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Saturday, December 21, 2013

More Doubt-Mongering On Second Hand Smoke

On Forbes website.

I commented there as 926, which after correcting some typos:

"The mechanisms that cause cancer in smokers are the same mechanisms which cause cancers in non-smokers.Since the doses are much lower, epidemiology can’t easily tease out a statistically significant increase in cancer in non-smokers due to other possible causes of lung cancer (like radon). It isn’t dogma to claim that passive smoking kills.

It is right-wing dogmatic ideology to deny the science that it does and print such propaganda on a business website to try and fool the general public.

Highly unethical, narcissistic and intellectually cowardly."

Not Only No, But Hell No!

Make a year-end gift to the science-denial cult of Cato.


Those funding science denial.

The Matriarch Of Modern Cancer Genetics

Dr. Janet D. Rowley, has died.

ALARA & Dental X-Rays

Tailor dental x-rays to individuals.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Doctor On Fukushima

At least he states he's not an expert. 

The radiation can cause you to vaporize (just prior to 12:00)???   HA!  Uses an atomic bomb photo to represent a meltdown (about a minute later)???  HA!

Japan's Efforts To Show Its Fish Are Safe

Here's an inside look.

Message In A Bottle

Reveals fact abut global warming.

Music please, Maestro:

Kudos Reddit

For banning climate change deniers.

Judge Dismisses Sailor Radiation Case

On jurisdictional grounds.

There's money to be made here, so they'll be back.

UK Cancer Mortality Rates Have Dropped 20%

Over past 20 years.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lawyer Of Fukushima-Contaminated U.S. Sailors Speaks

In the podcast within this link.

Other than the thyroid cancers, the case seems very weak (blaming every ill on radiation, is not good epidemiology).

Fukushima Evacuation Deaths Exceed Quake, Tsunami Deaths

In the immediate area.

Good Riddance Harold Camping

He's dead.

Hottest November In 134 Years

Last month.

Why Is This Surprising?

This study.

We've long known humans are carbon-based.

We've long known that some carbon is radioactive C-14.

We've long known that as ionizing radiation, C-14 beta radiation can ionize molecules including those associated with DNA leading to mutations.

There are many possible types of mutations, this study points out wobble-type mis-repairs (wrong bases match up, ie, rather than the normal A-T, A joins with C- or G-, and so on).

Bon Voyage!

To the San Onofre Rx vessel head destined for EnergySolutions in Utah.

Bad EPA Executive

From the Office of Air and Radiation, who swindled the EPA out of money.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Cancer Snapshots

Learn about specific cancers quickly here.

Secondhand Smoke Denier

Someone associated with the right-wing propaganda outfit known as noReason Reason, but who has decided to spread his nonsense via Forbes.

Secondhand smoke contains carcinogens just like firsthand smoke does.

Toronto - You Have A Problem


Responding To Attacks On Science Education

A video by the National Center for Science Education.

Fusion Promotes Cancer

Not nuclear fusion, but cellular fusion where cancer cells can fuse with immune system cells called macrophages.


Or Radiation Protection of Patients associated with the IAEA has a number of good (but a couple of years old) videos on YouTube where they answer radiation related questions.  Here's one:

Ideologue Attacks Ideologues

It's also been referred to as wingnut-on-wingnut crime....James Conca (low doses of radiation pose no risk!) attacks the Physicians For Social Responsibility (low doses of radiation are extremely dangerous!).

The subject isn't radiation effects, rather economics.  But it's fascinating that Conca understands that the PSR and the Heartland Institute are lying ideologues.  Yet, he doesn't realize that he has promoted Ed Calabrese's propaganda in the past (Calabrese is with the Cato Institute).

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Of Course She's Not Dead

She's imaginary!

Science Deniers Are More Celebrity Than Science

Here's a month or so old article which concludes what I have found independently.

Science deniers (the article refers to them as "contrarians", but they are in denial) become cause-celebre for similar ideologically-minded people.  Together with the media's irrational desire to provide "balance" for every issue, they get equal media coverage (would you give equal time to someone who claimed 2+2=76 as you would for someone who claimed 2+2=4?).

And this is why you see largely the same names over and over again on the denier side.

Though that last link was about climate change deniers, you can easily observe the same phenomena in DeNiAl (health physics denial).  The names of those who want to fear-monger include Caldicott, Sherman, Mangano, and perhaps a dozen or somore.  The names of those who want to doubt-monger include Calabrese, Pollycove, Allison, and perhaps a dozen or so more.

IPCC Faces Climate Of Uncertainty

The global warming deniers will likely bask in their sense of schadenfreude.

Japan Lacks Decommissioning Expertise

And so far hasn't shown much willingness to bring in outsiders to help with Fukushima.

Friday, December 13, 2013

TX - You Have A Problem

Creationists, who also happen to be  GOP Lt. Governor candidates.

Japan Should Embrace Nuclear Power

According to its government panel.

An IDiot Will Be In My State

In January.

What a disastrous way to start a new year.

Fukushima Contractor Gets Spanked

For improperly hiring workers at another plant.

Recent Global Radioactive Material Incidents

Are summarized here.

Nuclear Power Subsidies

I frequently hear from pro-nukes about the subsidies awarded to renewable energy sources, while they remain ignorant of subsidies awarded to nuclear energy sources.

Hanford Waste

Will be mostly vitrified.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rhymes With Smokey Joe


TX Congressman Joe Barton and House Leader John Boehner don't like science.

They're Republicans.

Global Cancer Cases Up 11%

Likely to continue to grow as the population ages.

Nuclear Nation

A documentary about the residents of Futaba, which borders Fukushima:

How Nuclear Power Can Stop Global Warming

Well, probably not stop, but mitigate.

Epigenetics & DNA Sequencing

New sequencing technology provides greater understanding of epigenetic processes.

10 Early Warning Signs Of Cancer

Be aware.

Radiation Anxiety In Mexican Town

Associated with the recent car (and Co-60) theft.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fairewinds Would Like Your Money

That would be the dishonest Fairewinds Energy Education (aka the Gundersens), exploiting the image of a little girl getting a thyroid gland scan.

How about doing something constructive?

Time Is Dumb

The magazine that is, for picking Pope Francis as the Person of the Year.

For anyone who has risked their life in aid of others, I'm sorry for Time's low standards.

Calabrese Gets Honorary Doctorate

From the Atomic Ideology blog, I read that Cato Institute propagandist Ed Calabrese received an honorary doctorate degree, back in June.  Calabrese was shocked and that's understandable, since he hasn't really accomplished anything other than propaganda.

I wonder what role fellow DeNiAr Doug Boreham had in his award.  

(Note the background sign, "International Dose Response Society", which is Calabrese's cult organization)

Fukushima Soil Disposal

Is expensive at 100 billion yen.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Mars Radiation Manageable

In case you ever wanted to visit....only expect about 1.01 Sv for a 500 day stay.


DNA can mold different types of bodies.  That is the secret to the success of life over billions of years. Some of the DNA in some bodies is more susceptible to uncontrolled growth (ie, cancer) than in other bodies.  It should come as no surprise that some bodies age differently (senescence) than other bodies as well, since body-types reflect different approaches that DNA has taken to sustain itself.

Friday, December 6, 2013

6 People May Have Radiation Sickness

From the Mexican truck theft, which I've posted about over the last couple of days.

At least this most recent link includes an activity estimate of 3,000 Ci.

That's smokin'!

Canada Beware!

Unlicensed hair removal devices can cause eye damage due to laser.

Will Co-60 Thieves Likely Die?

I don't know, but here's one person who thinks so.

The likelihood depends on the dose the thieves received, and I haven't seen any reliable estimates of what the doses were.

Stop Smoking - Even If You've Already Been Diagnosed With Cancer

It is worth the effort because you will lower your risk of death.

Kansas - Coping With COPE

You just can't make this stuff up!

COPE, or Citizens for Objective Public Education, is just the opposite of what their name suggests.

They are a creationist group that is suing the Kansas State Board of Education for teaching science!

Why Didn't We Think Of That?

U.S. NRC Chairwoman Allison MacFarlane gave an interview in which she stated that countries should have a nuclear waste disposal plan BEFORE starting their nuclear power reactors.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mexican Thieves Busted

And exposed to Co-60 (see previous post today on theft).

As Expected....

"Genetic factors" behind radiation-induced thyroid cancer.

No duh!  Cancer results from changes in DNA (ie, genes).

Some people are born with mutations that give them a "head start" in the progression of DNA changes required to acquire cancer.  Any radiation increases the risk of cancer, because it causes additional mutations in their DNA above those mutations some people are born with.

U of Penn Lawsuit

If the claims are proven, the University of Pennsylvania has some 'splaining to do!

And will likely be paying some $$$$$.

Hansen & Others Urge Swifter Action On Global Warming

Largely to deaf ears, unfortunately.

Truck With Co-60 Source Stolen

I don't know how strong the source was, but the truck was stolen in Mexico.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Water Decon Problems At Fukushima

Some HCl leakage in one of its Advanced Liquid Processing Systems, which I think was supplied by EnergySolutions.

Hey, What About DeNiArs?

In this piece, Chris Mooney describes why evolution deniers and climate change deniers joined together.

Health physics deniers (DeNiArs) get no mention (HA, the group is too small).

Though one might not expect an overlap between climate change deniers and pro-nuclear power DeNiArs, I have come across it.  The libertarian theologians don't want any government regulation, so they deny any science which might result in more of it.