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Hormesis - Ideological Toxicology

This paper describes broadly the logical and philosophical problems with hormesis (chemical and radiation):

It mentions Edward Calabrese, whom I've criticized frequently on this blog, just search his name.

This paper by the same author is similar but targeted more directly at Calabrese.

Prof. Shrader-Frechette does such a wonderful job of distilling the many tactics employed by these ideologues that I've set these papers up on this separate page, which I'll link to in blog posts.

Here she is from a few years ago discussing environmental justice and the influence of industry "studies":


  1. How about this one?
    Fri Aug. 16, 2013 After months of in-fighting, the beleaguered Oregon Republican Party elected a new chairman last weekend.. Art Robinson.. Robinson, who has a Ph.D. in chemistry, has marketed himself for the last three decades as an expert on everything from nuclear fallout to AIDS to climate science in the pages of a monthly newsletter, Access to Energy....

    On nuclear waste: "All we need do with nuclear waste is dilute it to a low radiation level and sprinkle it over the ocean—or even over America after hormesis is better understood and verified with respect to more diseases." And: "If we could use it to enhance our own drinking water here in Oregon, where background radiation is low, it would hormetically enhance our resistance to degenerative diseases......

    On climate change: "[T]here is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth."