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Friday, September 21, 2012

Here's The Moron (Climatology Denier) I Was Looking For

I mentioned in a previous post of today, that I had looked for a YouTube clip of the The Young Turks which featured a moronic climatology denier (from last night's show).  Well, the clip has been posted (sadly it's truncated), and the moron's name is  Jack Burkman.  Of course he's a Republican science denier political strategist :

First he brings up what seems to be the latest Republican talking point, that the Antarctic ice is growing (he says it's getting colder, but he screwed up his talking point).  Well, I already addressed that bit of parroting here.

It not a coincidence that this same talking point has just arisen at this point in's a managed anti-science campaign or what they would call a "strategy".

Then there's the..."let's say the science is right".

The science is right as far as the evidence shows....if Burkman has the evidence to disprove it, he should bring it on.  But he doesn't, of course.

Next he's into, "no one knows what the effects will be".  Well, no one can accurately predict the future regarding such a complex situation.  So, we can either put our heads in the sand:
Or, we can make the best estimates possible, realizing that there are uncertainties. And over time, our estimates will improve and we'll implement any technologies we develop over time to address the problem.

Jack wants to do nothing in the hope that technology will magically solve our problems at some understated time in the future.  Consequences be damned.

You're a clown, Jack, get back in your box.

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