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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fukushima #4 SFP Cooling Suspended

Temperatures soaring!  Fireworks Expected!  Oh, The Depravity!


Queue Theory

I don't usually shop on the weekends because of the lines, but I did today.  If only more businesses understood queue theory!

 (Note - the host in the video says that some people have a psychological problem with a single line, but large retailers could have a video monitor explaining the advantages.  They could run this video over and over, perhaps with ads in between.  Once people actually understood it, we'd all be more efficient.)

Blume & Gundersen Get A Venue

To spread their anti-nuclear propaganda:  

Friday, June 29, 2012

Skin Contact Breast Cancer Detection

Is on the horizon using non-ionizing radiation, compared with traditional mammography.

Jumping Genes & Cancer

Association found for several types of cancer.

Returning To Busby's Excess Gas

I had a post on Dr. Chris Busby's lies about the excess helium gas formation in spent nuclear fuel canisters earlier this month.  His point is that there will be a buildup of He over time and the canisters won't be able to contain the pressure and will eventually rupture.  I had simply caught him lying about whether the Swedish authorities were aware of the problem or not, and they obviously were, contrary to Busby's claim.

However, I didn't address his main claim at the time because I hadn't read his paper.  He has since put a link to the paper on his YouTube upload.  The paper is atrocious!

Better Neutron Detection

Seems likely thanks to the development of a new type of scintillator.

Bad Promotion Of Getting Radiation Exposures

Here's a bad 20/20 piece on the myth that radiation is dangerous.  Of course, "dangerous" like "safety" isn't an objective measure, it is subjective.  And certainly in the normal subjective sense that people use those words and in relationship to the small radiation doses that people receive, radiation is not dangerous.  It is safe.

But just because we're exposed to it all the time, and "some people want more it", aren't rational reasons to want more of it.  The clip features Edward Calabrese, who I've blogged about in the past.   (The clip is several years old, but someone just uploaded it on YouTube so it caught my attention.)

Need To Reduce POP's

Persistent Organic Pollutants.  The U.S. EPA has more info.

"We Want Your Radioactive Waste!"

It brings $'s!

"Know Nukes Y'All Summit"

In Chattanooga, TN.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Want One Of Those!

$10M helicopter with radiation detection capabilities, good embedded video.

In Which An ASU Theoretical Physics Professor Shows Class

I had a post a few days ago about an MIT theoretical physics professor who wrote an op-ed about the  compatibility of science and religion.  In the video (below fold), Arizona State University theoretical physics professor Lawrence Krauss demonstrates that not all theoretical physicists are logically inconsistent.  Even more noteworthy, is he actually took the time to debate someone who has zero fame in the midst of an audience who sides with his opponent.  And did so in a foreign country.

Spiderman Meets Radioactive Man

See my page "Radiation, Evolution, Cancer & Aging"  and you'll understand:

S. Korea Ups Ban On Japanese Imports

Due to Fukushima contamination.

What Does This Say About Science In America?

I guess I won't be shocked if NASA does something similar with alien invaders.

ERGO! Love It!

The Energetic Ray Global Observatory.

 It's got everything!  Cosmic rays, their detection, the internet.....and kids!

 Watch the embedded video.

What's The Matter With Creationism?

If I'd been asked, I'd simply answer that it shows a lack of critical thinking.  Here's a longer answer.

Another Device To Collect CTC's

Just the other day I mentioned this device to collect circulating tumor cells associated with prostate cancer.  Here's another.

Palisades Plant Under NRC Microscope

Due to a tank leak and some politics.

LANL Shipping Wastes To WIPP

Due to fire risk.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fukushima #1 Basement Rad Levels

A sizzling 10.3 Sv/hr!

Pulsed Nuclear Fusion

For space missions is being developed.

Half Of Inhaled Diesel Soot Gets Stuck In Lungs

The study is only based on ten people, but still yucky.

Fukushima & Fishing

We may see the "Chernobyl paradox" at play at Fukushima.  The paradox is that due to radioactive contamination, humans leave certain areas, and wildlife can thrive.  If the Japanese reduce their fishing intensity due to fish contamination, it might be wonderful for the fish populations and the food chain.

Religion vs. Science - The Debate Is Over?

Well, there really isn't any serious debate to begin with, but the point Daniel Friedmann is trying to make is that they are compatible.    Engaging in numerology isn't science and both he and the paper should know that.  Clearly the Bible and science don't agree "on what happened and when it happened with respect to the formation of the universe and the appearance of life on Earth", even if you succeed at an a posteriori  numerological age match.

Radiotherapy Covered In Local Paper

A nice easy-to-read overview in a Houston paper.

Today's Historical Significance

First nuclear plant opened.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Court Upholds EPA Climate Change Rules

Seemed like a no-brainer to me.

Waste Level Rising In Some Hanford Tanks

It's m-y-s-t-e-r-i-o-u-s-!

And...Prostate Cancer Results Improved With Radiation

But there can be complications.

Limited Radiation Helps Some Kids

With lymphoma.

Radiation and Reason? Wade Allison Again

This is a bit bad and a bit old (last September).  It's not just the fact that it is an audio masquerading as a video.  It's not just the fact that the audio quality sucks.  It boils down to the health physics of Wade Allison.  Oh.....and it's a bit long.

Nuclear Fuel Recycling In 4 Minutes

"We Should Be Examining More Blood, Not Less"

In detecting circulating tumor cells (CTC) associated with metastatic cancer.

The "Expelled" Syndrome - Common Anti-Science Tactic

In yesterday's #4 SFP post, at about 8:50, Gundersen commits a variant of what I call the "Expelled" syndrome.  He claims that he know lots of scientists who can't get their research published due to the influence of the nuclear industry.   It's money versus the populists!

What a crock!

Fukushima #4 Rx Building Not A Risk

Though it's tilting.  Too bad the article repeats the spent fuel pool fire myth.

Better Treatment For Common Childhood Brain Cancer

Thanks to understanding the genetic mutations which drive it.

Southern State Women Could Do Better

In reducing lung cancer rates.

Politics & Pilgrim Plant

They love it and hate it.

Fukushima - Some Seafood Returning To Market

Limited to snails and octopus.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fukushima #4 Spent Fuel Pool

This video is timely as I've been discussing this topic with someone on YouTube  (not associated with this particular video):

Let's look at the spent fuel fire:

Sunlight & Cutaneous HPV Infections Found Synergistic For Skin Cancer

In non-melanoma skin cancers anyway.

They Take A Licking & Keep On Ticking

Here's a description of a wonderful astrobiology experiment.

How Proteins Find Their Way On Chromosomes

A more than 30 year old theory confirmed.

SRS Pu Going To WIPP

Not sure why that is newsworthy.

I'm A Numbers Guy Too

(Adult Language)

Cancer Gene Implicated In Ischemic Stroke



Nanoparticle coated chips which can detect cancer biomarkers in the blood.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vatican Hires Fox News Reporter For Media Relations

Liars hiring liars to lie.

The European Commission On Radiological Risk

Sounds pretty official doesn't it?  Below is a video with con man Arnie Gundersen who mentioned the "organization" in the context of scientific debate about external versus internal radiation exposures.  

There is no debate.  

Japan's Educators Learn Health Physics

The tones of voices and some of the graphics make this a bit like a 1950's U.S. government propaganda film, but it's good to see folks learn some health physics.  Too bad it was largely forced by Fukushima:

The Curse Of The Gingers

I was reading a blog by U of Minnesota professor PZ Myers about melanin.  He discusses why we have "gingers" (red hair, fair skinned folks).  As a health physicist, I like to get into the physics as well.  This is a very good summary of the properties of eumelanin, though it's a bit technical. 

New Radioprotectant?

Looks promising in mice studies.

Rising Sea Level Puts Atlantic Coast At Risk

G.W. denialists take note.

GoogleTechTalks - Nuclear Energy After Fukushima

In the video (below the fold) physical scientist Tom LaTourette from Rand Corporation gives a talk on the subject at Google:

How Cancer Works

Here's a terrific video about cancer (specifically prostate cancer, but easily generalized):

Pilgrim Dry Cask Storage Discussion

Here's a good article which is in a sort of discussion format between the newspaper reporter and an Entergy manager about dry cask storage issues there.

Hanford's Hot Capsules Rearranged

To minimize heating in the event of a loss of water accident.  A lesson from Fukushima.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dan Hirsch At Recent NRC - SONGS Meeting

I blogged about the meeting previously, but here is anti-nuclear activist Dan Hirsch from Committee To Bridge The Gap. He's pretty good:

Radiation Exposure & Medical Imaging Video

This is the third and final Monterey Institute for Int'l Studies video.  Unknowingly I saved the best for last. This speaker actually mentioned the Linear, No Threshold theory (though he erroneously refers to it as a hypothesis).  For readers who've come to this blog primarily with a nuclear energy interest, here's a good chance to learn about medical imaging (and associated health physics issues) from a pretty good speaker.

Medical Effects Of Radiation Video

This is a second Monterey Institute for Int'l Studies video.  This speaker seems completely unaware of the Linear, No Threshold theory of radiocarcinogenesis.  Some good historical radiological incident reviews:

Hey Mainstream Media - Is Gundersen The Only Nuclear Engineer In The Country?

Here he is on a radio show, same old schtick.  From the amount of attention he gets, you'd think he's the only nuclear engineer in the country.

Facts & Myths Of Radiation Video

From the Monterey Institute of Int'l Studies in CA.  It's over a year old, but still post-Fukushima, and it's not particularly exciting, but covers some good technical areas.  He doesn't nearly get into the vast number of myths which I try to criticize on this blog.  They have posted two other videos which I'll post once I watch them:

Fukushima & Chernobyl: Myth vs. Reality

This is a pretty good video, but it downplays future cancers that may arise.  We don't expect zero excess cancers from Fukushima, but the number will likely be below a statistically detectable level.  In the U.S., on average, we get more medical exposure than is mentioned in the video:

National Park Bill For Hanford's B Rx Introduced

In the House of Representatives.

$12M Worth Of ALARA

New York's North Shore-LIJ Health System is upgrading its diagnostic imaging equipment to reduce radiation exposures.  (ALARA is an acronym for "As Low As Reasonably Achievable", a philosophical and legal approach to public health and radiation exposures).

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Caldicott's Offspring

I've written posts on Caldicott's lies several times, like here and here.  I have also criticized people from the organizations Beyond Nuclear (here and here) and Physicians For Social Responsibility (here).

Call me "slow" but I only recently became aware that Caldicott was the founding President of Beyond Nuclear and and co-founder of PFSR.

I just wanted you to be aware as well.

Sunburned Kid At School

This is nonsensical.

Cancer Researchers - Know Thy Cell Line

Or you may do faulty research.

Nuclear Security Training At PNNL

Using portal detectors.

IAEA Says Nuclear Power Still Valid


Explosives Found Near Swedish Nuke Plant

On truck at Ringhals, police are investigating.

Nuclear Waste: Why Environmentalists Are Pressing NRC On Rx Licenses

Here's a discussion via the Christian Science Monitor on the recent court ruling requiring the NRC to do better environmental impact assessments on stored high level waste.  It's just semantics, but I don't think the reporter should refer to anti-nuclear groups as "environmentalists".  There are plenty of pro-nuclear groups that are also environmentalists.  Those groups should just be referred to as "anti-nuclear energy".

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Trouble Brewing" At San Onofre - Be Scared!

Paul Gunter helps fear monger on the Thom Hartmann show:

Epigenetics & Cancer

This study helps illustrate the relationship.  That's why even studies which don't show typical "DNA damage" like this mouse DNA study (which thrilled the pro-nukes) don't capture the whole picture.

CNN Fails On Rationality Opportunity

I was shocked that CNN was actually tackling the "god" issue as forthright as they seemed to for the first 7:00 minutes here.  I had to pinch myself when Don Lemon said he was going to play Devil's advocate when he brought on a preacher.  But he let the preacher just double talk and didn't advocate rationality at all.  It's really odd to hear the preacher say "you have a God who was foresaken by God".  What sense does that make, Devil's advocate?:

P.S. Stephen Prothero, just what is a "secularization problem"?  Secularism is when citizens are free to hold their own religious beliefs without government interference and the government doesn't promote one religion over another.  How is that a problem?

Fukushima Suicide

I blogged about this before.  Now CNN has video.

Council For Responsible Nutrition - Gag!

Has just released a report called The Benefits Of Nutritional Supplements.  And guess what?  The CRN, a trade organization which consists of folks who don't want FDA regulation, has found that there are lots of benefits!  Surprise!  Actually, the scientific evidence in support of these supplements for most Americans is lacking, though a minority of people may need a particular supplement for a particular reason.

Nutritional supplements are not regulated like food, nor like medicine thanks to a law called the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.    The National Academy of Sciences looked at this issue in 2005 (jump to Chapter 13 for findings or read the Executive Summary) and found that the situation isn't very protective of public health and isn't very effective.  The CRN wasn't too happy with that.

TEPCO Releases Final Fukushima Report

No surprises.

Fooled By The FOX03!

FOX03 is a protein that acts as a transcription factor (protein that binds to specific regions of DNA, controlling its transcription into mRNA)...we thought in ways to suppress thyroid tumors, but we got outfoxed!

Subtyping Brain Cancer

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common and aggressive brain cancer.  It occurs in the brain's glial cells which provide support and protection for neurons.  If the GBM expresses the protein CNP, it may be less aggressive than other types.

Periodontitis Linked To HPV-Positive Tumors

Periodontitis is the inflammation of the periodontium, the tissue which surrounds and supports the teeth.  It can progress to cause alveolar bone loss in the teeth.  Human papillomavirus is a virus most commonly linked to cervical cancer but it causes others.  This new study shows a connection between periodontitis and HPV-positive tumors of the head and neck.

Another reason to maintain good oral hygiene.

Wind Turbines - Super Size Me!

Larger turbines are greener.

SRS MOX Plant Workers Exemplary Safety Record

Earns them a BBQ (I hope they don't char the meat).

British Nuclear Energy Plans

Are "bright".

Unilateral Dermatoheliosis

What do the effects of prolonged exposure to UV A radiation look like?  In the U.S. an automobile driver sits on the left, leaving the left side of the face facing the driver's side window.  How can this play out with someone who drives as an occupation?  Face the facts.

Kevin Kamps Blathers

He says "the U.S. federal government is not doing it's job, it's not checking it carefully", related to food testing for radioactive contamination.  That's not true.  He says the NRC admits that they've never seen anything like the SONGS S/G problem before...that's not an "admission", that's just a statement of fact.  He says there's a rebellion against nuclear power in the U.S....nope.

SONGS & NRC Discuss S/G Issues

Ultimately it was a manufacturing problem, but it's interesting to note the industry's aggressive response to a problem.

Where's The Beef (Radiation)?

Here's a nice overview of a British occupational cancer risk study.   Occupational radiation exposure wasn't mentioned there and not even in the actual study except for occupational SOLAR radiation.

Yucca Mt. & Hanford Vit Waste

Here's a nice recap of the recent events involving Yucca Mountain (for decades the intended facility to dispose of high level radioactive wastes) and what it means for Hanford.  Hanford is building a vitrification plant (entraps waste in glass) with the expectation of sending the waste somewhere.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

French Fukushima Info Video

I like that they did it, but it's a bit annoying with that particular tone of voice, and the "Ahh" musical sampler.

Insights On Double Strand DNA Break Repair

Introducing the MRN complex.

Sun Exposure & Skin Type Decrease Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Presumably through Vitamin D.

Heavy Tea Drinking Increases Prostate Cancer Risk

7 or more cups per day.  Of course, not all cups are equal, though.

Caldicott Is A Pathological Liar

It's pretty much the same schtick I've addressed before, but I guess I'll go through the exercise again (video and comment below fold).  I stopped at about 28:30 where she shifts from nuclear energy to nuclear weapons:

Sniffing Out Lung Cancer

Dogs can do it, .humans are attempting as well.

S. Carolina Governor Haley Meeting With Nuke Industry Leaders

In an attempt to bring jobs to his state.

Improper Testing Cause Of San Onofre Tube Problems

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries underestimated fluid velocities by factors of 3-4.

Egypt Moving Forward With Nuclear Power

They don't have to worry about tsunamis.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Radioactive Contamination Remediated At NY Paper Mill

I wonder if they knew about it prior to acquiring the property.

RWE Making Switch From Nuclear To Solar

Makes sense considering they're German and that country is phasing out nuclear.

BI-1 Inhibition Could Aid In Fight Against Lung Cancer

It's the protein Bax Inhibitor-1 which plays a role in autophagy.

Japanese Govt. Ignored U.S. Rad Monitoring Data

That's the headline, but it isn't true.  The article says it was passed on within the government and posted on a white board within a NISA office.  So it wasn't ignored, it just wasn't made public.

Cutting Grilling Cancer Risks

Is described here.

"There's Something Happening Here"

The title is from an old Buffalo Springfield song, but it applies to this.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Houston Rad Alarm Forces Shelter-In-Place Order

HA!  It's been lifted, the cause of the alarm was some radiography.

Fukushima #4 Spent Fuel Pool Gets Covered

Maybe that'll squash some of the fear-mongering.

Japan To Get New Nuclear Regulatory Body

Within about 3 months.

Fukushima #2 Rad Reading One Floor Above Rx

880 mSv/hr.

Arnie Gundersen Preaching To Earn Donations

Video below the fold.

It's the fire in the #4 spent fuel pool myth, fear mongering off of the blue fin tuna contamination, Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant problems, and some remarks on NRC commissioners (industry made Chairman resign).  He implies that the NRC (under Chairman Jaczko) was responsible for shutting down Yucca Mountain, when it was President Obama who ordered the DoE to withdraw the license application which was submitted to the NRC.

He also worries us about "aging" nuclear power plants.  Of course, many components are replaced over time with more modern components so plants are actually safer.  He apparently hasn't heard of core (as in the plant's foundation) sampling to determine whether or not the foundation is sound.

He ends with a ridiculous analogy about storing nuclear waste for a long time but we can't store solar energy overnight.  Of course we can store solar energy overnight by charging a battery or pressurizing an air compressor.

Fukushima Prefecture Asked University To Cease Body Measurements

Due to the uneasiness it was causing.  Now it will feed into conspiracy theorists' paranoia.

Hanford's N Reactor Cocooned

The only dual purpose (weapons & energy) U.S. reactor.

FCC To Review Mobile Phone Safety

Doubtful anything will be found.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Breast Cancer Radiotherapy

Explained nicely:

Busby Lies Again

He says the Swedes weren't aware of He production in spent fuel canisters in this video:

Yet on this Swedish document from a year ago, He production was questioned (pages 16 & 17).  And here's an SKB report from 2005 which shows they understood He production (page 7).  Maybe his beret is on just a bit too tight.

Fukushima Incinerator Pseudoscience

Here's an article about operating a radioactive waste incinerator in Kitakyushu in order to reduce the volume of Fukushima waste.  The author essentially acknowledges his family could be affected so he has his bias.  And it shows when he tries to imply there are problems with the filters or they might have a problem containing cesium.  A footnoted link (#19) to "independent analysts" goes essentially nowhere.

Of course many countries have been incinerating radioactive waste for decades with no problems.  For some reason that isn't mentioned in the article.

Using Th Reactors To Burn Actinide Wastes

A safer nuclear tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Even HMO's Have Increased Radiation Exposures

Some folks may be surprised because because HMO's are not incentivized by fees, like for-profits are.  My intuition would have been that doctors largely ignore the risks because they don't manifest until much later, if they do at all.  Doctors want an accurate diagnosis for purely medical reasons as well as liability reasons, so the bias is towards using radiation rather than not.

WHO: Diesel Fumes Carcinogenic

U.S. still classifies as likely carcinogen.  Of course the diesel industry feels compelled to spin in response.

The "Nuclear Shadow" Of Rocky Flats

Memoir of someone who grew up in the area.

Genetic Makeup Of Embryo May Cause Tumors In Adulthood

Due to the phenomenon of mosiacism.

Drones To Monitor Radiation Levels

Are being developed by the Japanese.  I wonder why? HA!

Small Molecule Prevents Cancer Message From Entering Nucleas

This is only one of many messaging paths, but it's a start.

"The Current Assumptions Underlying Radiation Protection Are About Right"

Says Professor Wakeford regarding this large case control study on the risks of childhood leukemia and background gamma radiation.

Human M-T Effects

This post is in response to some commenting on YouTube.  "M-T" refers to the mutagenic and teratogenic effects of radiation The last comment was this, with "Chern" referring to Chernobyl:

""Chern has already been studied, no discernable m-t effects. Other species have shown discernible m-t effects at Chern,"

In what way is human biology fundamentally different from other species that humans would show no effect while other mammalian species did?  Please Google and then refute the following:

"Chronic Cs-137 incorporation in children’s organs" SWISS MED WKLY 2 0 0 3 ; 1 3 3 : 4 8 8 – 4 9 0

"Radiocaesium and congenital malformations".Internat J Radiation Medicine 2001:3:10–11."

Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Crazy M.D.

He claims to be an M.D., so perhaps he is.  But he doesn't understand health physics:

No one has said the tuna contamination was due to fallout. The paper which identified the tuna used "Fukushima" in its title. #4 reactor fuel pool is not a timebomb, that is fear mongering language. Of course most of the NRC's money comes from the comes from licensing fees. That way tax payers aren't paying.  Hazardous life 10-20 x the half life is ridiculous. It depends how much one starts with. 

I wouldn't trust this guy with my dandruff.

1 CT Scan Per Several PET Scans

Lowers radiation dose.

4 GeV Gamma Photons From The Sun

Detected with Fermi's Large Area Telescope.

Inactivating LKB1 Leads To Melanoma Metastasis

Likely true of lung cancer, too.

Cyclotron Produced Mo-99

To minimize nuclear materials proliferation there has been a big push to produce non-reactor Mo-99.  A Canadian cyclotron has succeeded.

Evacuation Unintended Consequences

5 dead in van crash.

1,324 Japanese Probably Don't Understand The Law

I say "probably" because I don't understand Japanese law myself.

However, I understand American law pretty well.

And this Fukushima-related CRIMINAL complaint wouldn't get anywhere in the American legal system.

TEPCO has to have broken the law...and there's no evidence that they did.

They would fare much better in civil court.

Adrenocortical Cancer Study

Rare disease, important study.

TSA Scanners Pose Trivial Risk


Sunday, June 10, 2012

What A Circus!

That's my description of this.  You have a "nuclear engineer" who doesn't do nuclear engineering (Gundersen), a chiropractic quack medicine practitioner  (Apsley), a naturopath quack medicine practitioner (Dale) and someone with an ecology background who promotes ethanol as a fuel (Blume).

The clowns are present and accounted for....too bad it's subscription only.

LNT - A Hypothesis, Model Or Theory?

The "Linear No Threshold" is often followed by one of these three words "Hypothesis", "Model", "Theory" when the discussion is regarding radiation cancer risk.  In an informal sense it doesn't really matter which word is used as long as the people engaged in the discussion are sharing a common understanding.

But what about in a more formal sense?  Or what if someone is intentionally using one of those words to demean our scientific understanding?

So let's dig in.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CT Scans Can Increase Future Cancer Risks

Yup, so they should only be employed when justified.

Radiation helps IL-2 Do Its Job

In getting rid of cancer.

More On The Mechanisms Of Carcinogenesis

I think this sentence:

"The study also demonstrates that mice with a high degree of chromosomal instability and defective programmed cell death (apoptosis), two hallmarks of cancer, rarely develop tumors"

Needs some editing...replace "rarely" with "frequently".  Here's the study.

No, MIT Isn't Out To Kill Us!

Remember that mice DNA study?  Even though I predicted it would be largely ignored by the anti-nukes (and it has), here is the annoying GoddardsJournal taking a stab at debunking it.

Cancer Breathalyzer

We can all breathe easier if this gets FDA approval.

This Is Sickening

Well of course it's The Alex Jones Show!  Dr. Theresa Dale is known as a leader in "naturopathy, bioenergetics, magnetic fields and homeopathy!"  Her "doctorate is in "naturopathic sciences".  

In other words she is full of shit. Sometimes I'll point out the errors someone makes here or there, but she is totally full of it, and not worth all the time it would take to document her fabrications.  

Oh, and she is selling worthless products. (video below)

CEO Of Uranium Energy Corp. Sees Bright Nuclear Power Future

Time will tell.

China is supporting his view.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Precise Measurement Of Radiation Damage

With a proton and aluminum...I don't think it will be very easy to apply to tissue because the full chain of tissue responses would have to be included, as opposed to aluminum which is inanimate.

46% Of Americans Hold Creationist Views

Lazy minds.

In Situ Cosmogenic Radionuclide Surface Exposure Dating

Wow, that's a mouthful!  "In Situ" means "in place".  "Cosmogenic" means "of cosmic origin".  So the study is looking at radionuclides produced by cosmic rays.  But where?  Antarctica, where elements of health physics are being used to further our understanding of global warming.

High Risk Of GI Cancers For Childhood Cancer Survivors

As a result of their earlier treatments, but I'd also stay away from smoked foods, alcohol, and others foods associated with increased cancer risk.

PET/CT For Esophageal Cancer

Prolongs life expectancy.

Japan's Low Level Waste - Burn Or Not?

Covered here.  Unfortunately Fukushima happened.  If radioactivity is "everywhere" doesn't it make sense to get it into as small a volume as possible?  That's what incineration contributes to.

Misogynistic Health Physics Instruction

Have a little class fellows!

Canadian Nuke Power 50th Anniversary

Yesterday, while nuclear engineers were on strike.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mangano Fallacies

This post is a carry-over from the comment section associated with an op-ed on the blue fin tuna from the Forbes' website.

One commenter had posted that all the criticisms of Mangano had come from the nuclear industry.  That itself is a logical fallacy.  It's okay to be skeptical of what someone from the industry states, but unless you have evidence that the person has lied many times before (as in you KNOW she/he did, not you think so), then that person's claims should be fairly weighed against Mangano's.  Also the "industry" is composed of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people.  In any large group of people there will be some bad folks and some good folks.  One shouldn't stereotype.

In any event, here is a link from the non-nuclear industry publication Scientific American properly criticizing his most recent "work".

Early Breast Irradiation Increases Breast Cancer Risk

Shocking! (not)

Ginseng Fights Cancer-Related Fatigue

Due to the action of ginsenosides (ginseng's active ingredient) in reducing cytokines (small regulatory proteins) related to inflammation and regulating cortisol levels.

Japanese Newspaper Urges Legislation To Aid Fukushima Victims

With emphasis on supporting children and pregnant women.

James Conca Gets It Wrong In The Scientific Journal Forbes Again

He has written in Forbes before and before that, and though he provides a lot of accurate background information, he gets it wrong again.  He states there is no risk from the cesium in the tuna.  But of course there's just tiny compared to other risks we have no problem undertaking.

"The Government Doesn't Have Any Idea Where To Store The Waste"

That would be high level waste.  And an op-ed in an Idaho newspaper suggests that they don't want it.  Of course, the government has plenty of ideas of where to store it.  It's just that people get fear-mongered into rejecteding it.

Chu Must Pull "Head Out Of The Sand" On High Level Waste Disposal

According to a recent court ruling on Yucca Mountain.

Nuke Plants Vulnerable To Climate Change?

Yup, other types of plants too.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fukushima Fallout

From Al Jazeera back in March, but just posted on YouTube.  Pretty typical, no real data...just people distrusting the government or TEPCO. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fukushima Quake & Tsunami Disturbed The Upper Atmosphere

It's happened before, because everything on the planet is connected.

Fukushima - Fabricating Fear

I was all giggles watching this "documentary" (below the fold)...they are focused on Fukushima's #4 spent fuel pool, so they filmmakers ask an expert to estimate how hot the fuel would get if the pool's water was lost.  He estimates 140C...but that's too low for the expectations of the filmmakers, so they ask others.  The estimates they get range from 100-300C.  They then test how the fuel will behave when heated.  Do they test the rods at 300C or lower?  No...they test at almost 800C and warn us about the resulting cladding damage and the inferred spread of massive amounts of radioactivity.

Yucca Mountain Again

I don't agree with Shimkus on too many issues, but I do on this one.

Myanmar Claims To Give Up Nuclear Ambitions

An "international charm effort".

False Bomb Threat At Shearon Harris Plant

In North Carolina.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dan Hirsch Is A Nuclear Professor?

According to Reuters he is.  I don't know what a "nuclear professor" it someone with a small nuclear pacemaker???

A professor is someone who teaches at the college level.  But a "nuclear" one?

My guess is that most people would interpret that to mean he is a nuclear engineering professor or a nuclear medicine professor...but he's neither.  He has lectured at the U of CA, Santa Cruz on nuclear policy, and he's against nuclear power being the head of Committee To Bridge The Gap.

Now I'm not engaging in an ad hominem attack on Mr. Hirsch.  What he says is basically correct, but if he's really an expert he could have given some sense as to what the estimated expected cancer increase would be....but then we'd all see how safe the tuna is.  And he doesn't want that.

So let's play...the study doesn't provide the wet weight of the tuna, but they grow to 555 kg.

Alvarez Fear Mongers

Robert Alvarez spews fear mongering in this op-ed about NPR's stance on the contaminated blue fin tuna.  He immediately employs the oldest trick of anti-nukes which is to bring up atomic bombs, which is a straw man.  Never once does he discuss the actual concentrations of cesium in the fish, and attempt to relate those concentrations to doses in humans, because he knows that the result will be trivial.

DU Used To Transform CO

Depleted uranium has been used to convert CO into more complex carbon molecules.

X-Linked Gene Responsible For Increased Male Bowel Cancer Risk

It's the SHROOM2 gene.

New Super Heavy Elements

Join the periodic table, named Livermorium and Flerovium.

How Aspirin Fights Cancer

It reduces white blood cells which starve cancer of important growth signal.

And it interacts with specific proteins switching one on and the other off.

Japan To Make More Pu

Which seems odd to many considering Fukushima is still ongoing.

The Voice Of Fear Mongering

Here's an article about a planned radioactive waste disposal facility in Canada called the Deep Geologic Repository.  These phrases jumped out as being fear mongering:

"Exposure to ionizing radiation - particles such as x-rays and gamma rays energetic enough to dislodge electrons from atoms and molecules - is extremely dangerous."


"There is no firm basis for setting a 'safe' level of exposure above background levels of radiation", according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency."