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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scamming Off Chernobyl

This seems touching, but it's a scam using children.

What's this about (from the sites FAQ's)?

"Many families also share the Gospel with their host child."

Let's look at the Board of this "charity".  One has some business background, another is a Sunday school teacher, and another was involved with social services.

I'm not impressed.  I couldn't find the charity on a charity rating service (like Charity Navigator).

The charity seems to be similar to this one.  A UK site lists a similar charity as religious.  Charity Navigator lists a Chabad's (Jewish) Children Of Chernobyl, which unsurprisingly has a score of 1 star (the lowest).

So these people bring a child into a foreign land, house the child with foreign adults and the adults are going to use these circumstances to proselytize to the child?

That's sick.

I wonder to what extent the host family is also being victimized.  Are they instructed to proselytize?

Do they realize that the radiation doses these kids receive (if any) are very low?  Would they realize that "Most children come with poor dental health due to radiation exposure" (from the FAQ's) is bogus?

Why would someone choose children who may have been affected by Chernobyl over other children who are affected by hunger, disease, lack of medical care, etc.?

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