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Monday, August 31, 2015

IAEA Director General Releases Fukushima Report - LNT To Blame!


Sorry, SARI that was a joke.  Of course a scientific theory can't be blamed for an accident!

Instead, the DG wrote this:

A major factor that contributed to the accident was the widespread assumption in Japan that its nuclear power plants were so safe that an accident of this magnitude was simply unthinkable. This assumption was accepted by nuclear plant operators and was not challenged by regulators or by the Government. As a result, Japan was not sufficiently prepared for a severe nuclear accident in March 2011.

I wonder who might have taken the lead in spreading that assumption????????

Oh, we know what SARI (or should they be called Petitioners for Inaccurate Radiation Information (PIRI)?) will come up with next...the IAEA is part of the global anti-nuclear power conspiracy!
 More info available here.

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