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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Atomic Taradiddles Continues To Peddle DeNiAl

Nothing new of course.  Adams seems to have a real bromance with the Cato Institute's Ed Calabrese.

And now he filters comments by email addresses.  That's how propaganda works....filter out facts, amplify the lies.

Calabrese concocts the importance of BEAR I to the scientific and regulatory community.  That's a lie.  Those communities and the general public were already aware of the "no threshold" understanding of many geneticists at the time.

The public became concerned (sometimes exaggerating....remember those old 1950's fallout flicks which could lead to things like Godzilla?) and was pressuring the AEC to stop atmospheric weapons testings.  It was the AEC who asked that BEAR I be convened for public consumption.  That's why it is written so simply.

If you scroll down to Appendix 2 in this link (about 13 pages into it), you'll see it was written in 1949.  Read it and you'll see that what we call LNT & ALARA, was already well known then.

In fact, if you scroll down within that appendix to the section, Permissible Dose, you'll find these words:

"Since it seems well established  (emphasis mine) that there is no threshold dose for the production of gene mutations by radiation, it follow that strictly speaking that there is no such thing as a tolerance dose when all possible effects on the individual and future generations are included".

Feel free to read the entire document, I don't cherry-pick or filter comments.

Update:  I see my comment got through.  Adams responded that the President of the NAS took it upon himself to form BEAR I with funding from Rockefeller Institute, according to what the chairman of the genetics committee had written.  This link shows the AEC was involved:

But there is more detail in the book, Permissible Dose, by J.S. Walker, which one has to buy.

I also noticed that the climate change deniers have it in for Dr. McNutt:

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