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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chris Busby Lies Some More

He just can't help himself, he's got two new videos:

Part 1:

Good costume and props, poor acting, decent fear mongering, and bad science. "If you integrate it you get 3 cps", if you integrate over time you get counts not cps. "Dangerous material" are soooooo brave that you're handling it twice!!! HA! Lead-210 is naturally occurring, but you know that................................

Part 2:
"Scary stuff"...yeah, right.  I can't say where the filter came from and I certainly don't trust where he says it came from.  The levels of Cs at about 100 Bq/g of dust are elevated but we really don't know how much air was run through the filter.  The levels of Pb-210 suggest that it's naturally occurring and a lot of air was run through the filter.  Perhaps to intentionally get a lot of radioactivity to collect on the filter in order to promote fear-mongering.

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