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Thursday, September 10, 2015

7 Atoms Isn't A "Trace" Amount?

Arnie Gundersen fearmongering.  At a about 8:00 he discusses the "beginning of the onslaught" of Fukushima radioactivity which was detected at a concentration of 7 Bq/m3.  He wouldn't call that concentration "trace", though any honest, objective person would.  

He goes on to discuss the massive coverup associated with some radioactive dust that he tries to push as leading to 100,000 to one million cancer cases from the accident.  He denigrates "scientists", but then highlights a study he helped fund.  One by Dr. Marco Kaltofen.  That "study" was done in partial fulfillment of his PhD degree, so he wasn't a PhD when he did it.  And what degree was he pursuing? A degree in Civil Engineering!  And who helped fund his study?  Fairewinds Energy!

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