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Monday, October 15, 2012

More Discovery Institute Anti-Biology Propaganda

From the Discovery Institute, here's a quick, recent clip of their "biologist" trying to sell their book they published a few months ago of old, falsified ideas (the book may not be selling as they prayed hoped for):

Axe dictates that it takes longer than the age of the Earth for human life to evolve from bacteria.  Please provide evidence as to how you know how long it takes?

In biology, we inform ourselves through the evidence, like the fossil record.  For example, here was a recent find that suggested that complex brains evolved earlier than we had previously thought.  That's physical evidence.

At $14.95, the book's way too expensive, I wouldn't give a nickel for it.  But you can peek inside for free.

Sneaky of them to title it "Science and Human Origins" when their book isn't about science, it's really about the religion of Intelligent Design (making them IDiots).

(Here's a good book review by a PhD candidate in biology.)

Those IDiots need to relax and dance a little.

Like a monkey:

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