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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dr. Nobel...I Have A Prize For You

We all recognize the name Nobel.  It's associated with prizes in science and peace.

Michael Nobel is the great-grandson of Ludvig Nobel, who was the brother of Alfred Nobel.  It was Alfred who established the prizes we're familiar with.

Michael Nobel is peddling nonsense.  He's featured promoting the sale of Propectin, an apple pectin product, which is touted to reduce Cs-137 levels in the body.

"Available in limited quantities.  Reserve your supply now!"

It's made from freakin can make as much as you want.

But it smells like rotten apples to me....or worse.

The "science" is based on the work by a few Russians, primarily a couple of people named Nesterenko, who published in a discredited book on Chernobyl.

You can find a free pdf copy of the book if you search ("Chernobyl" & "Yablokov"), and I looked up what was said about pectin.  It's very sketchy and vague, most of the data simply matches the known biological half-life (70 days) of Cs-137 (Table 13.4).

Pectin might bind with some Cs-137 in the digestive tract, but that's about it.  You'll soon eliminate it in the feces, which is why it's been used as a gelling agent in anti-diarrhea medicines and as a lubricant in constipation medicines (it's also used in jams and jellies).

There are potent chelating agents that can bind and remove Cs-137, and these are usually given intravenously (except Prussian blue which binds Cs-137 in the digestive tract and is given orally).

Dr. Nobel...your prize:

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