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Friday, December 5, 2014

Keith Baverstock - A Refreshing Voice Over DeNiAl

I posted a video of DeNiAr Wade Allison at the FCCJ yesterday. 

Here's Keith Baverstock discussing Fukushima and UNSCEAR,  

He slams Allison at about 21:00, "He's a crank":


  1. This is interesting!!

    Keith Baverstock's review of Allison's book is here. He lives in Kuopio, Finland. His web page is here. Sensible guy, and a real expert, not a fake one.

  2. A Fin?!? Well, that just figures! HA! HA! HA! Yes, obviously rational and expert. I would only caution him against debating Allison. My tactic is to inform people that science is about not fooling oneself and that's why the process requires peer review and scientific consensus bodies. The scientific consensus is x,y,z. Allison is wrong. Not only is he technically wrong, but he is behaving unethically in bypassing the scientific method. And he knows it.