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Saturday, August 29, 2015

BEAR I Committee DeNiAr Attacks Are Ignorant

One of the recent attacks by DeNiArs is targeted against the BEAR I committee which published a scientific consensus report on radiation health effects for the public in 1956.

The attack goes something like this...BEAR I introduced the concept of LNT, and ever since, like automatons, the radiation protection community has just blindly followed the dogma to this day.

So, their "thinking" goes...attack BEAR I, and today's science is therefore weakened.
That's ridiculous, of course.  Below is a video from 1950.  It shows that the public already was familiar with the genetic effects of radiation, and those effects were frequently exaggerated in the media.

BEAR I was formed with the urging of the Atomic Energy Commission (who wanted to continue testing nuclear weapons) in order to educate the public more convincingly as to what the biological effects were, not what they might read in the popular press (jump to about 18:15):

So completely contrary to the DeNiAr lies...BEAR I was established to pacify existing fears, not create new ones.

But it doesn't really matter what they thought....scientists aren't automatons, they think independently.

Don't fall for DeNiAr propaganda.

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