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Friday, September 14, 2012

Daniel Hirsch vs San Onofre

Dan Hirsch is my favorite anti-nuke.  He spins a bit and he's obviously biased, but he doesn't grossly exaggerate, lie, cherry pick, and fear monger the way many of the other prominent ones do.  If you listen to him here, it's obvious he keeps up with what's going on.  This talk is from the end of last month, I'm not sure what the venue was.  At the end, the video says to go to another one for the Q&A, but I couldn't find the second one:

It is interesting to go to the U.S. Geological Survey (click on "US" at top, and data feed of "30 days, M2.5+"     at left)  and compare CA seismic activity with the rest of the country.  On the one hand there's a lot of seismic activity there which isn't good, on the other, it shows that stresses are being relieved and may not be building up.

The NRC will be holding a public meeting on San Onofre next month.  I'll bet Dan will be there.

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