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Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Email To The ANS Governance

I blogged recently about the anti-health physics cult session at the recent ANS meeting.  I was not surprised to learn that one of the co-chairs was Ted Rockwell, whom I've blogged about before.  But I was shocked to learn that the other co-chair was the ANS President!  Then I found out he is associated with the anti-science George C. Marshall Institute!

Now it all makes sense!  It was purely an ideological meeting meant to promote the propaganda of the co-chairs!  This is a violation of ANS ethics in my opinion.  I sent the ANS Governance this email (there were some errors in the actual sent email, but I corrected them below):

Dear ANS Governance:

I did not attend the recent ANS meeting, but learned about an alarming aspect over the internet.  The President's Special Session topic was "Low Level Radiation and It's Implication For Fukushima".  It was co-chaired by the President Eric Loewen and Ted Rockwell. 

Based on a description of the event  (at it appears that the speakers were all against the science of health physics and its LNT theory, which applies not only to radiation but to other genotoxic substances.  It appears that the speakers were "cherry-picked" based on political ideology rather than the science of health physics.

I submit that this practice has violated ANS's Code Of Ethics Fundamental Principle:

"ANS members as professionals are dedicated to improving the understanding of nuclear science and technology, appropriate applications, and potential consequences of their use.

To that end, ANS members uphold and advance the integrity and honor of their professions by using their knowledge and skill for the enhancement of human welfare and the environment; being honest and impartial; serving with fidelity the public, their employers, and their clients; and striving to continuously improve the competence and prestige of their various professions. "

It is ironic that when the New York Academy Of Sciences published a "cherry-picked" report on the radiation effects of Chernobyl, Mr. Rockwell was instrumental in raising attention to the matter (see  However, as late as 2011, Mr. Rockwell has shown his own bias and has denounced (erroneously) the scientific consensus (see  As a member (former?) of the American Parapsychological Association, he clearly shows a propensity for pseudo-science (see

Dr. Loewen is associated with the George C. Marshall Institute (see, the same organization which propagandized against the carcinogenicity of tobacco and is currently waging a propaganda war against the science of climatology and climate change.

This session did not represent the state of the science of radiation health effects, nor did it adhere to the ethics of the ANS.

Can the ANS learn from the tobacco industry?

I look forward to your response describing what actions you will take to remedy this situation.

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