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Monday, September 24, 2012

ANS Publication Promotes Health Physics Denial

The publication, called Nuclear News, gave noncritical coverage of a few pages (including a letter by psychic Ted Rockwell) in its September issue.  Specifically it provided coverage of the "President's Special Session: Low-Level Radiation and Its Implication for Fukushima Recovery" from the 2012 ANS annual meeting.

I criticized that session here and here and here.  You can find plenty more criticisms by simply searching on the names of some of the more prominent preachers who sermonized at the revival meeting.  Names like Pollycove, Rockwell, Cuttler and Allison.

From the article:

"All of the panelists, in one way or another, could be properly termed debunkers of the received wisdom on radiation exposure, as each presented evidence suggesting that not only are popular anxieties over radiation overwrought, but that low doses of radiation can, in fact, provide health benefits when properly administered."

Those panelists are not debunkers...they're deniers! Just like creationists deny biology (see my page comparing the creationist and hormesis cults right hand side of this page).  The two people who organized this talk (Loewen & Rockwell) cherry-picked these speakers.  Loewen is a Fellow of the George C. Marshall Institute which fought against cigarette safety, CFC's and ozone, global warming and now health physics.  Rockwell is a believer in the paranormal.

The American Nuclear Society is NOT a scientific society like it pretends to has evolved into an ideological promotional society.

Unfortunately, I recently renewed my membership, but if this nonsense continues into next year, it's the last time that will happen.

I don't tithe.

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