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Sunday, August 18, 2013

American Nuclear Society Lies To Kids

Too little radiation may be harmful.


  1. How "official" is this organization? Does it represent the U.S. nuclear industry? Or just the crank division?

  2. It only requires paying one's dues to join. I joined in 1990 fresh out of the Navy. It pretty much does represent the U.S. nuclear industry.

    I sent an email to the Society's President and I am awaiting a response. The last President was a good guy and addressed issues I raised.

    Two years ago the President was Eric Loewen who is a Senior Fellow with the Marshall Institute:

    My perception is things really went downhill with him, but I could be wrong. It may have always been that way and I was too busy to notice.

    Today, I'm not too busy to notice and I'm going after the cranks.

  3. At least Loewen is not a climatology denialist... but a hard-core LNT denier. Remarkably that's a combination I see a lot.

    Michael L. Corradini may be better -- or not. Reading this, I cannot imagine buying a used car from anyone feeling comfortable being a member of this club, let alone being the President...

    1. Corradini did take some action when I notified him over last year. He's out now and a guy named Hoffman is in. I still haven't heard from him, but he's also a company CEO so he has priorities.

      I also contacted Loewen awhile back and he used the "questioning the science" excuse. Your link shows that what he engaged in was obviously an attack on science.

      This will be my last year as a member if things don't improve significantly.

    2. Unfortunately I don't have the option of terminating my membership ;-/