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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Virgin Galactic Spaceship Crash

Have you heard about the crash?

What if the company's CEO, Sir Richard Branson, had appeared on T.V. and said something like:

"This is a tragedy.  Please join me in signing a letter denouncing the science of physics, particularly the horrible theory of general relativity (our theory of gravity).  We mustn't let this happen again.  A pilot was killed and another injured.  The costs have been in the millions.  Please denounce general relativity."

That would be absurd wouldn't it?

Branson would be the laughing stock of humanity, blaming a theory (an evidence-based explanation of what causes gravity) on the crash.  Fortunately, Branson is too rational and intelligent to make any such statement.

I don't know what caused the crash (obviously gravity pulled the craft towards the Earth), but the NTSB is investigating.  The cause will be related to why the craft didn't stay aloft as intended.  Everyone knows gravity exists.

What's my point?

I'm making an analogy with those who blame the science of health physics and the LNT theory on whatever is bothering them.  It's absurd, it's ridiculous, it's intellectually immature.

Yet, that is what these SORRY SARI people spend their time doing.

It's just as absurd as blaming Hitler's actions on the science of biology and the theory of evolution.

Don't think people can really be that moronic?

Think again:

Basically, Rod Adams (and the SORRY SARI bunch) are to the science of health physics, what Kirk Cameron (and other Creationists) are to the science of biology:

P.S.  If anyone wants to wager that the NTSB will conclude that physics and the theory of general relativity is responsible for the spaceship's crash, please make your wager below.  I'm wagering that if they can draw any conclusion at all, it will be related to one or more of the following sorts of things: design flaw, equipment malfunction, pilot error, insufficient pilot training, etc.

They won't be blaming science.

Just like the Institute for Nuclear Power Operations (can't get more pro-nuclear than that!) didn't blame science for Fukushima.

That would be silly.

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