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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The NRC Petition Against LNT (Science) Will Fail

So a bunch of petitioners (they refer to themselves as scientists, but they aren't doing science, they're petitioning) petitioned the NRC to ignore the theory of LNT when it promulgates regulations.

Can you imagine if a another bunch of ideologues petitioned the FDA to ignore the germ theory of disease when it promulgates its regulations?

 The petition will fail.  Why?

1.  The NRC is a regulatory body, not a scientific consensus body.  All relevant scientific consensus bodies have supported the theory of LNT for decades. Federal agencies have to stick with the scientific method.

2.  The theory of LNT is considered in many agencies' regulations.  The NRC isn't the only one.  You can't have one agency basing their regulations on science and another that doesn't.  The EPA is charged with ensuring continuity on radiation protection throughout all the federal agencies.  The EPA was petitioned in the past and as expected, stood behind the scientific method.  These misfits even petitioned the White House!

3.  Their technical "facts" are wrong.  And they don't seem to realize that science isn't done by petition.  It's done by publishing data in the peer reviewed scientific literature.  But they're too busy petitioning.

Will the impending failure stop these people?

Probably not.

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