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Sunday, August 3, 2014

DeNiAr - Lack of Self Awareness

James Conca has a piece in the scholarly scientific journal, Forbes.

It's actually a good piece, called, "Science Is Not Democratic", which is true, it's a meritocracy.

Yet, Conca is a member of SORRY, ooppps, I meant SARI (Scientists for Accurate Radiation Information), which promotes radiation hormesis (low dose radiation is good for you)!

Hormesis was originally compared to homeopathy.  It is complete pseudo-science!

As he writes, "These are dangerous and stupid trends, trends that have undermined our funding for science in America,  have eroded our scientific and technological leadership in the world,  have discouraged American students from entering the hard sciences, and  have made us more dependent on science coming out of other countries. A few generations of this foolishness and we won’t ever recover."

I agree, that's why I blog.  But I don't engage in, what I denounce.  That's SORRY.

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