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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We Don't Do Science By Petition

Rod Adam's Atomic Ideologies Insights blog points out a petition to stop using LNT.  Why not petition that CO2 doesn't cause global warming?  It won't make it true, but it might make some people feel better.  I commented on his blog, but my comment is in "moderation".  HA!


  1. Thanks for trying to bring some sanity to that discussion, although he didn't allow your comment. Fortunately with the petition at 164 signatures it doesn't look like it will become public policy anytime soon. What is it about nuclear that attracts so many ideologues?

    - Alan

  2. I think some people have an original idea about nuclear, but then learn a few new things which change their mind. Due to their psychology, they see themselves as fighters for righteousness against the oppressors (they think others are being fooled by some authority figures, because they sense they were fooled).

    These small minorities seek those with similar views and form cults (pro- or anti- nuclear power). Just like a religious cult, they would rather censure challenging facts (like my comment), than discuss them.

    What allows this to flourish is the lack of direct observation of low level radiation causing cancer. This provides a window of opportunity for manufacturing propaganda and enticing followers.