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Monday, September 24, 2012

The ICRP (Delusion) - Powerful Nemeses Of Global Nuclear Power!

You health physics deniers have always known they've existed!  You've known the name of their organization....the International Commission On Radiological Protection (ICRP)!

Some of you may even know some of the diabolical individuals by name, like the infamous Fiona Stewart or Pek-Lan Kong, all coordinating their covert campaigns under the genius leadership of Dr. Evil:

Ooopps, scratch Dr. Evil, make that Dr.Claire Cousins:

This is the woman who has the entire global nuclear industry in a stranglehold with her science!  She and her henchmen have the financial strength to stand up to companies like Exelon ($30,000,000,000 market cap) or PPL Corporation ($16,000,000,000 market cap).

I mean just look at all of Cousins' bling!  Such audacity!!

But wait, there's are some secret documents (click on "ICRP 2011 Annual Report Now Available") disclosing not only what these wealthy, elite villains have been up to, but what they're planning to do in the future.  How dare they consider providing guidance on "effective dose".

And look more photos!  Now they've really been had.  Did you notice how they always huddle together for a photo shoot?  That's because they're hiding their Deloreans and Maybachs behind them.  Sneaky!  But you can see past those tailored suits and expensive hair stylings.

The ICRP has been devious since its inception, right?.  After all it was formed in 1928 because they knew there would be commercial nuclear power plants in the 1960's & '70's.  They knew they needed time in order for them to infiltrate all of the governments of the world.

It took them six years to do their science and publish their first recommendations, a daily tolerance dose of 0.2 R.  And once nuclear power was developed, they've continued to force their science on the global nuclear industry with lower and lower radiation dose recommendations.  Bastards!

But now, Mr./Ms. Radiation-Reasoner, you've got them cold.  Their faces, names, plans have all been revealed.

What an exciting day it is for you.

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