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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Actually, BAM7 represents a new approach to cancer treatment by inducing apoptosis.

Busby Spreads Lies

This is a rather long documentary (video below the fold) about health effects from war.  Guess what?  There are bad health effects beyond the direct consequences of getting shot or bombed.  But Busby tries to promote that depleted uranium is a significant source of indirect consequences as a result of his "study", which I can't link to but you should be able to find it ("Cancer, Infant Mortality and Birth Sex Ratio in Fallujah, Iraq, 2005-2009" in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health).

The first half of the documentary deals with the use of phosphorous (I recommend you just skip it).  At about 25 minutes it says no one has the means to study the health effects of Fallujah, not even the government.  But lo' and behold, they contradict themselves and introduce Busby's "study"!   

Don't Just Fixate On Blue Fin Tuna

As these drums release their contents, expect to see more radioactivity in ocean fish.

Depressing CO2 Milestone Reached

400 ppm in the Artic.

Religidiot Dies From Snake Bite

Play with fire and expect to get burned.

Mainstream Media Rides The Blue Fin Tuna Study

Do they inform or confuse the general audience?

New Federal Grant Bolsters UNLV Nuke Waste Storage Research

University Of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The Impact Of Impact's Bankruptcy

Is being watched.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"It Takes This Long For The Truth To Come Out"

So says liar Kevin Kamps....ironic, isn't it?  As if some conspirators have tried to keep the truth from folks (not true), but since some scientists did some research and published it, now the "truth" has come out.  The FDA has tested food and found radioactivity levels to be relatively safe, just like the authors of the blue fin tuna study have said essentially the same thing.  Video below the fold.

Anti-Science Anarchists

Apparently the science of pyrotechnics and ballistics is okay.

"Hot" Tuna Followup

More on my recent post.

Update: 5-31-2012:  The perception of contaminated tuna might be good for the fish.  This is like what I call the Chernobyl paradox.  Contaminating the area around the plant has helped wildlife thrive.  So, environmentalists should hope for more nuclear accidents....ironically.

Cell Phones With Rad Monitoring

Will go on sale in Japan.

Equipment Used At San Onofre May Have Severed Power Supply

A vibration sensor could stop emergency diesel generators during an earthquake, since the sensor is designed to stop the machines if they undergo excessive vibration.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dr. Patrick Moore Gets Health Physics Wrong

He says that "according to the experts", Fukushima radiation doses are too low to cause any future health effects.   He doesn't understand the Linear, No Threshold Model.  There will likely be an increase in cancer incidence, though time will tell if it will be detected epidemiologically.

CO2 Emissions Reached Record High Last Year

Burn baby burn!

Why Leukemia Can Escape Chemotherapy

Is because of cancer stem cells.

Sandia Labs Technology Used At Fukushima

It's called crystalline silico-titanate.

Fukushima's Radioactivity Spread Around Globe In 40 Days

Seems to rise and fall in 40 day cycles.

Japan's Former Leader Condemns Nuke Power

Contrary to the current leader.

Common Painkillers May Reduce Cancer Risk

According to this study.

Impact Services Gets Deadline

Impact is the radioactive waste processing company that has gone out of business.  Now they have to provide a judge with missing financial documents.  I don't know who provided the surety bond but I bet they don't issue any more in the future.

"Hot" Tuna

Ok, maybe lukewarm.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Scientists Unravel Liver Cancer Complexities

We need this kind of deterministic understanding of radiation induced cancer.  Radiation is more complex because it contributes to many cancers.  Even in the case of liver cancer, 76 of 88 patients had hepatitus B virus integration.  The other 12 had different causes.

This Lady Is Scary, Not The Radiation

She has no sense scale, let alone health physics.  Her name is Christina Consolo.  If you don't have time to listen to the video (below the fold), here is a sampling of her "work"

Fukushima Update

Is given here.

How Much Radiation For Kids?

In medical physics it's a trade-off between cancer risk and need for diagnosis.  Usually the cancer risk pales in comparison to the need, but not always.  A couple of years ago, the FDA launched the Initiative To Reduce Unnecessary Radiation Exposure From Medical Imaging. At the bottom of that page, there's another link specifically addressing children.

That's Some Bad Health Physics

Japanese farmers pray for radiation-free rice...that's not good health physics.  But they are using zeolite and monitoring,  so they are also employing some good health physics.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Evolution Debate Will Soon Be History"

What debate?  There are the facts of evolution and the deniers of evolution.  There is no substantive debate.  However, I don't see the deniers going away anytime soon.  However I can see their relative numbers shrinking as information from the Web provides answers to those looking for the evidence.  But there will always be some folks who don't want to know what the evidence is and can't accept it even if provided it.

Fukushima #4 Spent Fuel Pool Again

In the New York Times.  Of course, they discuss two sides to several point.  And add:

"There is considerable disagreement among scientists over whether such catastrophes are possible. But some argue that whether the chances are small or large, changes should be made quickly because of the magnitude of the potential calamity."

That's not true.  Certain catastrophes are possible (like another earthquake) others are not (like the fuel catching fire).  Journalists need to do better.

Basal Cell Carcinoma Therapies Offer Similar Survival

More studies needed for fine tuning.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Cancer May Require Simpler Genetic Mutations Than Previously Thought

Due to haploinsufficiency, which is described in the link.

Whole Body Counters Selling Like Hotcakes!

Around Fukushima.

Some Hanford Cleanup To Be Delayed

Due to budgetary constraints.

After The Pilgrim Party

I blogged about the party yesterday.  After the "party", NRC Chairman votes against extending the plant's license.  He will likely be in the minority.  And he's on his way out.  He'll probably be replaced by Allison Macfarlane.

WHO Report Criticized As Overestimate

I blogged about the WHO report earlier.  Even though the conclusions were basically, "not much to worry about", some Japanese think it was an overestimate.

New Prostate Cancer Screening Guidlines

Are a "tough sell".  That's completely irrational, but apparently true.

Knowing Genetic Makeup May Not Improve Disease Risk Prediction

Because the interplay between genes and genes and their environment isn't's very complex.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Non-toxic Chemotherapeutic Drug

Called Thioridazine.

Nuke Sub Fire!

Extinguished, 7 injured, no reactor damage.

Pilgrim Party!

Sounds like fun times at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station....picketers, protesters, & NRC inspection team!

And to top it all off?

A scram!

"Mountain Of Waste 70 Years High"

Here's some recent  anti-nuke propaganda by Kevin Kamps (video below fold).

Fukushima Radiation Effects

The World Health Organization concludes that radiation doses were generally "below cancer causing levels", while the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation has concluded to study the effects of Fukushima, with preliminary findings expected next May.

Of course, "below cancer causing levels" is a misnomer.  I don't know if the WHO actually used that phrase or whether the Scientific American reporters employed it.  At our current state of knowledge any amount of radiation increases the risk of cancer (though it's a teeny-weeny increase at small doses).  Our understanding is probabilistic, not deterministic.  A better phrase would be "acceptable levels" or "about background levels" or something like that.

Columbia Generating Station Gets License Extension

Until 2043.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One Japanese Farmer Moves To Australia

After Fukushima contaminated his farm.

NAS Cancer Study Near Nuke Facilities Phase I Report

Some time ago I mentioned this NRC-prompted National Academy of Sciences study.

Phase I is available for free online, and you can comment on it until May 30!

It isn't known whether or not the NRC will actually pursue the second phase.

Bernard Cohen Died

One of the first RIB Joint posts was on radiation hormesis in response to a video by Dr. Bernard Cohen.

I just learned that he died last March.

Old Farts Should Get Colonoscopies Too

It's not too late!

Probability Of Contamination From Nuke Accident Higher Than Expected

According to this study.  But I don't like the study.  It relies on Chernobyl and Fukushima.  But they count Fukushima as 3 meltdowns, even though they have the same causal and temporal circumstances.  It's possible that the future might show more instances of multiple reactor failures as a result of the same circumstances, but with a single event, that's some poor data quality.

That's A Positive Feedback!

A carcinogen causes chromosomal rearrangement which can result in a new "fusion" gene.  The fusion gene can  produce its own protein.  The protein can affect thousands of other genes, leading to cancer (prostate, in this study).

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yakuza & Fukushima

The Yakuza is the Japanese version of the Italian mafia.

Novel Biomarker For Rad Exposure

Using microbes.  Though, this isn't new.

Contaminated Japanese Sewage Sludge Is Stockpiling

Incineration would reduce the volume.  I find the headline funny, "Incinerating radioactive sewage sludge could contaminate the environment".  The reason there is radioactive sewage sludge is BECAUSE THE ENVIRONMENT IS CONTAMINATED!!

Arctic Melt Releasing Methane

Methane would be CH4, and there's lots of it stored in the Arctic.  Or was stored.  The article states that CH4 is the second most important greenhouse gas behind CO2.  There is much more CO2 being emitted than CH4, but CH4 is 72x more efficient at trapping heat than CO2.  This is called its Global Warming Potential and has to be stated over a particular time horizon.  The 72x relates to a 20 year period.

No PSA Testing For Prostate Cancer

Too many false positives.

IMPACT Services Goes Out Of Business

Oak Ridge, TN radioactive waste processing company with 1 million pounds of waste on site.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Jaczko To Resign From U.S. NRC

As soon as a successor is confirmed.

"Are Mysterious Illnesses Linked To Fukushima?"

No.  But based on the video below, I can link bullshit to Fuskushima.

New Details On Aspect Of Gene Regulation

I find this interesting because gene regulation plays a role in cancer.  Typically in health physics one reads about direct or indirect damage to DNA.  However, there is no reason that radiation could not also damage epigenetically important molecules causing a gene to "misbehave".

This other study shows how an enzyme (PAD4) which is normally "good" (fights bacteria) can be "bad" (silences tumor suppressor genes, increasing cancer risk).

Folic Acid May Reduce Some Childhood Cancers

Also known as vitamin B9, which is utilized extensively by the body to maintain healthy DNA.

Sleep Apnea Linked To Cancer Risk

Why isn't clear.

Lung Cancer CT Scans - Just For Older, Heavy Smokers

Due to the number of false positives and radiation doses.

SRS Building Has Fire & Pu Dangers

Building 235-F.

Friday, May 18, 2012

"Is Nuclear Catastrophe Imminent At San Onofre?

No.  But don't let facts get in the way of fear mongering.  Video below the fold.

Hot Rocks Around San Onofre Nuclear Plant

I couldn't pass this up....they're not radioactively hot, they contain phosphorous!

Bay City, MI About To Experience Pollution

Noise pollution from radioactive waste "expert" (read "anti-nuclear campaigner") Kevin Kamps.

Humans Have A Lot Of Genetic Diversity

I have often wondered if this could be related to differential radiosensitivity.  For example, it's pretty much common knowledge that people with darker skin are less susceptible to damage from UV radiation.  Skin color is genetically determined.  Here's more.

What if something similar occurs for ionizing radiation?  We already have hints that this may be the case, such as the condition ataxia telangiectasia, caused by an ATM gene mutation.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Meet Prof. Anthony Hall.  In the below video he discusses Fukushima.  He says that global climate change is financed by the nuclear industry, while the host discusses the Mayan calendar! It's a bunch of whacko!  Hall lies about submarines and spent fuel and the availability of nuclear liability insurance as he compares Fukushima to nuclear war!

For some reason the video poster refers to him as the Truther Professor.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!

U.S. Nuclear Power Emergency Plan Changes

Have caused controversy.

Where Dumb Meets Dumber

I can't embed this video.  Nor can I comment on it, because Goddard banned me after pointing out flaws in his other videos.  I learned about this video from the chap in the video in my last point.

Goddard's tries to promote that a new study suggests that there may be a super-linear dose response at low doses.  From the study itself:

"Importantly, for solid cancers the additive radiation risk (i.e., excess cancer cases per 10^4

person-years per Gy) continues to increase throughout life with a linear dose–response relationship"

What Goddard fails to mention (though it's obvious) is the large errors associated with the low dose range.  He then pulls a switcheroo.  Remember this video is about this new study.  But at about 6:15 until the end, he introduces older studies!  Most of the video actually discusses the older studies.

But in the end, he basically drops the super-linear model he first proposed, for LNT. 

Why didn't he just discuss LNT and the new study?

Anyway, I'm sure this study will be ignored by the pro-nukes and bantered about by the anti-nukes, just like the opposite is being done with the recent mouse DNA study.

"Tom Is Not A Physicist, But...."

This could have been a really good video (below the fold), but it FAILS.  One guy sends some samples from Japan to his friend, Tom.  It looks like the samples were counted accurately.  The highest was about 100,000 Bq/kg (or 2.7 uCi/kg or 2.7 nCi/g).

Now, obviously Fukushima happened.  Obviously radioactive cesium has found it's way into the environment (even accumulating under rain spouts, where the hottest sample was found!!!). 

Notice that the actual level of radioactivity isn't mentioned in the video, but what is mentioned is that there is "no scientific consensus on the health effects"!  Yes, there is consensus!

100,000 Bq/kg is pretty trivial.  The risk depends on the exposure pathway which leads to receiving absorbed doses, but unless one works really hard to maximize their dose, it's hard to imagine a realistic exposure pathway, leading to more than a few mrem.

Anyway, I doubt Tom has a radioactive materials license.  I saw no mention of it on his website. 

Which means he isn't authorized to import or possess byproduct material.   And what did he do with the samples?

No, Tom is not a physicist, but...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tumor Cells More Variable Than First Thought


Complex Deal Keeps Paducah Operating

Enriching uranium.

Oak Ridge's Trench 13

Is described here.

"Division Of Labor" Amongst Tumor Cells

In this study colonizing cancer cells prepare an invaded site for cancer stem cells.

Dietary Supplements Increase Cancer Risk

I guess this ties nicely with my previous post.

A Cult Classic On Radioprotectants!

Emphasis on the word "cult", as in the "alternative medicine" cult.  There is no such thing as alternative medicine.  Either something is scientifically proven to be medically efficacious or not.  If it is, it is medicine.  If it isn't, then it isn't medicine.

Below the fold is a 50 minute pseudo-documentary (4 parts, 3 of 15 minutes each, the last 5 minutes) on taking vitamin C as a radioprotectant.  Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant.  And anti-oxidants and many other substances have been shown to have some radioprotectant effect for certain endpoints.  But they have NOT been shown to be generalized radioprotectants.

You know you're in for a good laugh with pseudo-scientific sounding names like the Japanese College of Intravenous Therapy or British Society of Ecological Medicine! 

However, the video is also potentially dangerous.  It may lead some folks to take too much vitamin C or cause them to increase their radiation exposure because they think the vitamin is providing radioprotection, when it isn't.  It may also cause them to waste their money on unnecessary vitamin C. 

If you don't have the time or inclination to watch the whole thing, the funniest part is the third part where a lady lies about vitamin absorption and her desire to make money.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Choosing The Best Sunscreen

Here's a good description of what to look for.

Tokyo Bay Samples Show Elevated Cesium

Yet still relatively low.

Bechtel Reaches Safety Milestone At Hanford Vit Plant

Of course, at the pace they're progressing.....

Colonography Versus Colonoscopy

I recently had a colonoscopy, but many people don't want one due to the need for laxatives and the invasiveness of the procedure.  CT-based colonography may offer an alternative to improve screening numbers.

A new meta-study shows that colon risk is unclear if a first degree relative is found to have a pre-cancerous polyp.

Prostate Cancer Biomarkers

DNA-methylation profiles can be used to predict prostate cancer.  This show that epigenetic effects as well as genetic effects can lead to cancer. 

Mice DNA Damage From Radiation Study

A new study which looked at the damage to mice DNA from continous, low dose radiation is sure to be ignored by the anti-nukes and overplayed by the pro-nukes.  No significant DNA damage was found in those tissues examined in the study. 

However, using BEIR VII estimates, the excess cancer risk associated with the delivered dose is only 1% excess risk.  That would be very hard to see on a DNA level with so few animals.  The authors acknowledge that any effects may be below their detection levels.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Kodak's "Secret" Nuclear Reactor

Sort of secret.

New World Of Gamma Ray Optics

This is amazing!

Some Japanese Return To Rice Planting

On a test basis in order to confirm low radioactivity levels.

"Adaptive Response" With Sunlight

In radiation biology it has long been known that if one delivers a moderate dose of ionizing radiation to certain types of cells (the priming dose), those cells may fare better to a subsequent large dose of ionizing radiation (the challenge dose) than cells not given the priming dose.  That phenomenon is called adaptive response.  It is frequently misinterpreted as "hormesis" (the impression that radiation is good for you).

Now it looks like we have a similar phenomenon involving bright light (sunlight, welding light, etc.).  Treat the eyes first with infra-red radiation and they suffer less damage when exposed later to the visible light radiation.  At least in rats.

High Cs Levels In Rats

Around Fukushima.  I wonder why?

Energy NW Producing Less Chemical Waste

Than they ever have before!

San Onofre Nuclear Plant's Problems

In a nutshell.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

U.S. Nuclear Engineer Discusses Japanese Nuclear Power

I can't embedd it for some reason.  But it's here.

Arizona Republicans Want High Level Nuclear Waste Facility


Will Fukushima Affect Tokyo's 2020 Olympic Venue Hopes?

I would hope not.

Chromosal Abnormalities Are Associated With Cancer & Aging

In addition to this study, you should also read my separate Page (right side of Home page) on the subject of Radiation, Evolution, Cancer and Aging.

Melanoma - Genome Sequencing Improves Understanding

Genetic damage increases with sun exposure.  Note that exome sequencing is the sequencing of just exons.  Exons are those genes which code for proteins.  Between the exons are introns which are gene segments which don't code, but can still be damaged.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Interesting TEPCO Lawsuit

Brought by the family of a woman who set herself on fire.  The claim is that the Fukushima accident caused her depression.  I don't think it will prevail because TEPCO did not cause the Fukushima accident, natural events did.  If the accident led to her depression, it was her decision to commit suicide not TEPCO's.

FDA Seeks Less Radiation For Kids

Getting medical diagnoses or treatment.

Radiation At OH Site

Even though their detectors didn't detect any.  The article doesn't say why they think there is any radioactivity there.

NASA's Radiation Alarms

At Goddard in MD, were not caused by radiation.

SRS Waste Could Go To WIPP

Yeah, but not anytime soon.

Blended Radioactive Waste Coming To Utah

The embedded video is funny as it highlighs the irrational decision making of the State.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Physicians For Social Responsibility Speak Irresponsibly

They have an anti-nuclear agenda and held a press conference earlier this month  The speaker compares a potential Braidwood (U.S. nuclear plant) accident with Fukushima.  Of course Braidwood is in Illinois, not likely to experience an earthquake of that magnitude nor a tsunami.  He does a similar thing with Indian Point (New York nuclear plant).

But why let facts get in the way?

SRS Seals 2 Underground Tanks

That's a lot of grout!

Should Pilgrim Be Relicensed?

Depends on who you ask!

Asia Pacific Journal Repeats Lies

Of Ian Goddard, whom I've criticized before.

Treatment For Viral Skin Cancer On The Horizon

This illustrates the role of modern genomics.

Redirecting T Cells To Fight Cancer

Instead of viruses.

Drymouth Can Be Avoided After Radiotherapy

For head and neck cancer.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This Nuclear Stuff Is DANGEROUS!

IAEA inspector killed and another injured in Iran.

From  a car crash.

Bill Would Add 2 Years To SRS Pu Disposition

Sounds like a government project.

Judge Orders Hearing On Texas Waste Site

It probably won't change anything, because he didn't rule that the site had to be shutdown in the interim.

(Why are waste sites always referred to as "dumps" by the media?)

Utah Radiation Control Board Ignores Down-Blending Issue

As well they should because once the waste is downblended it's pretty much the same as waste that wasn't downblended.

Gundersen & Kaltofen Pretend They're Health Physicists Again

Oy vey, this is painful to watch, but it looks like Fukushima has paid off well for Gundersen (new website design, time to travel around the country, etc.). 

To specifically critique the video, read below.

1 In 6 Cancers Worldwide Caused By Infections

And are largely preventable.  In a related article, many of the genes associated with bile duct cancer (caused by flukes ingested with raw fish) have been identified.  And here's a timely anecdote.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother Accused Of Letting 5 Year Old Daughter Use Tanning Bed

Innocent until proven guilty.

Who Cares? Helen Caldicott Again

With her cherry-picking, exaggerating, and bamboozling (mixing her accurate knowledge of anatomy and physiology which makes her sound credible, with inaccurate epidemiology).  Jump to 38 minutes if you care:

Radiation Belt Storm Probes

Arrived at Kennedy Space Center in preparation for August launch.

Improved Radiation Detectors

Are being developed.

Greenpeace Activist Flies Into French Nuke Plant

And was caught.

North Anna Plant On Local News Following NRC Talk

Which I mentioned yesterday.  Video here.

High Quality X-Rays Provide 4D Lung Imaging

Could revolutionize our understanding of lung physiology.

Cone Beam CT Better For Visualizing Some Causes Of Hearing Loss

At half the radiation dose.