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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Whitehouse Spanks Inhofe

On climate change.


  1. Actually in this case I sort-of agree with Inhofe: accepting the reality of reality (no mis-writing) is not a political position, in fact it is not a position at all. It is an assertion of sanity. And the U.S. Congress repeating what every scientific body in the country and on the planet have been saying and all those having done their homework have known forever, is redundant and a waste of bandwidth.

    How would you react to someone volunteering a propos of nothing 'hey, there's nothing wrong with my head'? I know what I would think :-)

  2. Yeah, but his argument is based on redundancy and waste of bandwith, it's based on denial. The Democrats are just trying to pass this legislation (I think) to force deniers to vote against it.