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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Arguments Against Gay Marriage

"Are not those of serious people", they're of bigots.


  1. Monkeys from Kentucky are every bit as dumb as those from Tennessee

  2. Actually the whole PDF linked to bears reading. It's not just a matter of principle but can be one of life or death:

    ``Timothy Love and Lawrence Ysunza reside in Louisville, Kentucky and have lived together for 34 years. On February 13, 2014, they requested a Kentucky marriage license from the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office, presenting the requisite identification and filing fees. The Commonwealth refused to issue them a license because they are a same-sex couple. They allege that their inability to obtain a marriage license has affected them in many ways. For example, last summer, Love underwent emergency heart surgery, which had to be delayed in order to execute documents allowing Ysunza access and decision-making authority for Love. As another surgery for Love is imminent, the couple fears what will happen if complications arise. The couple fears that healthcare providers and assisted living facilities may not allow them to be together or care for each other as they age. In addition, the couple has had difficulties with professional service providers; they found out after they purchased their home that their real estate attorney disregarded their request to include survivorship rights in the deed.''

  3. Right! It's not just about enjoying the label of being's about the benefits associated with being married!

  4. It's about the social functions of the marriage contract. Here in Finland too it has happened that the surviving half of a gay couple wasn't even invited to the funeral. And of course Tove Jansson of Moomin fame never got married... she died before the present legislation -- allowing marriage in everything but name -- was passed.