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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dirty Bomb Threat Lurks In Hospitals

Speaking of audits and regulators (see my previous post), the GAO has found that the physical security associated with certain radioactive materials at many hospitals is lacking.  Those radioactive materials could  be incorporated into dirty bombs.  (And it is the anniversary of 9/11)

The NRC challenged the findings.  They've prepared some new security regulations, 10CFR37, but they haven't been issued yet (though they've issued orders similar to the regulations).

How tough is it to make a dirty bomb?:

(Talk about coincidences that clip mentioned the Utah facility of my previous post as well as a handheld gamma spec system from two posts ago)

How tough is it to get past security?

Well, ask the folks who infiltrated the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant several weeks ago.

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