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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Climate Change Occurs No Matter What"

Says Redumblican Paul Ryan.

Ok, so does death....does that mean we should do nothing to prevent it?

Dismantling Germany's Nuclear Industry

Piece by piece.

Classic Redumblicanism

A LA congressional hopeful flees interview when asked about Obama's birthplace & global warming.

Whitehouse Spanks Inhofe

On climate change.

The Sun - "It's A Conspiracy"

U.K. parents skin cancer risk increases because they focus on protecting children

Indoor Tanning Industry Just Like The Rest

Indoor tanning increases the risk of skin cancer.

Tanning industry plays the "there's no consensus" game, it's all a conspiracy.

I didn't see that one coming! HA!

No Fukushima Radiation

Detected off U.S. west coast.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Cell Phones & Cancer

An easy read explanation.

Livestock Contribute To Global Warming

Just another reason to eat less meat.

Radiation Resistance Genes Identified

In E. coli.

Some Physicists Are Morons

This one is a global warming denier.

Last Month Was Hot!

Hottest June on record.

Stem Cells & Radiation Carcinogenesis

The ICRP has a draft document on the subject for public comment.

WIPP Contractor Gets Bonus

Following underground truck fire.

I Can Sympathize With Buzz

Buzz Aldrin punched a moon landing denier.

I often get the urge to punch DeNiArs, IDiots, and the like.

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