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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

DeNiArs Should Watch This Chernobyl Video

Ian Goddard does a wonderful job of explaining a commonly used tactic of DeNiArs (those who deny the scientific theory of LNT, analogous to evolutionary biology deniers or anthropogenic climate change deniers).  They typically indulge in the fallacy of cherry picking radiation studies at low doses and with low statistical power and then erroneously conclude that LNT is wrong and part of an anti-nuclear power conspiracy!

This video shows that LNT predicts that we can't statistically discern an increased cancer risk under those circumstances.  That doesn't mean that radiation, DNA, DNA repair mechanisms, etc. behave any differently under those circumstances.  They don't...they behave the same whether low dose or high dose.  So we know, that even though a study lacks statistical power, that doesn't change the theory of LNT.  DeNiArs can't accept those facts.

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