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Health Physics - Some History & Basics

Here is a four part series from South Africa that does a terrific job of providing some of the history and science of nuclear physics and leading up to the practice of health physics (though not directly about health physics).  It includes some actual recordings by people like Rutherford and Einstein.  The videos are a bit old, but still largely accurate.

Oak Ridge Associated Universities has a wealth of health physics history.  Here's a link with some early papers by some famous folks and this link has photos from the health physics museum there:

Part 1 The Discovery Of Radioactivity

Part 2  The Medical & Geological Uses Of Radioactivity

Part 3  Fission & Fusion

Part 4 Nuclear Power (this part deals specifically with S. Africa's growing energy demands, and can be skipped if you're interest is history & basics.  But there is a good description of pebble-bed reactors).

And here's a timeline of radiation research courtesy of the U.S. DoE Low Dose Radiation Research Program.

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