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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Arnie Is Playing Fukushima Like A Fiddle

He gets another venue.  But it's understandable because he's the only nuclear engineer in the U.S. (NOT!):

It's funny because the graphic says he's a "Chief Engineer".  Chief engineer of what?  He is employed by his wife's charity.  He isn't engineering anything nuclear, let alone is he a "chief engineer", which implies that he has subordinates engineers working for him.  And when and where was he licensed plant operator?

Even if he had a real nuclear engineering job, why would that make him an expert on fish contamination?

Of course there's fish contamination, Fukushima happened.  The FDA has and will test fish coming to the U.S. and there's no indication to date of any significant contamination.

He was "told by someone at the State Dept., last year that they were told by the U.S. gov't to downplay the effects of radiation"....that's very convincing!  HA!

"10,000 Bq/sec"?????  A Bq is a disintegration per sec.  A Bq/sec doesn't make any sense, unless there was such a thing as accelerating radioactivity, which there isn't.

Why did they use radiography to check the air filters instead of spectroscopy?  Because the concentration on the air filters was very low, but a radiograph (x-ray film) looks scary.

He must enjoy sitting back, not having any productive employment, criticizing others, and asking for donations.

I couldn't sleep at night were I to do that.

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