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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ecosystem Study Of Cs-137 Transport

Shows it is non-linear transport with higher concentrations than models predicted.

IAEA Visits Ongawa Plant

In order to determine why it fared better than Fukushima:

Japan Working With Others In Decommissioning

Of Fukushima.

Soil Sucks Up CO2

To form carbonates.  In acidic conditions, the CO2 could be released.

EPH Gene Role In Lung Cancer Identified

Normally acts as a tumor suppressor unless it gets mutated.


Is described here with video clip.

CB&I Buys Shaw, Gets Into Nuclear

Again.  They used to build reactor vessels.

TEPCO Gets $12.8B

In a socialization of the costs.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Emails From Anti-Health Physics Cult

I wrote and complained about the anti-health physics cult.  I actually received a couple of emails this morning from their members, former ANS President Eric Loewen and Ted Rockwell (search my blog for more on him).  In a nutshell their arguments are just like the creationists' (or global warming denialists, or anti-vaxxers, or homeopaths, etc.)...question the science.  By questioning the science, we're doing science!


Those tired, old questions have been answered over and over.  You just don't like the answers!  That's denialism, not science.

Monju Sodium Leakage Alarm Sounded

But seems to have been false.

James Conca Oversimplifies Japan's Nuclear Dilemma

In his latest Forbes' blog.  At the end he poses the choices as:

"The question is: what do you care about most? The planet’s survival, economic survival, or the fear of radiation? Japan has a choice to make."

Their nuclear power issue isn't simply the "fear of radiation".  They still have three cores to clean-up.  They still have no high level waste disposal site.  They still sit on a geologically active area, it shouldn't be unexpected that another Fukushima-like event will occur in the next 40 years.

Japan has a choice to make, but it's much more complex than Conca's framing of it.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

RAC1 'Em

Melanoma and the role of RAC1.

Fukushima - "Extremely Dangerous"

No, it's not.  But that doesn't stop the fear mongering!

Get To Know The Hannibal Lecter Of The Periodic Table

Anti-Nuke Protestors Surround Japanese Parliament

About 10,000 in number.

Global Warming Recovered Denier & Not

Here's a professor who used to be in denial of global warming but has since became objective, and here's one who hasn't.

Genkai Reactor Vessel Embrittlement

Thanks to neutrons.

San Onofre - The Next Fukushima?

Some people draw parallels.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Odaka Recuperating From Fukushima

The professor in the article thinks all that people can do is pray that another earthquake won't happen.  Well, they could slaughter animals, perform a ritualistic dance, or burn witches, but that wouldn't make any sense either.

Ozone Hole Affecting Marine Life

Less shielding of UV-B radiation.

Untreated Heartburn Raises Cancer Risk

Of the esophagus.

Dark Skinned Folks At Risk From Melanoma

Play it safe.

Slightly Elevated Tritium Around TMI

And seems to be declining.

Interfaith Peace Walk To Hanford

Only about 20 people.

New Head Of Japan's New Nuclear Reg Agency

A radiation physicist.

Nuclear Power Is Expanding

Despite Fukushima.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chris Busby Lies Some More

He just can't help himself, he's got two new videos:

Sr-90 Levels Higher Around Fukushima

Shocking! HA!

It Was A Navy Sub Worker That Set Fires

Back in May.

ALT Pathway Explored

Cancer cells can become immortal by lengthening their telomeres usually by making more telomerase (an enzyme that does that) or through an alternative pathway called ALT.  This study shows ALT is at least somewhat determined by an enzyme called ATRX.

Top 5 Myths About Sun Exposure Protection

Described here.

For The Ladies - Larger Breasts Pose Greater Breast Cancer Risk

Since there are more cells which might become cancerous.

SRS Completes He Overhaul

Making tritium for weapons also produces helium for radiation detectors.

Radiation Detected In St. Louis Manhole

Low levels near old Mallinckrodt facility.

Good Safety Record At Hanford's Vit Plant

12M hours without an incident causing a lost work day.

TVA Moves Forward With MOX Fuel

And some are pushing back.

New NRC Chairperson Focuses On Waste Disposal

Whether one recycles or not, there is still high level waste that needs a home.

Tritium Contaminates 40 In India

Below annual limits.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

30 Year Greenland Ice Melt Record

Maybe it will expose more sand for global warming deniers to stick their heads in.

British Malignant Melanoma Rates Soar

Take your tea indoors!

Fukushima Area Beef Not Selling

Due to contamination concerns.

Fukushima #1 & #3 Continue To Emit Cesium

As of June anyway to the tune of a total of 10 million Bq/hr (about 270 uCi/hr).

Hanford Area Events Planned

To mark atomic bombing anniversary.

New Acronym For American Nuclear Society

I've blogged about the science problems at the society (traditional acronym is ANS).  In response to
my email in that last link, well, I received no response.

I followed up with an email to the new ANS President.  He did respond and we had an exchange of several emails.  

My perspective following that exchange is that ANS is not a scientific and educational society, but a promotional association.  The new President suggested I contact the former President directly, as he wasn't willing to do much.  I sent the former President an email last Saturday and I've received no response to it.

So I'm suggesting a new acronym for the society....ANuS.

"No Such Thing As A Safe Tan"

A new study confirms the saying and shows how UV-A & UV-B have different pathways to causing melanoma.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Conca Cracks Me Up!

I blogged the other day about James Conca's latest masterpiece in Forbes.  I tried to correct him on a few things in the comment section, but he seems insistent on his pseudo-epidemiology which goes something like this (if I understand him correctly):

"There are 6 billion people on the planet, cancer rates aren't much different across the planet, natural radiation levels vary across the planet, therefore low level radiation doesn't cause cancer".

You just can't make this stuff up!

Biology Is Responsible For Recent Shooting

According to famous pastor Rick Warren.

Breast Cancer Cells Turn Off Interferon Production

Avoiding attack by the immune system.

Japanese Denuclearization Bill

Has been drafted.

Cancer Imaging At The Molecular Level

It's a bit long and a bit old, but very fascinating stuff:

Another Fukushima Report

Criticizes TEPCO & government.

Second Japanese Plant Restarts

Another of the Ohi units.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Radiation Damage To Microelectronics

Bigger problem than some thought.

Forbes' James Conca Gets LNT Wrong

He writes, "This fear-mongering comes down yet again to the Linear No-Threshold dose hypothesis, or LNT. As has been discussed before, LNT supposes that all radiation is deadly and that there is no dose below which harmful effects will not occur (BEIR VII) ."

Nowhere does LNT suppose that all radiation is DEADLY!  Only that it causes DNA damage, the damage can accumulate and cause cancer.  The risk is low, and depends on the dose.  There are no identified mechanisms for a threshold, and Conca offers none. 

The study he is opining about sure has touched a pro-nuclear nerve!

Rocky Flats Author On C-Span Book TV

Right now, I don't see a replay this weekend.

That's A Health Physics No-No

It looks like a TEPCO subcontractor's executive somehow tried to force workers to shield their dosimeters.

Cancer Biology 101

And its got graphic images!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Chernobyl Forest Fire Risk

Here's a data-less article on the subject.

Are The Hormies A Messianic Cult?

Here's a recent article in the Hormies' journal about the "LNT debate".  Sounds a lot like the "evolution debate".

It starts out with this lie, "There is considerable interest in revisiting LNT theory...".

No there's not, you (nor anyone else) have provided a reason to revisit it.

Perpendicular Paramagnetic Bonding

A newly discovered type of chemical bond which doesn't occur on Earth.

Mutation Buildup Drives Leukemia

Here's an article (and nice graphic) showing how blood stem cell mutations accumulate with age, and then when a particular mutation occurs, leukemia is the result.

In regards to radiation exposures, leukemia is often seen before solid cancers, because it doesn't have to metastasize.  It's already in the blood.

ANS Past President Doesn't Understand Health Physics

I wouldn't display my ignorance of science at the National Academy of Sciences, but Dr. Loewen didn't seem to have a problem with it (you can jump to 1:00 and just watch for a minute) last May:

NYT Blog Opinion On Fukushima Deaths Study

Well, we know NEI didn't like the study.  Matthew Wald, a New York Times blogger seems confused by it.

It's just a ballpark study meant to provide perspective. It's not accurate, but isn't it better to have a ballpark estimate as compared to willful, complete ignorance?

I'm with the estimate, but I understand its shortcomings.

Chronic Inflammation & Cancer

The role of foods is discussed here.

It's always fun when a Hormie (radiation hormesis proponent) claims that low levels of radiation stimulate the immune system, so radiation is good for you.  If that were true (and it is, but only in very unique circumstances, and even then very short-lived), the chronic inflammation would increase our cancer risk, not decrease it!

NRC Panel On Waste Downblending

It looks like it was just an initial stakeholder meeting.  With low level radioactive waste there are 3 classes based on isotopic characteristics (A, B, C, with A being the least toxic, C the most).  The Utah-based EnergySolutions site can only accept Class A.  If one dilutes Class B and C waste with larger quantities of very low Class A waste, all of the waste can fall within Class A and be disposed of there.

Historically, the saying "dilution is the solution" hasn't been well received.

INL Misses Waste Cleanup Schedule

The facility to treat the sodium-bearing waste isn't ready.

Media Leaks Delay Japanese Nominations

To their equivalent of the NRC.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

NEI Blog Doesn't Like That Radiation Causes Cancer

In a post titled Fukushima Daiichi and Cancer Studies, they don't like the results of this study.  Instead of ignoring the study as I predicted, it has bothered them.  Poor babies.

Moving Highly Radioactive Sludge At Hanford

Sun -->Mutations-->Melanoma

A lengthier discussion here.

Lotsa Sperm

From one man that's been genetically sequenced showing lotsa diversity.  

Fukushima Contaminated Fish Worry Some In B.C.

As in British Columbia.

Fukushima's Impact On NRC Rep

Meet Chuck Casto.

Limerick Unit 1 Manual Scram

Due to an electrical disturbance.

9 Mile Unit 1 Shuts Down

Due to high neutron flux.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Old Denier Tactics

A new study on global warming is being inappropriately used by climatology-deniers.

We see this sort of thing in health physics all the time, either from the Wolf Criers (think radiation is ultra-dangerous) or from the Hormies (hormesis proponents).

Genes Interact

Here's a study that describes the interaction among genes due to their positioning on chromatin (the stuff the DNA is wrapped around).  Genes interact and damage to one can propagate to others leading to an overall "effect".

Sunlight Boosts Vitamin D Which Enhances T-Cell Function

T-cells are part of the immune system.

The sunlight-vitamin D connection is often used as an analogy for ionizing radiation hormesis.  The point being made is that low levels of UV radiation are good for you, therefore low levels of ionizing radiation are good for you (absent any vitamin D component of the analogy!).  Though the net impact of low amounts of sunlight are good for you, while you're absorbing the sunlight you're also increasing your risk of cancer.  It's just that the net effect is beneficial.

LDR Brachytherapy

This is about a year old, but does a good job explaining LDR brachytherapy for prostate cancer:

Hot Tea?

I know, I're thinking another Fukushima story.

Nope, an Indian researcher claims he was given Sr-90 laced tea to prevent him from doing his research.

Sounds absurd, but if true my "unplanned event" label tag might should be "planned event" (but it would still be unplanned, from the researcher's perspective....if true).

NRC Holding Public Meeting To Discuss Byron Plant


UAE Nuke Plant A Go

It will be their first.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pilot Gets Eye Injury

From laser.

Louisiana - You've Got A Problem

Governor Jindal wants to use tax dollars to support the teaching of creationism.

Liver Cancer Seems To Arise From Cell Identity Swap

By activation of just 2 genes.

Cell Glue Provides Cancer Insight

It's a protein called Rho.

Fukushima Related Cancers Estimated

You won't be reading about this from the Hormies (those who promote hormesis) nor from the Wolf Criers (those who exaggerate radiation's health effects).  Obviously a rough estimate at best, and of course there may be more releases in the future.

Fukushima Opens Beach

I'll bet the water is warm!


$6M laser.

Genoa Moves SNF To Dry Storage

Related to this earlier post on LaCrosse's waste, the Genoa spent fuel waste transport made the local news.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hedgehog Signaling Pathway's Influence On Cancer

The Hh signaling pathway can play an important role in cancers.  Here's some more recent work.

Potential Apoptosis-Based Cancer Treatment

Based on the BID protein.

Analyzing Tumor Cells In Blood

Using nanomagnets.

Yawn! Where Have I Heard This Crap Before?

Ted Rockwell has a tired, old post at Atomic Ideologies.

The song basically goes like this...back in history some people had some bad ideas (radiation isn't bad for you, or hormesis-lite, or radiation is good for you, hormesis).  Therefore radiation isn't bad for you or good for you.  All the DNA damage that I've identified within this blog (reams) doesn't exist.

And for the chorus - the Cohen study.

Entergy Agrees To Test Yankee Well

For H-3.

UK To Get Germany's Pu

To make MOX fuel.

France's Nuclear Waste Set To Double

Only 0.2% is highly radioactive.

Reduced Radiation Dose Goal For Fukushima

The article says to 1 mSv, but I think they left out "per year".

Crowds Rally In Tokyo

Against nuclear power.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ted Rockwell Doesn't Understand Health Physics

I don't know how I missed this before, but I'm glad I checked again.  Just jump to 2:40, it's an interview with   naturopath and psychic Jane Goldberg.  It's hilarious!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Poe's Law For Nukes

Poe's Law is where someone types something pretty nutty on the internet, and you can't tell if the person is sincerely nutty or if it's someone parodying someone being nutty.

I got Poe'd by Rod Adams!

Rad Therapy For Prostate Cancer

This isn't new, but well done:

Rad Waste Data Storage Solution

Interesting way to store information for a long time (as in instructions for long term radwaste).  I do know that people are bad at making predictions that far into the future.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dr. Drew Is A Shill

Another con victimizing the innocent.

My Email To The ANS Governance

I blogged recently about the anti-health physics cult session at the recent ANS meeting.  I was not surprised to learn that one of the co-chairs was Ted Rockwell, whom I've blogged about before.  But I was shocked to learn that the other co-chair was the ANS President!  Then I found out he is associated with the anti-science George C. Marshall Institute!

Now it all makes sense!  It was purely an ideological meeting meant to promote the propaganda of the co-chairs!  This is a violation of ANS ethics in my opinion.  I sent the ANS Governance this email (there were some errors in the actual sent email, but I corrected them below):

Solar Radiation Warning System For Astronauts

Based on neutron detection after the solar storm strikes Earth.

Breast Cancer Gene Methylation Indication Of Metastasis

If a particular gene, CACNA2D3, is methylated (CH4) it is evidence that the breast cancer has metastasized.  

Is It A Planet Or Not?

Pluto's fifth moon observed.  (It doesn't really matter what label we apply to something)

La Crosse Nuke Plant Waste Transport

I hadn't heard of that plant in a long time, it's been shutdown for over 25 years.  But the waste remains.

LANL Pu Risk Under-Calculated

In an earthquake-->fire scenario according to the DNFSB.

This Is An Embarrassment To Nursing

It's supposed to be a science.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Anti-Health Physics Cult Assembled At ANS Meeting

This is related to a recent post.  I guess there were several anti-health physicists (like anti-matter) at the ANS meeting.  I briefly rebutted what appears to be the main talking points at that site.  I'll repeat those here but finish up:

Onagawa Spent Fuel Rack Damage

It's not a "container".  Semantics aside, it isn't newsworthy, unless you want to instill fear and misunderstanding.

Insights On Metastasis

Tumors employ chemokines to gain access.

Specialized Ultrasound To Detect Cancer

But not those deep in the body.

New Platinum-Based Cancer Drug Shows Promise

More effective than the traditional cisplatin.

Melanoma Promoting Gene Identified


Cancer - The Plot Thickens

Tiny vesicles released by tumor cells are taken up by immune cells.  The immune cells discharge chemicals which promote cancer growth.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Radiation Hormesis - Gestalt Switch

Are you familiar with the Rubin's Vase?  It is basically a "double" image.  There are many illusions like that and sometimes people have difficulty seeing both images.  The mental switch that needs to occur to get them to recognize the second image is a Gestalt switch.

TN Prepping To Remove Impact's Waste

Left onsite from its bankruptcy.

Bacteria & Nuclear Waste Repositories

A potential threat?

New Atheism's Most Polarizing Figure?

We have history, which is based on historical evidence.  We have science, which is based on naturalistic evidence.  Religion is neither of those things.  It's made-up stuff.  So what is new atheism?  I don't really's like old atheism....not believing in made-up stuff.  (Dawkins looks sunburned) 

P.S. It's funny when one of the hosts says something like wouldn't we better off than if we just stuck to facts?       


Melanoma - New Guidelines For Biopsies

Biopsies of the sentinel lymph node, the first node expected to see cancer metastasis from the original site.

Nucleolus Might Be A Target For Cancer Therapy

Related to cancer's dependence on ribosomes, which the nucleolus forms.

What Would Disprove Evolution Or LNT?

As in evolutionary biology.  Biologist Jerry Coyne has a write-up regarding evolutionary biology.

What about LNT?  Like Jerry, I'll post my own thoughts:

1.  That ionizing radiation doesn't ionize atoms or molecules.

2.  That the ionization never results in physical changes to DNA and other cellular components.

3. That cells can repair these physical changes with 100% fidelity.

4.  That cancer is not caused by underlying cellular damage.

5.  That there is as yet some physical phenomenon, not currently known, which informs us that we've been wrong.  I'm talking something on the scale of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, which wasn't a part of anyone's thinking for thousands of years.

None of the above is too likely....

Better Treatment For Common Adult Brain Cancer

Glioblastoma multiforme.

First Half Of Year Hottest On Record

The science of climatology prevails.

Welcome to the rest of our lives:

Canadian Nuke Energy Workers On Strike

At Candu Energy, Inc.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pediatric Tumors Traced To Stem Cells In Developing Brain

It's a common cancer type called neurofibromatosis type 1.

>Half Of Americans Don't Understand Fracking

Disappointing but not surprising.

Sun Emits X1 Flare

It may glance us.  The X class is the highest class at >10-4 W/m2.

Atomic Ideologies Back At It (UPDATED)

With another anti-science post denying the science of health physics.  Adams seems to think that because we use radiation to treat cancer (due to its genotoxicity) that the LNT theory is disputed.  He doesn't understand that the genotoxicity of radiation supports the LNT theory.  He is correct that folks shouldn't fear low level radiation, they should put the risk in perspective.  In order to understand what that risk is, they have to use LNT theory.

UPDATE:  I intentionally did not originally comment on the slides that Adams linked to because that would be like criticizing a film based on a few still photographs.  I had tried to find the study and had failed, but I kept at it and have finally succeeded.  This is bizarre!  Let's dig in!

Anniversary Of Starfish Prime

An atmospheric nuclear bomb explosion that was undertaken in response to the Soviets claiming that they would end their moratorium on nuclear bomb testing:

Meet Some Health Physicists

The Health Physics Society has posted several videos on YouTube.  I haven't watched them all, but they seem to basically be of biographical nature, exploring the lives of some health physicists.

Arsenic-Based Life Isn't

I recall getting an email from NASA informing me to watch a T.V. broadcast on their channel in which they were going to make a startling announcement a couple of years ago.  It was pretty exciting until I actually watched the broadcast.  It was too promotional and the key scientist was just too ditsy.  I was very skeptical of the claims.

American Praised For Getting Japanese Rad Data

Congratulations Sean Bonner!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Material May Reduce X-Ray Doses

Inspired by moth eyes.


Today, I'd been mentioning the subject of who is getting more media attention - Gundersen and Caldicott versus the nuclear power industry.  It's only fair that we see some of the Nuclear Energy Institute's stuff.  Here's an ad at a whopping 1 minute.  Compare to the length of media time afforded Gundersen and Caldicott:

The Hypocrisy Of Melinda Gates

I always find it strange when a seemingly intelligent person can hold two contradictory views.  Take Melinda Gates who is very pro-women's rights  while simultaneously (according to the link) a practicing Catholic.  The Catholic Church has much to do about subverting women through the centuries, let alone that its dogma is based on superstitious nonsense.

Gundersen - Profiting From Fukushima

As I mentioned in the previous post, it's hard to find evidence of massive nuclear power industry media spending.  Caldicott and Gundersen are in the media much more often.  And here's Arnie yet again.

Caldicott - A Beacon Of Nonsense From N. Europe

She was on Red Ice Radio which calls itself a beacon of reason, but obviously it isn't.  I've criticized her before, particularly here.   The first 8 minutes deal with her nuclear weapons activism, but then she starts discussing Chernobyl and the phoney NYAS book and exaggerated deaths, I discussed in the previous link. Then she exaggerates the Fukushima deaths to 2.5-3 million people!

Protecting Infants From Sun Exposure

Some good tips.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Gundersen On "Democracy Now"

He's obviously the only nuclear engineer in the entire U.S., right?  

"Over the next 30 years we're going to see a million cancer as a result of this (Fukushima)"


A Nuclear Engineer Who Doesn't Understand Health Physics

Jim Muckerheide's name came up recently and I tried to find something recent from him, but I failed.  I did find this old (2000) video of him.  It's posted by LibertyInOurTime who is an anti-government extremist (comments disabled on YouTube).  We've encountered him and the organization in his video, Doctors For Disaster Preparedness (an anti-government group) before, when I pointed out the fallacies of Bernard Cohen.  Apparently this group loves to hear from anti-scientists in order to promote anti-government regulation propaganda.

Hanford Hot Capsule Shuffle

I recently posted about this, but video is much cooler:

Creation "Museum" Having Troubles


What Happens If You Get Bitten By A Radioactive Spider?

Probably not much.  Good to see some accurate health physics at a popular website.

Global Nuke Power Output Falls

Courtesy of Fukushima and the global financial mess.

High Speed Camera Used To Detect Cancer Cells

Which are in very low concentrations in the blood.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hanford's Pu Finishing Plant

What Is Po-210 & How Can It Kill?

In case you were wondering.

Maybe They'll Go Out Of Business

The Vatican, that is.

N. Ireland You Should Be Ashamed!

Promoting creationism in the 21st century!

""We have worked closely with the National Trust over many months with a view to ensuring that the new Causeway Visitor Centre includes an acknowledgement both of the legitimacy of the creationist position on the origins of the unique Causeway stones and of the ongoing debate around this," Mr Thompson said.

Legitimacy of the creationist position???????

Cellular Immortality & Cancer

Related to telomere length.

Nanoparticles Detect Oral Cancer

And may be useful for other types of cancer.

Japan & S. Korea Nuke News

First 4:30, rest is worthless.

CT AG Opposes NY IP Plant Relicensing

Siding with NY's AG.

Millstone Plant Seeks To Store More Spent Fuel

In dry casks.

More On Higgs & His Boson

He doesn't like it being referred to as the "God particle" either.

Fukushima Was A "Man-Made" Disaster

According to a Japanese parliamentary panel.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Former PLO Leader Arafat Poisoned With Radioactivity?

That is the suspicion.

Here's a longer documentary:

More Prudent Use Of Medical Imaging

From the Journal of the American Medicine Assoc.:

More On New Jersey --> S. Carolina Rad Waste

Here's some local news coverage on the shipments of TENORM.  Not informative, just news.

Kissing Bug In The U.S.

It has migrated from S. America and can carry Chagas disease.  This sort of thing is expected with global warming.

Belgium Struggles With Energy Policy

Slows down nuclear withdrawal.

Can A Pill Prevent Radiation Induced Cancer?

There is one that reduces DNA double strand breaks.  That doesn't mean it prevents cancer, but it may reduce its incidence.  That will take years to determine.

Perry Nuke Plant Okay

Despite warning sirens.

Japan Struggles With Energy Policy

U.S. Expertise Used In Support Of Fukushima

Makes sense.

Beyond Reasonable

Paul Gunter with Beyond Nuclear trying to scare us for donations.  No thanks.  Rinse, repeat, ridiculous.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pre-Industrial Emissions STILL Causing Temps To Rise

Simply astounding.

Do I Get Rid Of The Cat Or The Wife?

This is interesting...a link between women's suicides and a parasite found in cats' litter boxes.

Watch An Infection Spread In 3-D

This is really cool!

Atomic Ideology Blinds Reason

Rod Adams, an avid pro-nuke, has a blog on the ANS Nuclear Cafe about radiation protection standards.  It includes a 54 Mb download, which I may get to, but I certainly don't have any desire to after reading its introduction.  He doesn't realize that using the risk estimates that the EPA applies to all environmental pollutants (1E-4 to 1E-6 risk of death to highest exposed), radiation protection regulations are actually very lax (licensees allowed to expose general public to 100 mrem/yr, there is a 1E-4 risk of cancer incidence or 5E-5 risk of cancer death per year, assume 30 years of exposure and you get 1.5 E-3 overall cancer dearh risk, higher than normal.)

Surviving Childhood Cancer & Later Career Success

Childhood cancer survivors may have difficulty with their careers later due to loss of important social interactions as a result of treatment.

S. Carolina Won't Take New Jersey Dirt

To follow-up on a previous post.

I'll Say It

We live in a deterministic (cause and effect) Universe, except at the quantum level.  3,215 high temperature records were broken in June.  The cause is global warming.  I see Bill Nye has no problem saying it:

I'm not a climatologist, but I can reason.

Monday, July 2, 2012

UK Popular Support For Nuke Power Rises

Though not by much, from 61% to 63%.  Is this out of knowledge or ignorance (see my earlier post today on smoking and cancer)?

UK Public Ignorant On Cancers Caused By Smoking

I would guess the US public could out-ignorance them.

3 Minutes About Source Security

By the U.S. NRC.  The music is a bit heavy.

S. Carolina Senator Lies About Science & More

His name is Jim DeMint and he's a lying creationist.  I don't know many scientists who study the genome and conclude we are created (there a tiny minority who think so).  I would think a creator would have avoided genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis.  I would think a creator wouldn't have put so much viral DNA within the human DNA.  And who created the creator?  

Higgs Boson Exists

I hate the term "God particle".  I guess this is the announcement before the announcement.

Why Cancer Rate Increases With Age

James DeGregori's  hypothesis is that cancer is not the result of the accumulation of DNA damage, rather changes in tissues due to aging, which make the tissues more susceptible to cancer.  But he doesn't explain how.  Just because cancer doesn't exactly follow DNA mutation frequency (mostly in young adults) doesn't mean that cancer isn't a result of DNA mutations.  One could say based on his hypothesis that children shouldn't get cancer, yet they do.  He needs a better mechanistic explanation.

Cell Phone Dangers!!!

This video was uploaded over a month ago, I'm not sure when it was actually filmed.  Before we get to it, I'm with the National Cancer Institute and the Interphone study.  The epidemiological data shows no dose response relationship on the human organism level.  It's possible that brain cancers are occurring below the epidemiological statistical threshold, but since the number of cases is so low, the excess has to be very low as well.  Unlike ionizing radiation, there isn't any underlying mechanistic understanding of a pathway leading to carcinogenesis.  We may one day find one, however, but even so, it would have to be very weakly carcinogenic (otherwise the epidemiological studies would show increased incidence). 

So what is up with Dr. Devra Davis?  Let's dig in!:

Coffee Intake Inversely Associated With Skin Cancer

Basal cell carcinoma, as well as Type 2 diabetes and Parkinson's disease.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Gundersens Get A Venue

On a local public T.V. show.  I can't embed the video for some reason, find it here.  The topic is what is the link between TMI, Chernobyl and Fukushima?  Well, you know lies are about to spew....let's dig in!

New Jersey Looking To Send Waste To S. Carolina

TENORM (Technically Enhanced Natural Occurring Radioactive Material).

Hanford Tank Work In High Gear

In order to meet legal deadlines.

Japan Ends Nuke Freeze

"Opposition to restart!"

Cesium Detected In Fukushima Kids' Urine

Low levels, but what really matters is the committed effective dose equivalent, which has to be estimated based on the intake pathway(s), timing, and the urine concentrations. A small amount of radioactivity in urine today from a singe intake long ago might suggest a large single dose long ago, whereas if the radioactivity pathway was more recent, the dose would likely be much less.