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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Forbes Spreads Heartland Institute Climate Change Denial

I just came across this piece of nonsense or I would have included it in my last post.  See that last post if you're not familiar with the Heartland Institute.  One of their Senior Dummies Fellows has a piece in Forbes describing the growth of ice in Antarctica.

Let's dig in!

The geographical conditions of each region are very different.

It's not simply a matter of ice decreasing in the Arctic is making its way to Antarctica and freezing.  Arctic sea ice is declining deeply (4.1% per decade).  Antarctica ice has been relatively constant, though increasing slighty (0.9% per decade).

You can go to this link, right hand side, and see a graph of Arctic monthly sea ice over the decades and Antarctica monthly ice over the decades.  It's obvious that the loss of one is not accumulating in the other.  And recall from the link describing the geographical conditions, above, that Arctic ice is generally thicker than Antarctica ice, so if the Heartland Institutes bull claim was close, Antarctica would grow in size faster than the Arctic is dropping.

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