reverse Renewable Energy Mandates

No, they're not climate skeptics...they're deniers.  When groups deny the preponderance of the evidence then the actions that they undertake will not be reality-based.

Small Rx For Deep Space Flight

Is described here (I couldn't get the video to play for me).

U.S. Scientists Learn From Fukushima

Members of the National Academy of Sciences went to Japan to prepare for an upcoming report due to be released in 2014.

Hope Of Homes Fade For Fukushima's Displaced

A NYT article.

ANS & NYAS - Case Studies In HP Politicalization

I thought I'd take a moment to reflect on the similarities and differences between the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) publication of the Chernobyl book, and the American Nuclear Society's (ANS) 2012 President's Special Session On Low Level Radiation & Its Implications For Fukushima Recovery.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Climate Change: From Biotic To Exotic

In a talk by Minda Berbeco, superhero (you'll understand if you watch it, and you should watch it with a glass of wine!):

Climate Change Evident Across Europe

According to a new, free online report published by the EU's European Environment Agency.

Errata - Earth Isn't Old

HA! HA!  No, no, no...I'm just joking.  Following my earlier post of today on the geology piece in USA Today, we have this nonsense.

Those arguments probably appear to be sound arguments to that audience.

Post-Fukushima: "Coexisting With Nature"

I haven't seen David Suzuki in some time (he was the host of the long-running television science series, The Nature Of Things).  Here he is in a NHK documentary about Japan, asserting the need for a change of direction in energy production:

U.N. Human Rights Rapporteur On Fukushima

A rapporteur is someone who is charged by an organization to develop a report on a particular subject and inform the organization of the results.  In this case the organization is the U.N. Human Rights Committee, the subject is Fukushima, and the rapporteur is Anand Grover.


Science In USA Today

It's wonderful to see an article like this one in the USA Today.

Free Course On Critical Thinking

Offered by Duke University.

I Could Get Arrested In KY

As could any number of people who don't follow dogma.

When 375 Miles Per Second Is Kinda Slow

When it's a Coronal Mass Ejection from the Sun.

Leading Imaging Companies Demonstrate Commitment To Dose Reductions

Philips and Toshiba.

WHO Draft Report Of Fukushima Health Effects

Apparently a draft of the report is available, though it's not on their website.  As expected the predicted cancer risk increases are very low.

Poor Arnie!  Will he pull a Pat or not?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Practicing This Is A Waste Of Time

Here's Pat Robertson explaining why, even though he had said god had revealed to him that Romney would win the last Presidential election, Obama won.  He suggests practicing to try to hear voices in your head until you do.  I suggest practicing just about anything else:

Here was his "revelation" from last January:

Britain To Encourage Nuclear & Wind Power

A bit of good news amidst a possible calamity (see previous post).

Global Warming Calamity Warnings

This article describes the international meeting going on in Doha, Qatar.

The snapshot of climate change numbers (at end of article) is troubling.

(I don't recall ever seeing the message of calamity associated with a photo of cooling towers, unless the message was anti-nuclear and the cooling towers belonged to a nuclear power plant.)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fukushima & The ICRP

The International Commission On Radiological Protection (ICRP) formed a unique task group to understand the radiological issues associated with Fukushima so that the information could be assimilated within the ICRP's work of promulgating radiation protection recommendations.

The initial lessons learned by the task force can be found at the ICRP website (left hand side, under "News").

PSR Plays The "Safe" Game

The Physicians For Social Responsibility (PSR) is an anti-nuclear group and it contains an Environmental Health Policy Institute.  Their current topic is Radioactivity and Health.

Two of the papers deal with health physics and both play on the word "safe" ("Radiation's Risk To Public Health" & "An Overview Of Radiation and Health").

Those authors over-emphasize the absolute meaning of "safe"....that radiation exposure does increase the risk of cancer.  That's true.

But there's also a relative meaning of "safe"....meaning that every endeavor involves some sort of risk so any radiation exposure (and any associated benefit) should be considered relative to other endeavors.  So, we can compare the risk of an x-ray in order to diagnose a pain we're experiencing to an alternative of surgery which involves its own risk.  Or we can forgo diagnosis, which also has its own risks.

We can compare the risk of radiation exposure from nuclear power to risks associated with other energy sources.  Or we can forgo energy, which has its own risks.  Energy is a benefit which powers hospitals, heating and cooling systems, etc. and therefore saves lives.  Of course electricity itself also kills people, in addition to the byproducts of energy production.

If the PSR elaborated on relative safety, it would talk itself out of its agenda.

Seawater Level Rise Marches On

After dipping sharply in 2010-2011 due to a strong La Nina event.

Leukemia Risks Amongst French Nuclear Workers

The study, published in the recent Radiation Research journal (as was the study of the previous post), shows an increased risk.

Chernobyl Worker Thyroid Study

Shows increased thyroid cancer risk.

This follows on the heals of an earlier study on leukemia incidence among Chernobyl workers.

Physical Scientists Take On Cancer

Here's a free online supplement of Outlook courtesy of the journal Nature which has a wonderful collection of easy-to-read papers on the topic.

Climate Change News

The World Bank fears a 4C warming trend.  "The time is very, very short."

Reduced Russian arctic ice.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Creationist vs. Sixth Grader

Creationist loses.

Carbon Capture Plants To Compete With Nuclear

In the next decade, in the U.K. if all goes as planned.

Shooting ANS's "Nuclear News" P1

As in "shooting the messenger".  And I am, and maybe I'll hit the sender (American Nuclear Society) too.

I criticized Nuclear News' coverage of the 2012 ANS's President's Special Session here, after criticizing the meeting itself.

In November's Nuclear News (NN) there is an editorial titled "Don't shoot the messenger" in which the Editor & Publisher, Betsy Tompkins, defends the publication against the criticism it received.  Ironically, the NN is shooting the messenger (me) who is delivering a message they don't seem to want to hear.

She provides two key arguments:

1.  Her reporters reported what was said, which as non-critical reporters they are supposed to do.

2.  Opinions expressed within the publication are not necessarily those of anyone else, including the American Nuclear Society.

Bechtel Gets Tough Spanking Over Hanford Vit Plant

Bechtel denies serious problems exist.

Irrational Factors Drive End Of Life Rad Treatments

Interesting article about radiation treatments delivered to terminal cancer patients to help relieve some of their symptoms.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Swiss Rx Shuts Down, Makes News

Don't ask me why.

Well, since you've asked...any unusual event at a nuclear reactor is seen as news by some because it infers human weakness regarding a technology.  That promotes fear-mongering and helps to attract readers/viewers/listeners to the media that is being peddled.

Fukushima Robot Freezes

On stage.

Christian Worldview Necessary For Rise Of Science???

According to James Hannam it was.  I say Bullshit, BioLogos.  In case you don't know, Biologos promotes the idea that evolutionary biology is true, but that God (Jesus, not Thor, Yahweh, Mithra, or any of the other thousands of gods) is behind it.

He mentions that we recognize the contributions of the Greeks and Muslims, which we do.  But he says they were often wrong.  Okay, so were many Christians of the period.  In fact, some Christians today perform faith healing which doesn't work, while others perform exorcisms.  We can discuss Galen of Pergamum, but we need not go back that far in history.  Open thine eyes, imbecile.

No educated person thinks that "religion held back science at every opportunity".  That's absurd.  But religion is not science and it's not history.  So it doesn't help those pursuits which are based on facts.

Some Christians pursued science, others fought it.  Those who pursued it, could have done so without any knowledge of Christianity, and those who fought it largely did so due to religious bias, though other factors could contribute like power.

People in that part of the world traveled and spread word of what was going on in each region.  Science evolved as each group learned from another.

The early scientists were natural philosophers who decided to understand the world by studying nature.  Most of those folks were originally religious and used their sacred texts to guide their studies.  If the sacred texts had sufficient information in them, there would be no need to study nature.  It soon became apparent though that nature didn't agree with the sacred texts.  The guides weren't guiding, they were misleading.  It wasn't long before it was obvious that they were wrong.

A religion based on the sacred texts (Christianity for example) is wrong.

NRC Waste Confidence Public Meeting

Some snippets from the November 14, 2012 meeting:

Fort Worth, TX Police Find Rad Material

Since they've been wearing dosimeters.

German Report On Fukushima Thyroid Exams

Click the "CC" button if you don't see English subtitles.  As I mentioned yesterday,  whether or not 40% or so of the kids have thyroid abnormalities is actually unusual or not depends on the background incidence.  That is what the Nagasaki study is going to give some sense of. 

Helen Caldicott In Japan

Spewing her fear-mongering.

Fetuses are not thousands of times more sensitive to radiation. Cancer isn't "incubated", that refers to viruses or bacteria. No one knows what the background level is of thyroid abnormalities is in Japan, that's why the government is currently studying far away thyroid abnormalities in Nagasaki for comparison. There are regulations about radioactive food being consumed in Japan, the limit is 100 Bq/kg.

No, we shouldn't make personnel medical records public.  And no, the #4 spent fuel pool won't catch fire.

Clueless in Japan.

U.S. To Fund SMR's

B&W wins some funding.

Global Warming Targets Further Out Of Reach

At the rate greenhouse gases are accumulating, this will be catastrophic.  Ironically, the global economic slowdown also helped slow down the rise in greenhouse gases.

Hamoka Unit 5 Wrecked By Seawater

From a condenser leak last year.

Wild Mushrooms Far From Fukushima Have High Rad Levels

Cesium.  Presumably from rain-out off of trees and shrubs.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

CIA Closes Climate Change Unit

Moved to another unit, not a significant change.

Another Radiation Book Advocates Hormesis

I'm not surprised based on its title, "Understanding Radiation: A Common Sense Approach".  There's no such thing as common sense.  Following one's intuitions (which is what is meant by the term "common sense") frequently leads to the wrong conclusions.

The book was reviewed in the December, 2012 Health Physics Journal and the reviewer, Matt Grypp, was disappointed with it mostly due to the book's "advocating hormesis".

It's like the author is trying to be an American version of  Wade Allison (who has a book titled"Radiation and Reason", which also promotes hormesis).

Don't waste your money on either one.

Japan Doing Epidemiology On Kid's Thyroid Symptoms

Comparing kids in Nagasaki (control cohort) to those around Fukushima (exposed cohort).

The Pope's Circular "Logic"

From the article on his book about Jesus' childhood:

"Catholics should see belief in the virgin birth and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead as "cornerstones of faith" because they are undeniable signs of God's creative power.

"If God does not also have power over matter, then he simply is not God," Benedict writes. "But he does have this power, and through the conception and resurrection of Jesus Christ he has ushered in a new creation.""

In other words, believe in the virgin birth and resurrection in order to convince yourself of god's power.  That's circular logic -  no thank you.  

Show me evidence of virgin births and resurrections and based on the strength of the evidence I may believe you.  

Stories are not evidence.

Greenhouse Gases Reach Record Levels In 2011

I won't be shocked if that record is broken this year.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Chernobyl's Babushkas

From last week....obviously a bit of exaggerating on radiation's toxicity.  At the end of the article it says that the author is making a documentary.  We urgently need that! HA!

The Myth Of The Radiation: No-Safe-Level Myth

I've just come across a website called The Hiroshima Syndrome.  That syndrome supposedly consists of 3 elements, one of which is the "no safe level of radiation myth".

But the author is engaged in mythology too by trying to sell the hocus-pocus of hormesis (see the right hand side of this webpage for other pages on hormesis or just use the search function).

It is true, relatively, that there is a myth that no safe level of radiation exists. No one who flies on airplanes thinks the additional radiation is "unsafe", or they wouldn't fly.  And those who avoid airplanes out of fear, are fearful of crashing, not radiation.

But in an absolute sense, there is no safe level of radiation...a single photon can damage DNA, and DNA cannot repair itself perfectly (thankfully).  It is not a myth.

Homeopathic "Logic"

Dr. Steve Novella discusses the medical silliness known as homeopathy.  Recall that homeopathy was used as a "logical" basis for comparison for radiation hormesis by T.D. Luckey.

ANS Special Committee On Fukushima

This was uploaded last month, I'm not sure when the conference actually occurred.  Health physics is discussed at 14:15 and the fact that any excess cancers would not expect to be seen this early is not mentioned:

ND Landfill Increases Fines For Rad Waste

The existing $1,000 fine wasn't enough to prevent oil companies from trying to dispose of naturally occurring radioactive material waste.  So they've increased the fine to $10,000.

Mars' Rad Levels

Thanks to Curiosity (watch the embedded 5 minute video).


Thom Hartmann promotes nuclear power fear mongering with Kevin Kamps:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

V.C. Summer Rx Head Cracks

Are being repaired.

Decontamination - Losing The Sheltering Trees

An NHK documentary about the removal of contaminated trees and other decontamination efforts from Fukushima:

You're What Kind Of Doctor?

A quack.  Cancer surgeon Orac explains.

SRS Getting Their Vit On

Setting an all time processing record this year!

Sellafield To Be Prosecuted Over Rad Waste Disposal

They sent 4 bags of radwaste to unlicensed landfill.

Rad Audit Gives Utah Lawmakers Something To Do

Though they're not quite sure what it is.

Mining Waste For CO2 Sequestation

By swapping magnesium silicate for magnesium carbonate.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Better Late Than Never

Obama wants to start climate change conversation.

Radiation - No Dose Threshold

Duh!  As long as one photon can cause DNA damage and DNA repair is imperfect, there will always be a non-zero cancer risk or genetic risk associated with the photon.

Frequently, not-so-bright people arguing for a threshold point to areas where the natural radioactivity is higher than average.  They claim living there is "safe" because...people live there. Or something.  Usually it involves the ecologic fallacy.

Recently, two scientists did a meta-analysis of other studies involving this subject and concluded no dose threshold.

Of course, there will be those folks who will see what the lowest radiation level was in that study, and then they'll claim that there is a threshold for doses below that level.

Solar Eclipses Are Signs Of Intelligent Design

Only an IDiot could come up with that.

Why Republicans Are Scary

68% believe in demonic possession - more than believe in climatology!

Portrait Of Global Aerosols

Thanks, NASA!  Because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Hanford Tank Inner Shell Leak Of Up To 520 Gallons

But we can't be sure.

Targeting Protein To Prevent Cancer Metastasis

It's called Cdc42 and it helps cancer cells attach to endothelial cells of blood vessels so they can mobilize to other areas of the body.

Utah's Rad Safety Panel Needs More Members

Too far for me to travel.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Humans Are Slowly Losing Intellectual & Emotional Abilities

Some seem to be evolving faster than others.

One Way Chronic Inflammation Can Cause Cancer

The body releases interleukin-5 (IL-5, a hormone like substance) to stimulate the propagation of natural killer cells following a virus infection.  The IL-5 can cause another type of immune cell, large granular lymphocytes, to become cancerous.

Remove Paul Broun

From the U.S. House Of Representatives Science Committee.  Who is he?

Please sign the petition.

Climate Change Report Outlines Security Perils

Climate change will "will create more frequent but unpredictable crises in water supplies, food markets, energy supply chains and public health systems."

NRC Chair Agrees With Studying Seismic Risks

To nuclear plants.  Hey, she's a geologist!

Radon - Blame It On Glaciers

Here's a good article from Sioux City, Iowa about their high radon levels, which are thought to be due to glacial advances and retreats years ago, which produced loose soil today.  The loose soil allows radon to escape more easily.

Los Alamos Security System Is Expensive

At $213M with costs expected to increase by $41M more.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Last Post For A Few Days

I'll be traveling this weekend with no computer.  I'll get back to posting as soon as I can.

The Fox News Bubble

You only have to watch Fox News for a few minutes to understand that they don't do journalism.  They do current events mixed in with right-wing propaganda.  Yet, Republicans turn to them time and time again to get their "information".

Chernobyl Worker Leukemia Study

A sound nested case control study of some Chernobyl workers has been completed.  Most interesting is that it shows an increased risk of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, which didn't show up in the Japanese A-bomb study.  This highlights the importance of understanding that different populations have different genetic backgrounds and environmental conditions and these factors can change the radiation risk between different populations.

Medical Isotope Plant On Track

The company is called SHINE and it produces the very popular medical isotope, Mo-99 (popular for diagnostic imaging thanks to its decay product Tc-99m).  Historically, this isotope has been generated by nuclear reactors, but due to proliferation concerns, the U.S. government is providing financial to companies that use alternative technologies.

SHINE's technology uses a low energy neutron source and specific targets to form the Mo-99.

It Applies To The Nuclide!

The Air Force has some instruments and dust that they want to dispose of as waste, but the instruments have dials which glow in the dark, thanks to radium paint (also in the dust).

So here's an article about the disposition of the waste.  The article says the AF classified the waste as naturally occurring.

Well in a very broad sense all waste is naturally occurring (it's not supernatural!).

But what "naturally occurring" refers to in this case is the nuclide.  If the nuclide was formed by natural processes it is naturally occurring.  In the case of radium it is formed by the decay of uranium and thorium which were incorporated into the Earth as it evolved into a planet.  So this nuclide, and therefore the waste is properly classified as naturally occurring (or Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material, NORM sometimes called TENORM when the NORM has been technically enhanced or concentrated by humans).

Contrast with cesium-137 which is formed by the fission of uranium in a man-made reactor.  The cesium-137 is not naturally occurring (though if some natural uranium in the ground were to concentrate and fission without any human interaction, the cesium-137 formed would be naturally occurring).

Cracks Found In S. Korean Nuke Plant

As they struggle with the unverified parts issue.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Religidiot vs. Religidiot

Sit back and enjoy the fun...have some popcorn or a cold beer.  This is funny stuff.

I have written a few posts on the Discovery Institute.  They try to advance the concept of Intelligent Design (those who fall for it are IDiots).  In other words, evolutionary biology is all wrong, there is actually an intelligent designer (pssst....Jesus, not Thor, Zeus, or Yahweh).

Then we have Biologos.  They believe in Jesus outright AND evolutionary biology.

So it's really funny to see them attack the IDiots.

Future Warming More Likely To Be On High Side Of Projection

Isn't that just great?

U.S. Groundwater Cleanup

Not happening fast enough.

Sellafield Cleanup

Not happening fast enough.

Nuke Sub Fire Set To Get Out Of Work

And now the arsonist has pleaded guilty and may get 15-19 years.

Fukushima Robot

Is very cool:

DOE Asks For INL Cleanup Extension

What choice does Idaho have?  They'll have to allow the extension, it's really about whether they impose fines or not.

The Climate Crisis

James Hansen in NYC last month:


A good article describing the differences between subjectivity, deductive logic, and inductive logic.

"Many people would sooner die than think;  In fact, they do so."

                                                                     Bertrand Russell

Wind Turbine Syndrome

Back to fossil fuels!

Starts at 11:35.

Fukushima Air Monitors Underreport Data

But being addressed.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Next IPCC Climate Report Will Be Shocking

According to an insider.

 "It's a bit like being shocked into stopping smoking when you've been told you've got terminal cancer."

Japanese NRA Finds Rad Exposure Map Errors

Associated with a couple of non-Fukushima plants.

Rad Exposure Ranks Third On Medical Hazards Top 10

According to the ECRI Institute.

Fukushima Costs Soar

TEPCO seeks government aid.

Oh The Irony!

"Noah" film delayed due to flooding.

God Is Pissed This Morning

Following the "logic" of the religidiots:

World's First Solar Switch

The tiny Tokelau Islands which had used diesels.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ooops At Vermont Medical Facility

Sent rad waste for disposal when it shouldn't have.

Nuclear Power Safer Despite Fukushima

According to IAEA chief.

Stupid Palisades Headline

Entergy Palisades plant leak contained radiation.

Everytime I take a leak it contains radiation too.

NRC To Deal With Budget Cuts

Will avoid salary cuts and furloughs.

$900 Million Vogtle Lawsuit Filed

By contractors...speaking of not being pretty.

The Earth On Acid

I don't expect it will be pretty if the current trends continue.

Fukushima Manpower Problem?

It's not clear:

Monday, November 5, 2012

What To Do With All Of Fukushima's Waste

An eventual long term disposal facility.

S. Korea Shuts Down Nuclear Reactors

Due to unverified parts.

Kenya Delays Nuclear Power Plans

Funding & technical capacity challenges are blamed:

Hurricane Sandy's Double Whammy

A new Climate Denial Crock of the Week video by Peter Sinclair.  Most of his videos are more science based than this one, this latest one includes a bit of humor:

The Evolution Of Creationism

Young Earth Creationists don't read the Geological Society of America's Today journal, so I'm not sure Dr. Montgomery's article will have much impact.

I Wouldn't Hire Him As A Dog Sitter

President of the USA?  No way!

Fukushima Documentary - "Their Fate In Their Hands"

This one is actually pretty good.  It's focused on the lack of preparedness and training for potassium iodide distribution in the town of Miharu:

Unprecedented Global Carbon Cuts Needed

Carbon emissions need to be cut by 5% per year in order to prevent a 2C temperature rise by 2050.

Good luck.

The War On Science

With Greg Laden (first few seconds of audio are missing, don't be alarmed).  Of course he doesn't get into the war on health physics, which most people aren't even aware of, but he discusses evolution, global warming, vaccines and food supply:

S/G Shipment From CA To UT

A retired steam generator was scheduled to ship from San Onofre to EnergySolutions last night.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Romney vs Sandy

The Pentagon Is Going Green

Less fuel means less fuel convoys, which means fewer targets for the enemy.  Also makes the forces more flexible with enhanced choices of fuel sources.

Hanford Advisory Board Recommends New Tanks

An abrupt shift in thinking from getting the waste treated, due to an existing leaking tank.

Meet A Climate Denier Propagandist

Who employs his craft on Wikipedia, specifically on the article on Hurricane Sandy.

Fukushima Evac Zone Extended

To 30 km (18.6 miles).

The Global Race For Nuclear Fusion

It may not have a finish line.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Biology Deniers Are Funny

I guess Dr. Gauger doesn't understand cancer, which results from the accumulation of mutations over time.  It doesn't take 6 million years for a mutation in a DNA binding site to arise!  Go to any cancer wing in a hospital.  Of course, cancer involves mutations in somatic cells.  There are many more of them than sex cells, and sex cell mutations rarely "make it"...meaning the cell dies before conception or their is a miscarriage.  Even for mutations that do make it, they may not result in any obvious changes to the individual.  So we have to look back into history to see how we've changed.

So take a look.  We can even look into our DNA and see that some of our ancestors did the wild thing with Neanderthals.

Fukushima - 2nd Mass Legal Complaint

Complaint against those "who promoted nuclear power".

Busby Provided "Expertise" On Oyster Creek

If "expertise" means "propaganda" then he sure did.  That committee he belongs to is the anti-nuclear one he established:

Arnie Continues His Profit Of Doom

On Democracy Now:

Filtered Vents Or Not. That Is The Question.

For certain U.S. nuke plants.

Shinichi vs TEPCO P2

I had a post on this yesterday, here is some video.  The worker says he wants higher safety standards put in place, but they're already in place, they were violated.  It seems to me that TEPCO didn't realize there would be water when planning the job.  When the worker encountered the water he says he knew that water would be highly radioactive.  Yet he went ahead and completed his tasks anyway.  If he did this on his own, then the fault is his.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

When A mrem Is A mg

In an article about some contamination in New York.  The body receives "1 mg a day from natural sources".

Oy vey.

German Nuclear Exit Delivers Environmental & Economic Benefits

According to this article describing two Bulletin Of Atomic Scientists papers.  The first, "From Brokdorf to Fukushima: The long journey to nuclear phase-out", is basically a historical paper by a Princeton researcher.  The second, "The German nuclear exit: Introduction", is by the deputy editor of the Bulletin, which is anti-nuclear power.  It simply describes other papers in the current Bulletin (including the first mentioned here), which of course, are cherry-picked to meet the Bulletin's anti-nuclear agenda.

Tokyo's 2020 Olympic Bid

Downplays Fukushima.

Shinichi vs TEPCO

Worker files complaint against TEPCO.

Speaking Of Dice & Climate Change

See my previous post.  But here's another analogy with James Hansen from last August (prior to Hurricane Sandy):

Hurricane Sandy - Are Humans To Blame?

The inference is as a result of climate change.  But that view is too simplistic.  Climate change is like weighting the dice.  The attributes of climate change make more intense storms more likely.  We'll never be able to say with certainty that a pair of dice weighted slightly for sixes, was the sole cause of throwing sixes on a single throw. One might have thrown sixes on that throw even if the dice were fair.  But compared with fair dice, repeated numbers of throws of weighted dice will have more sixes.