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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

$1M Reward Offered To Birthers, Creationists & Hormies

It's really time for those folks to put up or shut up.

But we know they won't.

Birthers - you claim U.S. President Obama was not born in Hawaii.  I will reward you with $1M if you can provide me with an authentic birth certificate from some other state or country.

Creationists -  you claim that humans were created in their present form.  I will reward  you with $1M if you can provide me with physical evidence of the creator or physical evidence replicating how the creation was accomplished.

Radiation Hormesis Cultists -  you claim, at a minimum, that there is a radiation dose threshold (ie, one ionizing photon or particle is incapable of damaging DNA).  I will reward you with $1M if you can provide me with the physical evidence of this threshold.

No, I'm not the one who's nuts.  It's not the least bit risky for me to make these offers, they're no-brainers.

That birth certificate could be sold to the U.S. Republican Party (or its financial contributors) for much more than $1M.

Any creationist physical evidence could be easily sold to the Vatican, the Mormon church, or other large creationist organization for much more than $1M.  Excellent chance to win a Nobel Prize, which includes more than $1M cash.

Any hormie physical evidence could be easily sold to nuclear power consortiums and well-financed political organizations for much more than $1M.  I'd probably be giving TEPCO or the Japanese government a ring. Another excellent chance to win a Nobel Prize.

Why don't these people just bypass me and really enjoy the profits?  Because they don't have the physical evidence.  But they do have mouths.

P.S. I updated my "Comparing The Creationist & Hormesis Cults" page with some background information.


  1. I don't think you have framed the "Hormie" arguement fairly, I don't have to claim that a single ionizing particle is incapable of causing damage, to argue that there is a level of radition at which on average the combined damage is less than the combined gain.

    Lifting weights damages muscle, lifting too much weight can tear muscles, damage joints, and hurt ligaments and tendons, but that doesn't mean lifting any weight is bad for you.

  2. Selling fear of radiation obviously pays well...

  3. I'm not selling fear of anything. I'm asking for evidence. Why would you interpret asking for evidence as selling fear? That's bizarre.

    "Combined damage" and "combined gain" are very general and vague, and could be interpreted countless ways. If you have some specific biological endpoints in mind, argue them.

    Lifting any weight isn't bad for you, nor is exposure to all radiation. We're exposed to IR, microwaves, etc. all the time. But having a 2,000 pound or above weight fall on you is bad for you, and that is more analogous to molecular ionizing radiation damage.