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Monday, September 9, 2013

The News On Radiation Hormesis

I mentioned awhile back that I was contacted by a reporter to discuss radiation hormesis.  No article appeared for quite some time.

Until yesterday.

P.S. I sent an email to Fox Chase Cancer Center to inquire about the unethical conduct of their employee.  I doubt I'll get a response, but perhaps.


  1. BTW the Taiwan appartment-block study that claimed evidence for hormesis has since been debunked -- a fact the article could have noted if the journalist had done her homework.

    BTW2 an exercise for the reader: note and discuss the differences in presentation style between the two papers. From which author team would you buy a used car?


  2. A typical he said-she said journalist, who I pointed to the Merchants Of Doubt website in the hope she wouldn't play along with Doss, but she decided to anyway.

    "..aided by a too complaint media..."

    According to the Health Physics Society, I was the only one contacted to contact the journalist. Yet the journalist wrote:

    ""There is substantial scientific evidence that this [no-threshold] model is an oversimplification," says the Health Physics Society, composed of radiation safety professionals."

    I didn't tell her that. Maybe she took it from an old HPS document or out of context from something more recent.

    I've let the HPS know what the journalist wrote and suggested that the President follow-up.

    I knew the first apartment study was poor, but I wasn't aware of the second study. That's good to know. Thanks.

  3. Oh, I've figured it out. The journalist quoted the HPS Position Statement (PS) on Radiation Risk which is based on a 1997 NCRP report.

    The HPS contacted me this morning stating that the matter would be forwarded to the President, but I can't fault the reporter (well someone led her to that PS intentionally).

    I suggested the HPS let the President know how the PS is being used against health physics.