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Sunday, December 7, 2014

How DeNiArs Are Like Creationists

DeNiArs (health physics deniers who don't think low dose radiation can cause cancer) are like Creationists (biology deniers who don't accept species evolution) in many ways. See right hand side of this page for "Comparing the Creationist and Hormesis Cults".

One particular way, is the acceptance by Creationists of micro-evolution.  That is, that a wolf could evolve into a dog, for example, because they're both dog-like.  What they can't accept is macro-evolution.  That is, that a whale could evolve from a legged, cow-like animal because a whale isn't like that.

But really, macro-evolution is just a large number of micro-evolutionary steps over a long period of time.  Of course no single human lives long enough to see macro-evolution.

DeNiArs can usually accept macro-carcinogenesis (I made that up), that is that large doses of radiation can cause cancer.  But they can't accept micro-carcinogenesis (I made that up), that is that low doses of radiation can cause cancer.

But really, macro-carcinogenesis is just a large number of micro-carcinogenesis'.  In other words, using epidemiology, with small doses and small samples, we can't "see" an increase in cancer.  We have to have large doses in order to discern an increase.  But the mechanism (gene mutation) is no different at small doses than it is at  large doses (a single photon/particle can cause a gene to mutate).

In fact, the mechanism (gene mutation) is the same mechanism which cause species evolution.

And species evolution occurs at low doses of radiation.

So Creations and DeNiArs have a lot in common:

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