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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tonight On PBS - "Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown"

At 10 p.m. EST.

South Africa Plans Funding For Nuclear Power

In order to get off of coal.

Radiation Crystal "Ball"

Well, not a "ball", but a detector.  Most people are familiar with the term "Geiger counter".  The Geiger counter uses a detector which consists of an enclosed gas.  When radiation ionizes the gas, the ions produce an electric charge which is converted to a visual output (display, meter, etc.) and which reflects the amount of incident radiation.

Since a solid crystal is denser than air, for a given volume, the sensitivity of radiation detection is much improved.  The crystals used in radiation detection don't produce a mobile charge like in a Geiger counter.  Instead the crystals emit light in response to incident radiation.  The light is gathered by a photoelectrode.  The photoelectrode produces the electric response, proportional to the amount of light which is proportional to the amount of radiation, which is converted to a visual output.

This article discusses some work at Washington State University on crystal growth.

Fukushima Anniversary Approaching

It's hard to believe a year has just about gone by since the earthquake/tsunami.  Not the kind of anniversary deserving of celebration.  Perhaps in another 39 years or so, Japan can celebrate its clean up.  Here's a CBS News article with embedded video on the subject.  AlJazeera also covered the report discussed by CBS:

Just In Case You Haven't Read Enough About Fukushima

Here's more.

Carcinogen Prioritization

This link is titled "What Causes Cancer", but it's really about focusing on reducing the really prevalent carcinogens and not getting diverted on by the more trivial ones.

"Eerie" Fukushima

On a weekend fly-over.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

You Want To Stick That Where? P5

Earlier this month I wrote a series of posts which described my colonoscopy.

The timing of this study is almost perfect.

Get screened.

Cancer Cells Morph In Order To Metastasize

The protein versican plays role.

The U.S. Exports Waste To Japan

In this case, the waste is "Dr." Arnie Gundersen "exported" to Japan's National Press Club. 

This Might Have Helped Steve Jobs

To survive his pancreatic cancer.

Mapping RNA To Get Cancer Insights

Many sites have been identified.

U.S. Air Force Sees Potential Of Small Reactors

And other more esoteric technologies.

Friday, February 17, 2012


With Gundersen, of course.

Nuclear Power Electricity Generation

Some statistics:

Uniontown, OH Landfill Fear Mongering

"It will make your hair stand up"....if you enjoy having people scare you so they can make money.

TFF3 - Friend & Foe

A beneficial protein to the breast epithelium most of the time.

Unless tumorogenesis is involved.

IDH Enzyme Mutations And Tumorogenesis

IDH seems to play an integral role.

Potential Treatment For KRAS-Mutated Colon Cancer

Worked in mice.

Kate Upton It Ain't

She is the model on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

This is a 3-D model of a brain tumor which will help with understanding potential treatment options.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beautiful Radiation!

From January 25, 2012 over the U.S. midwest, courtesy of NASA:

Nuclear Power Politics In Utah

With an ex-NRC commissioner in the middle.

Japanese Delegation In Hanford This Week

I wonder why???

The Town Of Naraha Offers To Accept Fukushima Waste

May as well profit from it.

Cancer Communication

Uses RNA.

Thank You "Heartland Insider"!!!!

The Heartland Institute (HI) is a propaganda tool "think tank" which uses public relations to attack scientific findings.  They were giddy about the manufactuversy call "climategate", in which some climate scientists' emails were hacked and then portions taken out of context in an attempt to delegitamize climate science.

You Want To Stick That Where? P4

I had my colonoscopy procedure yesterday.  Everything went fine.  The doctor mentioned that about 40% of patients show polyps (which may or may not be cancerous).  However, I was one of the 60% who was "clean".

So, please remember, when you get over 50 get an exam. 

It saves lives.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fukushima At Increased Earthquake Risk

Seismic fault may have reactivated as a result of the original quake.

Russian Sub May Have Had Nuclear Weapons

The sub that caught fire last year, though officially there were no nuclear weapons. 

Fukushima - Put Children Before Politics

Here's a rather odd editorial on the subject from the Japan Times (republished from Sentaku Magazine).

Fukushima & Natural Gas Market

You Want To Stick That Where? P3

I survived yesterday's liquid diet followed by the evening's "Gatorade flush".  But no, that's not all.  This morning I have to drink another laxitive called magnesium citrate.  I remain limited to clear liquids until the procedure is performed this afternoon.  The procedure is expected to take about two hours.

"Sniping" Cancer

With VERO.

Los Alamos' New Pu Facility - Starved

For funds.  Apparently not even needed.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

NRC Expected To Vote On GA Reactors


San Onofre Neighbors Want

Radiation detectors and an epidemiological study.

Are We In The Breakdown Phase Of Nuclear Power?

Does radioactive steam make people stupid??????

Or does it cause them to experience a phase of mental breakdown???

HI Examining Shorelines For Tsunami Debris

Includes radioanalyses.

Bird Populations More Diminished Than Expected Around Fukushima

According to recent research.

Using The Immune System To Attack Cancer

Not easy, but it can be done.

Kyrgyzstan Takes Their Radioactive Coal Seriously

I posted on their radioactive coal a couple of days ago.  It looks like some folks are facing charges over the matter.

Prairie Island Spills

Aren't making too many people happy.

What's Good For The Heart Could Be Good For The Prostate

Heart disease and prostate cancer seem to be linked.

Cs-137 In Tokyo Bay

Some of it is sinking into the mud faster than expected.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TEPCO Injects Boric Acid

Into Daiichi Unit 2.  As I posted yesterday, its temperature has been rising.  The boron in the boric acid absorbs neutrons which prevents the fission chain reaction from being sustainable.

Should Government Return HLW Fees?

Nuclear utility companies collect a fee from consumers and hand that fee over to the government to pay for long term high level waste disposal.  The intended site for HLW was Yucca Mountain in Nevada, but the Obama administration has decided not to use it.  So what should be done with all the fees which have been collected over the decades?

GE Drops Out Of Moly Race

Economics don't make sense.

Fukushima Exclusion Zone Devoid Of Life

If the humans stay away, the other life will flourish.

Careful Of These Targeted Cancer Drugs


Head & Neck Cancer Survival Improved

When chemo and radiation therapies are used.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Fukushima Daiichi #2 Reactor Temp Increases

Even though in "cold shutdown".

Putting Radiation To Good Use

This time in lettuce and spinach.

Hanford Planning To Clean Hot Spill

And they do mean hot.  8,900 rad per hour!

Where Fossil Fuel Meets Radioactivity

Radioactive coal in Kyrgyzstan.

Closer to home, a landfill in PA is seeking a permit to mill rock waste from natural gas drilling.  The wastes contain elevated naturally occuring radioactivity.

The Dishonest Duo Spreading More Propaganda

That would be the Gundersens.

Yes, T.V. host you are given lots of misinformation.  Most of it comes from your guests.  Anytime you hear "priesthood", you know it's an "us vs. them" conspiracy fantasy.  Here's the video.

Fire At Moscow Nuclear Research Institute

No contamination spread.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mousseau Is On Fukushima's Case

Glad to hear it.

I think this is separate from Japan's study, but I'm not sure.  I mentioned Mousseau when posting Japan's study intentions.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Birds Around Fukushima Stricken

According to a study soon to be published.

Circulating Tumor Cells In HD

Like "catching a shooting star as it goes across the sky".

Lifestyle Changes Can Help Prevent 30% Of Cancers

But people never think they'll be the one to suffer it.

The TN BSFR Issue Continues

Risk perspective generally lacking.

San Onofre Problems

Already expensive shutdown, could get worse.

Meanwhile, the radiation released was minimal.

As if they didn't have enough to do, this.

World Cancer Day!

Is today.  Many of the preventative steps taken to cure cancer also have many other benefits like weight loss, cardiovascular fitness, etc.


Is studying the low dose effects of radiation in Europe.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Spain Says U.S. To Help Clean-up Bomb Debris

It's been there this long?

Challenging Nuclear Power

I really like the irony in this.  They say that nuclear is too expensive and Wall St. doesn't want it.  So where do they protest?  At a shareholders meeting. 

Pretty much standard anti-nuke rhetoric.

Not All Lung Cancers Are Created Equal

Because different mutations can lead to different cancers, even within those found in one organ.

Interesting Immune Regulatory Pathway

Monocytes give rise to dendritic cells and macrophages.  These latter cells generate reactive oxygen species (ROS)  to destroy any pathogens (or debris in the case of radiation). The monocytes are more senstive to ROS, so they do die, reducing the cells which generated the ROS.

Protein Kinase Acts As A Molecular Switch

Affecting the gene and its protein ATF2.

New Prostate Screening Method

By tracking the PSA (the traditional method) over time.

A Silver Bullet To Beat Cancer?


Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Is It Risky For Kids To Play In Contaminated Areas?"

Japanese parents ask.

Not particulary when below the Japanese limit.  Of course, there's the risk that kids will be hurt from non-radiological causes too.

I-131 Measured In Scandinavian Countries

Trace amounts, but from where?

Exec Producers Of "Atomic States Of America"

I blogged about this documentary previously.  Here is an interview with the executive producers:

Watching Cancer Cells In Action

This technology could help answer many cancer questions.

More On The Non-Human Victims Of Fukushima

Think Twice About Proton Therapy For Prostate Cancer

Pricey and more complications compared to photons.